10 Best Things To Do in Manchester, UK with Kids

Like Liverpool, Manchester, England is the city of dreams with the famous football teams of many superstars in the world. Coming here, you will not only visit luxurious restaurants, famous tourist attractions but also there is a place to get closer to the passion for super football. And for kids who love football, of course, this is one of the cities not to be missed in the upcoming trips. A perfect trip indispensable information, knowledge and useful reference. So, check out the list of 10 best things to do in Manchester with kids below. So you can arrange an awesome upcoming trip with your children.

Old Trafford Stadium
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1. Walking Tour in Manchester

manchester town hall
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Let’s start your adventure to Manchester with the Walking Tour in Manchester with a professional local guide. This activity is definitely a thing you need to do in Manchester with kids. Children will walk between the old earthenware factories with characteristic tubes. Learn about the history of the world’s first industrial city. And kids also gain more knowledge through the stories of the result of the industrial revolution. During the trip, children also visit the first artificial canal, magnificent Royal exchange, and historic town hall. Certainly, your kids will have an exciting start in Manchester, inspiring the next fun activities.

2. Old Trafford Match Day River Cruise

boat to old traford
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When coming to Manchester, the Old Trafford Stadium is one of the places not to be missed. And it will be even more interesting when the children have a day to visit Old Trafford Match Day River Cruise. On the cruise along the River Irwell and the Manchester ship channel, you will come across the impressive Ordsall Chord and the newly renovated Stephenson Bridge. And an exciting football match at Old Trafford will make your trip even more interesting and meaningful.

3. Silent Disco Adventure Tour in Manchester

Silent Disco Adventure Tour in Manchester
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Silent Disco Adventure Tour in Manchester is one of the special activities only available in Manchester. This is an exciting journey of songs and jumps through famous streets in Manchester. Certainly, the children will like and enjoy this music activity a lot. Let’s explore this city of Manchester with music and in the way of the local people here.

4. National Football Museum in Manchester

National Football Museum in Manchester
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With a history of over 150 years of development and up to now, football is the favorite sport for everyone, including children. And England is one of the countries with the most developed football in the world. National Football Museum in Manchester is one of the places to store images and artifacts of famous matches in the history of world football. Take your children here to experience and take souvenir photos with the splendid trophies from football tournaments in the UK and around the world.

5. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester

legoland discovery centre
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Legoland – a dreamland of all children over the world. So when coming to Manchester, welcome you to Legoland Discovery Center – a great Lego play inside with 12 family attractions and coffee shops. Here, children can learn tips from Master Model Build in the Creative Workshop. So then kids can build anything after a useful lesson. In addition, there 11 Lego Playground, a 4D cinema and a chance for kids to become Ninja with Ninjago City Area. And there are also some missions waiting for your kids to come and enjoy the challenges.

6. Yorkshire Sightseeing

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From Manchester, you can consider a day trip to visit Yorkshire. Here, children will explore the history and cuisine of Yorkshire, admire the feats of Victorian engineering and Hardraw Force waterfalls as picturesque. During the 2-hour journey to Yorkshire, children also heard stories about Bronte Sisters – Anne, Charlotte, and Emily full of fun. In Yorkshire, you will sample some famous cheeses, created by the Cistercian monks. Afterward, you will visit the beautiful village of Hawes, passing the village’s typical cafes and pubs and enjoying delicious Yorkshire Pudding. An exciting day exploring the countryside.

7. Sea Life in Manchester

Sea Life in Manchester
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Let’s together with children come to the world of magical marine creatures at SeaLife in Manchester. There are more than 2,000 marine creatures living here, creating a very vivid ocean scenery. Among them, a few typical animals attract your kids like gorgeous sharks, beautiful sparkling sea jellyfish or Ernie and Cammy, giant blue sea turtles. Children will be completely absorbed in this ocean world. With 11 themed areas, children will feel like they are standing on the seafloor, looking up to see tropical creatures swimming high above. In addition, in the Rocky Hideout area, the children can explore small caves and screens that contain strange creatures. And an interactive 3D display is indispensable in this marine world. A day to help children have fun, visit and understand more about nature and science.

8. Manchester Food Tour

Food in Manchester
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One of the best ways to learn about a city is through food and drink. And the Manchester Food Tour will definitely help your kids fully understand this vibrant city. In this journey, children will discover all the fascinating facts about the culinary history of Manchester in particular and England in particular. And you also will hear about the food and beverage stories of the city. These interesting stories are from the ice cream vendors of Ancoats Little Italy and the diet of Victorian factory workers. More specifically, you will be able to join 8 meals across the city. Certainly, you will fill your hungry stomachs and have a great journey.

9. Hard Rock Cafe Manchester

typical meal at hard rock cafe
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Hard Rock Café Manchester, the famous cafe in American classics films, will be one of the places you need to take your children to in Manchester. Here, the children will have an unforgettable meal with their favorite foods. And take souvenir photos at this stylish cafe. An unforgettable experience for children.

10. Lake District, Windermere, and Lancaster from Manchester

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In addition to Yorkshire, you can also spend a day away from the modern city of Manchester to come to the natural forgotten areas of Lake District, Windermere, and Lancaster. On the journey departure from Manchester, the first stop is Bowness, located on the shores of Lake Windermere. Here, let hold the hand of your kids and walk around the lake, enjoy a happy time with them. Alternatively, you can choose a sightseeing cruise or take a stroll around the town to admire the wonderful scenery. Continuing the day’s journey, you will come to the picturesque old village of Hawkshead. And the last stop is Lancaster. This is a town still intact majestic medieval architecture and a spectacular castle here. An extremely interesting day for children.

Spring in Manchester
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The travel experience of Manchester is that you should come here in the spring and summer. This is considered the most ideal time for visitors to Manchester. In autumn and winter, the weather is quite cold, if you do not know you will feel uncomfortable because of the cold and snow, especially for the kids. Manchester in spring and summer the weather is nice, warm, cool, convenient to move and travel with your children.