10 Best Things To Do in Brussels, Belgium with Kids

Belgium is well known in the world by chocolate, waffle, beer and art streets in the center of Brussels. If you plan to come to Belgium and especially is Brussels on your next trip. That would be a great choice for a family trip. There are many amazing things to do in Brussels with kids. From exploring the most sweetest country with chocolate to the unique quaint guild houses. The trip to Brussels definitely would be an excellent trip for everyone in your family.

1. Mini-Europe

a family visit Mini-Europe in Brussel
From https://www.minieurope.com/

Spend a day to become a giant in Mini-Europe where you can see all of Europe in your eyes’ view. We can consider this place as a park for everyone. At this place, you can come and see all of the iconic Europe famous scenes in the world in incredible size – too small to a minimum.

For those who couldn’t have some photos with these famous iconic, this is the great chance you to see and take more photos with them on a mini-scale. Therefore, this place is one of the best things to do in Brussels with kids. Most parents prefer to bring their kids here for a short walk and sightseeing or enjoy some digital entertainment here too.

2. Atomium in Brussels

kids are playing at Atomium, Brussel
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Visiting Atomium is one of the must things to do in Brussels with kids. This construction has the Atomium shape with a huge-scale located in the center of Brussels . If you only look outside, you never think that you can go inside an Atomium and explore the stunning view of the city from the observation deck.

Therefore, this experience will be the best part of your trip with kids when you can let them explore the history of this landmark and see the exhibition in the museum inside the Atomium. Besides that, it is quite crowded at peak hours (between 11:00 am-3:00 pm). Hence, you should come here before 11:00 am or after 5:00 pm. At 5:00 pm, it is quite good on the day sunset come early, then your family can see the city at sunset.

3. Choco-Story Brussels

parent and kids visit Choco-Story Brussels
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Most of us known bout chocolate but seldom asking about how chocolate is made or how does it create from. Whilst your family travels to Brussels- the capital of the famous chocolate country, why don’t you try to learn about it? Therefore, making a trip to Choco-Story Brussels to explore about the chocolate world.

This museum also an amazing thing to do in Brussels with your kids since almost the kids love chocolate! Your kids will be surprised when they know that the original material for chocolate is cocoa and the first taste of cocoa is quite bitter. Besides that, you can see a master chocolate-maker prepare some chocolate in front of you and taste some pieces of chocolate. Either, you can go to the shop and buy some to bring home.

4. Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour
From https://www.brussels.com/

If visiting a chocolate museum is not enough for your kids. You can consider the chocolate tour where provide you everything about the chocolate industry of Belgium. This experience is one of the best things to do in Brussels with kids and parents. Because most of the kids like chocolate and they are in the chocolate’s paradise.

From this tour, you may know that the praline was invented in Belgium since 1912 and start from that time, Belgium becomes famous in the world for making the best chocolates. Not only that, but your kids also can join-in a workshop for making chocolate in 1 hour after exploring many chocolate stores in the heart of Brussels. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this chance to discover the sweetest thing in the world with your loved ones.

5. Autoworld Museum

Autoworld Museum
From https://www.cruisebe.com/

As the name, Autoworld Museum is one of the museums about automotive in the world where you can see all the progression of the automotive industry year over year. There are over 250 kinds of vehicles are displayed as a permanent exhibition and the museum’s topic of exhibitions always changes.

Sometimes, the museum has its short term gallery and you can enjoy it with your normal ticket. Besides that, your kids also can explore how the technology and automation connected in a vehicle to make it comfortable and easy to use for users.

6. Caves of Han and Wildlife Park

a girl are looking at the reindeer
From https://www.myguidebrussels.com/

Besides indoor attractions, Brussels also has outdoor places that are quite suitable for a day trip with the family. Spend a day to visit Caves of Han and Wildlife Park to bring your kids to be closer to nature. These attractions always stayed on the list of things to do in Brussels with kids for every parent in Belgium.

There is a historical tram send guest to the entrance of complex cave underground for exploring the natural galleries and chambers under LED lights. Besides that, your family also can marvel at the magnificent wildlife by encounter some animals such as brown bears, wild forest reindeer and raccoons roaming semi-free. Meanwhile, they have 2 kinds of visiting including exploring by foot or by safari-bus, you can choose one of that.

7. Train World Museum

Train World Museum Brussel
From https://www.musement.com/

Almost the kids love the train and your kids also the same? There is one Train World Museum in Brussels and it may make your kids happy the entire day. This is one of the fun things to do in Brussels with your kids. You can bring them to marvel at the most enchanting museums in Brussels.

The museum is located in the old Schaerbeek rail station building and was opened in September 2015 with over 8,000 square meters of space. Everything inside the building will be a paradise for your kids when they can explore the 19th-century “Pays de Waes” locomotive in real, the oldest preserved locomotive in continental Europe.

Besides that, your kids may be excited to be a train driver with the cockpit simulation model inside the museum. Normally, you may spend at least one to two hours inside the museum, you can plan your time for this.

 8. Grand Palace

the City Hall grand place brussels belgium
From https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Traveling to Brussels without visiting their iconic landmark is an omission for this trip. You can take this chance to visit the world-famous Grand Place.

The Grand Palace or Grote Markt is the central square of Brussels with many impressive building surroundings. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world that was listed in the things to do in Brussels with kids by many parents.

Besides that, one of the reasons to make this place more famous is some of the landmarks such as the City Hall, the Maison du Roi, and the guild houses around this area. When you come to the Grand Palace, you also can make a trip around to find more venues as you want too!

9. Victor Horta’s house

outside Victor Horta’s house
From https://arlis.net/

Victor Horta is a Belgium architect, designer and one of the significant persons of the Art Nouveau style in architecture. He leaves many impressive constructions in Brussels and those buildings become the famous places in Brussels. Whatever you are interested in architecture or just curious about Art Nouveau style, you can make a trip to visit all of Victor Horta’s houses in Brussels.

You can take this chance to witness the Art Nouveau district and some of the buildings such as sq. Ambiorix, Ixelles ponds and Ixelles Trinité district on your ways. Let’s bring your kids together! You may find out they are interested in art and architecture, or simply just take some family photos for this sweet moment.

10. Ghent and Bruges day tour

sailing on canals in Bruges Belgium
From https://nationalpost.com/

Ghent and Bruges are two small cities near Brussels. In Belgium, Ghent is the port city with a developed education system that was known as a university town and cultural hub. This city is quite famous with Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, the Castle of the Counts of Flanders, and the medieval harbor.

Meanwhile, Bruges has a lot of canals and bridges which is known as Venice of the North. Most tourists love to come here and downstream along the canal to explore the city in one hour.

These two cities are quite small that you can enjoy in a day. The tour is ideal when you don’t have more time but want to do something outside of Brussels for a day. You can bring your kids to these places for visiting. Either, simply just sailing along the canal and see the colors of buildings on both sides of Bruges.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium which is known as the home of chocolate praline making. Besides this sweetie thing, there are plenty of things to do in Brussels with kids for your family trip. Whatever your ages, you will feel excited about everything in Brussels from the impressive attractions to Art Nouveau style. This city definitely will offer the best moments for your whole family!