10 Best Things To Do in Seattle, US with Kids

Seattle – the busiest city in the US West Coast with an extremely important position in the marine field of America. Besides that, along with Washington D.C, Seattle is also a large city in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Hence, when people said that they would like to bring the kids to travel to Seattle, that sounds a great idea! There are many things to do in Seattle with kids when you going on a family trip. Alongside the modern city with a lot of buildings, Seattle also has plenty of attractions that are suitable for almost people regardless of their ages. Now, let’s start to explore this amazing city to see what to do with kids in Seattle.

1. Museum of Pop Culture

many kids are standing in front of Museum of Pop Culture
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Museum of Pop Culture (the previous name is EMP Museum) or most people often call it MoPOP, this is a museum that was dedicated to contemporary popular culture. The museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000.

The first time, this place like a project for experience music. However, nowadays, this destination becomes a music exhibition with many interactive activities in a building 13,000 square meters. There are three exhibition floors and a selection of galleries and events. Therein, there are there best things that you shouldn’t miss out when visiting this museum. Those are the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame exhibit, sound lab, and architecture of the building.

The architecture of the building is the first impression for everyone when standing in front of the gate. It was designed by Frank Gehry and located in the heart of Seattle with 3,000 wavy stainless steel and aluminum panels. Therefore, this museum promptly becomes one of the must things to do in Seattle with kids. Most tourists prefer to visit this museum on their trip to Seattle.

2. Sky View Observatory

a girl is taking photos in Sky View Observatory at Columbia Tower
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One of the best things to do in Seattle with kids is to admire the magnificent of the Seattle city from the tallest building. The best place to experience this thing is the Sky View Observatory, located on the 73rd floor of Columbia Center. From the height of 902ft above ground, your family can see all the stunning views of Seattle city and beyond.

Besides that, if possible, your family should plan to visit this place after 3:30 pm to immerse in the beauty of a sunset next to Seattle port. You can easy to reach here by bus line 12 and get down at Madison St & 4th Ave, the building is just a short walk from there.

3. Land and Water Tour in Seattle with duck tour

Land and Water Tour in Seattle by Ride the Ducks
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Seattle is a port city with many sightseeing that you couldn’t miss out on. However, you only have limited time in Seattle and would like to visit all of the places? A duck tour is one of the best solutions for you that allow you to travel around Seattle in both land and water. The main vehicle is used on this tour is a special bus that can run on land and water.

Regardless you curious about this special vehicle or you would like to see all the amazing sights in Seattle. You can consider this tour. Most parents prefer to add this activity to their list of things to do in Seattle with kids. Meanwhile, the tour will run along Seattle Waterfront, Pioneer Square and downtown Seattle shopping district on land. After that, the bus will jump into Lake Union for about half an hour in the water. You should let your kids know before the tour start to avoid they are surprised with this amazing tour.

4. Seattle Aquarium

a boy sees a starfish at Seattle Aquarium
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One of the fun things to do in Seattle with kids is to visit Seattle Aquarium. This is a public aquarium that was opened for a long time in America since 1977. Meanwhile, the aquarium with the incredible 400,000-gallon tank and six themed zones designed for all visitors of all ages. Regardless you are an adult or kids if you love to explore marine life, you can visit this place.

Besides the giant octopus, jellyfish, and other familiar creatures, you shouldn’t miss out to meet and greet with otters and puffins. The cute face of them will be the best part of all the Aquarium’s exhibits and interactive programs.

5. Olympic National Park

3 kids are sitting under the trees at Olympic National Park.
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On the list of outdoor things to do in Seattle with kids, Olympic National Park always stays in the top one. This is the largest national park in Washington state include three distinct ecosystems and four regions. Olympic National Park is famous for the diversity of flora and fauna. This makes the park becomes one of the nature lungs for Washington state in many years.

Meanwhile, the distance from Seattle to the park is only 158.3 miles and you can reach there by ferry, bus, or car. The best time to visit Olympic National Park is from July to August when the trail and road are dry without humid, the weather is warm and good for a relaxing day.

