10 Best Things To Do in Berlin, Germany with Kids

England proudly has London, America has New York, France has Paris and Germany has Berlin. Berlin, the capital of Germany and the largest city of the country, is also a political, cultural, media and faculty center. Berlin has a mix of new and classic architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping, and a range of unique sports and arts. A trip to Berlin will be a wonderful gift for your kids. The following list of 10 best things do in Berlin with kids will help you get a lot of references. To plan an exciting journey with your child to the upcoming Berlin.

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1. Hop-On Hop-Off in Berlin

hop on hop off in berlin
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Get acquainted with this beautiful city with a city tour on an interesting open-top bus called Hop-on Hop-off in Berlin. The bus will take children through the most prominent places in the city such as Brandenburg Gate, Victory Column, Alexanderplatz, East Side Gallery and the typical streets in Berlin. After enjoying the beautiful view of the city by bus, you will continue the journey to explore Berlin by a boat trip on the river Spree. On the poetic river, the cruise will take you to continue to pass through Reichstag, the Berlin Cathedral, the Nikolai Quarter and Museum Island. A journey to relax and create excitement for your child in the exciting activities coming to Berlin.

2. Highlights Sightseeing Bike Tour

Berlin Dorm
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Beyond the Hop on Hop Off Bus, the Highlights Sightseeing Bike Tour is also one of the best things to do in Berlin with your kids. The bike tour will take you through different landmarks in Berlin, weaving through parks and charming streets. You’ll come across Prenzlauer Berg, Museum Island, Berlin Central Station, Holocaust Monument, Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, and a few other highlights. At each stop, you will also learn more useful information about the history related to the above locations. A journey that is both sporty and brings useful knowledge to life.

3. Vivid Grand Show

Vivid Grand Show
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For children who love art, the Vivid Grand Show: A Celebration of Life, will be an activity not to be missed in Berlin. This is an extremely unique performance about a young android named Ryeeye. The story begins one day when the girl begins to look at the world from a different perspective. See life through her eyes as she takes you on a thrilling ride with rays of eccentric beauty and an explosion of joy. Your kids will be dazzled by the stunning costumes and be surprised by the brilliant stage design. Admire the professional performance of over 100 artists on stage. But be aware that this tour is limited and allows children over 8 years old to enjoy.

4. Secret Food Tour in Berlin

flammkuchen a special dish in berlin
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Food discovery is the fastest way for you to fully understand a country’s culture. So A Secret Food Tour is what you-must-do with your kids in Berlin. You will walk to the best streets, restaurants, food stalls in the city to enjoy typical dishes here. There are typical special dishes such as flammkuchen, homemade schnitzels, chicken shawarma. This is definitely an interesting tour of the little ones.

5. East Berlin Walking Tour

Berlin Wall
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One of the most interesting things in Berlin is the history of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. Therefore, when coming here, it is certain that everyone will be attracted by the fascinating stories about the Berlin Wall, about West Germany and East Germany. Then let’s take your kids on a Walking Tour to East Berlin. This journey will help you understand the places that used to be East Berlin, the Soviet Union region of Berlin during the Cold War. You will witness the remains of the Berlin Wall, visit the Berlin Monument. To visit the Dead Strip filled with watchtower, guard dog trench, headlights, and machines. Learn about the daily life of the people under communist rule when you visit the Tears Palace (Tränenpalast). A journey with lots of useful historical knowledge for children.

6. Tour Berlin by Night

Berlin Dorm by night
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Immerse your self to the magic and the most magical shimmering spots in Berlin at night by the Tour Berlin by Night. You will discover all the most important places in the city from a different perspective with a nighttime walk. Through this trip, you will visit Nikolai Square, the iconic Alexanderplatz, and Karl Marz Allee. And visit the Frankfurter twin tower then take a stroll through the largest square in Friedrichshain district. End your night at R.A.W, the famous cultural center in Berlin. And relax at the cafes and shops in the city center.

7. Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Berlin

Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Berlin
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The history of Berlin records a period of influence from Soviet Russia. So, don’t be hesitate to drop by and explore the Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Berlin to immerse yourself in another world here. The cemetery with typical Russian architecture with blue color on the arches of the church. You can stroll around the church and learn about Russian historical figures in Berlin. A tour combining learning about war history full of magnificence and fun.

8. Berlin Street Art and Graffiti Tour and Workshop

Graffiti Workshop
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For children who love painting, the Berlin Street Art and Graffiti Tour and Workshop is sure to become their child’s favorite activity in Berlin. With this activity, children will delve into discovering Berlin through graffiti street art here. In addition, children will learn about the unwritten rules for graffiti in Berlin. Talk with artists is also featured in the journey. And finish the trip with a workshop in an abandoned factory area. Here, children will learn different graffiti techniques. More specifically, children can create a picture on the walls of this creative space. But there is a small note that this activity is only for children aged 14 and over.

9. Olympic Games in Berlin

Berlin tower
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Olympic Games in Berlin is also an activity you can consider when taking children to Berlin. Here, children will admire the wonderful scenery from the bell tower in Olympic Park. Experience the unique atmosphere in the stadium. Follow the previous 100km long road race through beautiful Havilland. And many interesting activities and attractions are waiting for the children here.

10. Potsdam from Berlin

Babelsberg Palace
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Finally, after discovering almost all of Berlin’s beauty, you can spend half a day coming to Postdam with the kids. Here, you will visit highlights such as the charming Babelsberg Palace and the Marble Palace on the picturesque lake. You will see a mix of art and architecture from different cultures along the Russian Village and Dutch Quarter. Visit Cecilienhof Palace, which held the Potsdam conference between the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom during World War II. End the exciting journey by strolling around the Park and the beautiful Sanssouci palace.

Brandenburg Gate
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Like most other cities in Europe (Western Europe), the best time of year to visit Berlin is in late April or mid-September, when the weather is quite cool and pleasant. And do not choose August as this is a peak tourist season for avoiding the sweltering heat and crowded scenery of tourists. Especially stores in Berlin are usually closed on Sundays, including shops, drug stores, and supermarkets. You need to take a note with this and consider travel time or schedule to have the most convenient trip with children in Berlin.