10 Best Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany with Kids

Hamburg is quite famous for its harbor, which helps it become the second-largest city in Germany. The port of Hamburg is not only a center of trade and supply chain in Europe but it also has a wonderful view with a lot of the yacht operate there. There are many things to do in Hamburg with kids with the general price much cheaper than Berlin. Therefore, if someone would like to find a good city for their family trip. Hamburg should be on the top of the list.

Besides that, because of the favorable geographical position, you can come to Hamburg in any way such as by air, ferry, or by bus among the countries in mainland Europe. When arriving in Hamburg, you can right away start your journey to explore this city. Let see what to do in Hamburg right now!

1. Miniatur Wunderland

many family is visiting Miniatur Wunderland

The destination always stays at the top of the list things to do in Hamburg with kids is Miniatur Wunderland. As the English name is the Miniature Wonderland. This is the largest exhibition on the railway in minimal sizes since December 2000.

Besides that, the exhibition is extending to other fields with a lot of new models of famous landscapes in the world such as Grand Canyon in the USA, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Plus, aviation also was added to the exhibition with many models of aircraft from popular airlines in the world, and runway looks as real. Therefore, your kids will feel excited right the time they enter the building. Don’t miss the chance to open your kids’ imaginations in this best of the museum in Hamburg.

2. Hamburg Harbor Cruise

a yacht downstream along port of Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the largest port cities in Europe and has a significant role in international trade, large shipyards, and travel. Most of the pier will connect with a bustling economy and a lot of beautiful sights for exploring around. Hence, a trip on a cruise tour downstream along the port is one of the best things to do in Hamburg with kids.

The trip will give your family one hour to marvel at the beauty of Hamburg from the water surface. During the tour, you can see the historic Speicherstadt, HafenCity, and Elbe River while on a boat. Besides that, don’t miss a chance to admire the city’s incredible architecture when passing by the Docks von Blohm + Voss and the Elbphilharmonie. You should prepare your camera and catch it as more as photos that you can to save on your family album.

3. Port Tour

2 kids are join in a port tour in Hamburg

If you don’t want to explore Hamburg’s waterfront on the cruise tour as the same with other people. You can choose a walking tour that is designed suitable for a family with kids. During the tour, your family can admire the beauty of Hamburg’s port and spectacular buildings on foot and by ferry. Besides that, leading by a local guide also will help to answer your kids some questions if they could have.

Therein, the tour guide will bring your family to walk through to see the famous Elbphilharmonie and the Landungsbrücken. Plus, you can enjoy impressive harbor vistas and the old Elbe tunnel which was built in 1907. Since this is the walking tour is designed for family, the suitable ages for kids are from 6 years old and above. There are many types of this tour in Hamburg for kids and you can consider for one.

4. MINDWAYS 3D TrickArt Museum

2 guys are playing at MINDWAYS 3D TrickArt Museum

Nowadays, there are many 3D TrickArt Museums in the world. However, the special part of this type of museum is no places in the world are the same. Hence, MINDWAYS 3D TrickArt Museum always is a top of things to do in Hamburg with kids that voted by most parents. This 3D TrickArt Museum is quite attractive not only for kids but adults also really interested in this place. By that, the museum quite crowed on the weekend. If you want to take more photos for your kids, you should visit on a weekday. Besides that, a tip when you visit this kind of museum is using your smartphone camera will give a better look than the digital camera.

5. Museum Ship Cap San Diego

Museum Ship Cap San Diego

Cap San Diego is one of the unique attraction that you must list it in the things to do in Hamburg with kids. In general, this is a cargo ship, but it is a special cargo ship. Cap San Diego used to be one of a series of six fast general cargo ships for the shipping company Hamburg South. Nowadays, Cap San Diego located at the port of Hamburg and was restored to be a ship museum that attracts a thousand visitors every day. Besides that, this is the largest and liveliest museum ship in the world.

There is a great chance for your kids to explore how is the life of seaman on a real ship. Also, you can rewind back to the past with some documentary that will be displayed during your visit. Plus, exploring some history of sea freight transport from 1960 to today with the exhibition inside the ship. Therefore, if your family is ‘love to learn’ people or interested in ship and gallery, you should book this amazing admission.

6. CHOCOVERSUM Chocolate Museum

kids are watching the guide at CHOCOVERSUM Chocolate Museum

It is not only the kids who love chocolate but most adults love it too! Well then, why don’t you join the Chocoversum museum in Hamburg together to enjoy a perfect moment? The Chocoversum tour will give you one and a half hours to immerse the world of chocolate. Starting from the cocoa beans, they will show you how it becomes a chocolate bar with the taste irresistible. This journey is the best thing to do in Hamburg with kids who love chocolate. Besides that, the museum also provides you some information about this sweet food. Don’t miss a chance to taste some chocolate bar after the trip!

7. Panoptikum Hamburg

A wax statue of Dr. Angela Merkel at Panoptikum Hamburg

The wax museum isn’t an old topic, although there are a lot of this type of museum appears in the world. However, there are many different things between each wax museum over the countries. Therefore, this is the reason that you should come and see what is the difference between Panoptikum Waxworks and the other famous ones. There are more than 120 personalities from history, art, and politics as well as celebrities and superstars – all look as same as real with the true dimension. Definitely, you may know some of them or they are your idols, and this is a wonderful chance for you to take more photos with your favorite ones.

8. Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon

Hamburg Dungeon is a show but it is a special show that the audience can interactively experience. Therein, the show tells a lot of stories about Hamburg and Europe’s history in the past. You will witness the terrible Great Fire of Hamburg that devastated much of Hamburg in 1842. And, you also can watch an animation about a Plague-ravaged Hamburg street, where the effect the killer disease had in the city in 1664 and more.

There will be many adventures for your family in this show and you should have a little bit brave to join-in the show. This is the most attractive show for those who love adventure and if your kids are ready, you all can join together. However, the show is limited to ages for kids from 10 years old above. Hence, you should bring your kids’ ID to present for the staff onsite.

9. Hamburg Speicherstadt and Hafencity

Speicherstadt district in Hamburg

It is really an incomplete trip to Hamburg unless a visit to explore Hamburg Speicherstadt. This is a must-things to do in Hamburg with kids on your Germany trip. In the meantime, Speicherstadt located in the port of Hamburg within the Hafen city. This the largest warehouse district in the world and was recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2015. The best part of this district is in its architecture with the main point is the néo-gothique style.

If you join-in a tour to discover this district, you will have a chance to learn more about World War II and the iconic architecture such as Chilehaus and Hulbe-Haus. Whereby, don’t miss the most modern concert halls in the world the Elbphilharmonie Concert hall and take more photos as you can.

10. Bike Tour around the city

Bike Tour around Hamburg

If a walking tour is not suitable for your family, you can think about a bike tour. Riding a bike around Hamburg city is quite excited for everyone. The tour will offer a journey to pass through Heiligengeistfeld to the Outer Alster Lake and the Inner Alster Lake. Don’t forget to marvel at the luxury of Town Hall, and the Speicherstadt, HafenCity, St. Michael’s Church! However, if your kids can’t ride a bike by themselves, don’t worry! Most of the merchants will provide the child seat for clients. You should ask them or inform them before the date you will attend.

Besides a bustling port of Hamburg, the city still attractive with its own beautiful views on other sides. From the Speicherstadt district to the Museum Ship Cap San Diego, there are many things to do in Hamburg with kids on your trip. Don’t think that the kids only like the amusement park and forget to bring them to explore this wide world. Hamburg is deserved for your family discovery trip. Let explore the beautiful scenes, the best food, and the rich history in this city.