10 Best Things To Do in New York, US with Kids

“In New York, you’ve got to have all the luck.” Charles Bukowski

Family in NY
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New York could not compete with Paris about the beauty, even more to London in terms of ancient features. But when you come to New York and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city, you will understand why this place has become an endless source of inspiration for many films, photos, and literature. New York – the city that never sleeps – will let you experience one thing after another. Things that seem only in movies or storybooks come true when you set foot in New York and will surely have an unforgettable adventure. If you’re planning to visit New York, especially with your kids, but don’t know where to go yet, the list of 10 best things to do with kids in New York below will help you plan a complete trip which is the best gift you can make for your kids.

1. Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock
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To the top of a skyscraper and to see the whole modern and vast city right under the eyes is one of the beautiful dreams of every child. And Top of the Rock in New York will help you realize the dreams of your children. With the 360 ° observatory atop Rockefeller Center, the whole city will be captured by the eyes of the child. Children will see the landmarks that make New York one of the most special cities in the world, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building to Central Park. And to end the perfect experience, relax by eating, shopping, and sightseeing at the stores around the building.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) owns one of the most diverse art collections and artifacts related to art in the world. And of course, a visit to the artworks in the museum is a must-thing-to-do for your children in New York. From the most up-to-date contemporary art and movement to 2,000-year-old artifacts, permanent collections and special temporary exhibitions of MET have made this museum a hot place in New York. You should bring your kids close to the works of Jackson Pollock and Van Gogh, look at the Magi Worship of the 14th-century Florence painter, Giotto, and admire the Ming Dynasty woodworks at the Astor Palace. And help children learn the reality of Caravaggio’s Musician painting and be overwhelmed by the majesty of the Egyptian Queen Sphinx Hatshepsut, weighing over 7 tons. When visiting here, the children not only admire the excellent artworks but also arouse the creativity of them.

3. American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History
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The American Museum of Natural History has been famous with the name ” The Treasure of New York”, worthy of the “Encyclopedia” of the marvelous development of mankind. Coming here, you will be caught in the eye of the entire operation of the world from ancient times to the present. This destination is not only suitable for those who love antiques but also for those who want to have more knowledge about human history. Visiting the Natural History Museum and discovering hidden attractions is a great idea for a trip with your kids. The Natural History Museum is considered the “empire” of historical artifacts. The museum contains over 33 million specimens (plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, human cultural artifacts) and has a huge collection of dinosaurs. Thanks to that it has “retold” the story of the evolution of humanity is impressive. And if your child is a fan of the movie “Night at the Museum”, this is exactly the film studio of this famous movie. A day of both playing and learning new children’s knowledge.

4. Madame Tussauds New York

Madame Tussauds New York
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Located in the heart of Times Square, the world-famous wax museum Madame Tussauds New York will be the place to keep children visiting all day here. With 5 floors to visit, the kids will see firsthand their favorite idols, famous sports athletes and politicians right in front of them! Especially, these wax figures are designed with real size and image, help the kids feel like they’re meeting the real of famous people. Your children can take selfies with President Obama, mingle with the great rock band – the Beatles, or shake hands with the Pope here. And of course, kids can immerse themselves in the world of Marvel superheroes with 4D cinema. Meet real-life superheroes and how they saved the World. Surely the kids will have a fun trip to the most famous place in New York City!

5. Gulliver’s Gate

Gulliver’s Gate
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Do you want your children to see all the famous tourist destinations around the world in New York, in a place that everything is miniature, but the shape is very meticulous and sophisticated? If so, take them right to the Gulliver’s Gate museum in New York City, this is a miniature world with models of more than 50 famous places on the continents: from the Taj Mahal temple in India, Arc de Triomphe in France to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of experts, sculptors, painters have worked for 4 years to complete this work. In addition to world-famous attractions, kids can also visit to see “tiny police” on duty at the scene of an accident in New York’s Manhattan area, or The Beatles. perform on an outdoor stage in London. An extremely interesting experience for your little friends.

6. New York Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

New York Statue
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And of course, don’t miss a visit to the powerful symbol of freedom, the New York Statue of Liberty and historic Ellis Island on your child’s adventure to the beautiful New York City. To reach the Statue of Liberty, you’ll have to travel through New York Harbor on a ferry to Liberty Island. Take your child to explore the museum on the premises of the Statue of Liberty, before heading up to the pedestal to admire the amazing skyline of the city. Enjoy some free space around the island, then head to Ellis Island where the Immigration Museum is located. Learn about the great immigrant era to the United States, which took place here between 1892 and 1954. This will be the ideal tour for history-loving little friends.

7. See NYC Sightseeing Cruise 

NYC Sightseeing Cruise
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Checkin on a luxury cruise float in the East River to admire the most NYC Sightseeing will be an unforgettable memory for your little ones. As the cruise floating on the river, three best famous attractions are seen: Governor Island, Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty. After a quick turn to the Hudson River, the kids will see the One World Trade Center, and come to the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the city. An hour with interesting discoveries and of course, indispensable pictures of a happy family are taken here.

8. Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square and Yankees Stadium

Legendary Buger
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After strolling around the bustling era squares, stop the kids at The Hard Rock Café to enjoy classic American food at one of the world’s most iconic cafes, and even hear romantic live music here. Hickory Smoked Ribs and the Legendary Burger will surely satisfy the most difficult diners in the world – the kids. Especially here, the children also admire a collection of memorabilia from music legends like Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Madonna. And after the meal, the kids can visit and buy some souvenirs for their family and friends in the shop.

9.Washington DC by Bus from New York

White House
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From New York, take a day to visit the city of Washington Dc for your children to deeply immerse themselves in the history of the country and see how it has evolved to the present day. And of course, the White House itself and the Capitol Hill is must-see placed for the children when visiting the capital of the United State. Both typical places that make up everyday history. After that, the kids will see leaders at presidential monuments like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. See the heartfelt dedication to the brave soldiers at the Korean Veterans Memorial as well as the Arlington Cemetery, then see some of humanity’s greatest inventions on display at the Air Museum and Smithsonian Space. All of this awaits your beloved kids in Washington DC!

10. Niagara Falls Tour from New York

Niagara Falls
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If you have the opportunity to the east coast of the United States definitely does not miss the Niagara Falls area. This place is actually a complex of three cascades America, Bridal Veil, and Horseshoe. Referring to the Niagara Falls complex, people often think of Horseshoe Falls, due to the unique horseshoe structure, located between the US and Canada border. Meanwhile, America and Bridal falls are entirely in the US, and in particular, Niagara Falls viewed from New York state of the US will be somewhat quieter. Niagara has its own beauty combining the wilderness of North America’s largest waterfall and the process of modernization and urbanization in the surrounding tourist areas. An interesting trip for children to visit the famous waterfall in this country.
Times Square NYC
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New York is a large city but it is always crowded because of the number of tourists coming here every day. The streets are crowded with people, Times Square is bustling, shopping malls are full of people visiting and shopping, and sometimes you will accidentally neglect your child. Therefore, always follow your children when going to crowded areas, so that they are always safe and happy to travel with their parents.