6. Downtown Seattle

Space Needle in Seattle
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If you think that downtown Seattle only has some shopping mall and Seattle port, you will need to consider again. Let explore the bustling of downtown Seattle out of the shopping mall. You have two options depend on your time in Seattle.

If your family only has a short trip, you can consider a day tour with a local guide. With the instruction of local guides, you realize that downtown Seattle has many wonderful things to do. Meanwhile, the day tour will bring you to pass through the Emerald City and visit top attractions like Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, and more. Therein, Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass are one of the top places that the tour will pass by.

If you have more time in Seattle and prefer to enjoy every famous place in your own way. Well then, you can buy a Seattle CityPASS. This pass includes all the main attractions in Seattle and you can visit most of the destination at a cheaper price than a ticket onsite.

7. Snoqualmie falls

Snoqualmie falls in washington state
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On the top of famous natural wonders in Seattle, no place is better than the Snoqualmie Falls. This 68-foot waterfall located in the east of Seattle on the Snoqualmie River with a height of 82 m. This is one of the most popular scenics destinations in Washington state. It will be an omission when your family travels to Seattle without visiting this place. Let bring your kids to explore the vast vegetation and the magnificent view of the Snoqualmie Falls.

According to some local people, you can drive up to Snoqualmie Falls but the road to go up is not easy with tourists. You should book a tour to the waterfall since it is quite convenient for a family trip with kids. However, if you want to enjoy it in your own way, you also can rent a car and drive there.

8. Seattle’s Capitol Hill

Rainbow walkway at Capitol Hill street in Seattle
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Seattle is a creative city with many creative attractions on the street only was created by improvisation. One of the great parts is the colorful streets of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Definitely, you ever heard about the rainbow crosswalk or the colorful “Gum Wall” in this street. Definitely, you ever heard about the rainbow crosswalk, the murals along the street, or the colorful “Gum Wall” in this street. Therefore, you can book a tour to walk around Capitol Hill Art and listen to the guide with some fun facts about this amazing street.

Therein, you will know about the fun thing that the Seattle government already destroyed the “Gum Wall” in 2015 because is quite insanitary for the citizens. However, after finished the cleaning, the gum began to re-added to the wall and still keep until today with plenty of colors. This place always be must things to do in Seattle with kids and parents. Most people always want to have a photo on this wall, so, why don’t your family try this?

9. Ride the cruise through Elliott Bay

people are staying a cruise through Elliott Bay
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Port of Seattle is the most bustling port on the West Coast by the advantage position located around Elliott Bay in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the Elliott Bay, Seattle promptly becomes a significant port in trade and commerce with Asian countries. Therefore, if your family traveling to Seattle, you should spend 2 hours to explore the stunning view of Elliott Bay on a cruise.

Therein, the route of this cruise will downstream on a cruise along the Elliott Bay, Ballard Locks, and Lake Union. During the journey, you can see all the spectacular sights and the transition between salt and freshwater on this exciting ride. Besides that, the cruise also will run by the Puget Sound, this is the best chance to see the boat is lifted and lowered in the Ballard Locks.

10. Boeing Future of Flight Museum

an aircraft at Boeing Future of Flight Museum
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Boeing Future of Flight Museum located in Mukilteo distance 25 miles north of Seattle. The museum contains all the information about American aircraft. Therefore, if you and your kids are fans of the aviation industry and would like to learn more about the manufacturing processes, this place the best for you! This attraction is highlighted all about the assembled, new technology, and the future ambitions of Boeing.

There are many ways to reach this attraction, by public transportation with bus 7, 41, 106, 252, or 257 and get down at 5th Ave S & S Weller St. Either, you can book a tour if you would like to see more than a museum on the journey such as the University of Washington.

Besides a seaport city with an extremely busy in trade and supply chain of goods, Seattle is also good at travel for everyone. Whereby, the advantages of geography, weather, and economy are contributing to creating many amazing things to explore for your family trip. It is not difficult to find things to do in Seattle with kids before your trip. Then, referring to some tips above and plans your Seattle trip better for both your kids and your family members.