10 Best Things To Do in Washington D.C, US with Kids

Washington D.C is the capital of the United States with many the iconic political power of the country. Although, Washington is not a dynamic city like Los Angeles or a bustling city with a lot of shopping malls like Las Vegas. Washington still have their own characteristics in culture, history, and nature. Therefore, there are many exciting things to do in Washington with kids on your trip. If Washington is your next destination, let’s check out some recommendations below for your trip.

1. Artechouse DC

audience in Artechouse DC
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Artechouse is the center of art, science, and technology. The main topic inside this museum is art but they are displayed by the support of science, and technology. This is an innovative art space on a huge scale that arranges the showcasing in technology and digital to allow audience interaction with the artworks. Besides the art, music, a digital playground for all ages also is combined in the exhibition.

Therefore, your kids will not feel boring when exploring the arts in this place. Artechouse is the ideal place to list into your things to do in Washington with kids. The ideal time to visit in this place will random from 45-60 minutes depending on your interest in the artworks.

2. Smithsonian Natural History Museum

dinosaur fossils
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We can say that Washington is a place for education with a lot of museums in various topics for everyone to learn and explore the world. Smithsonian Natural History Museum is one of the best things to do in Washington with kids for a studying day in fun.

You know that this nature always contain a ton of wonderful things that human may not know all. Well then, in order to answer for a ton of questions from your kids, the Hall of Human Origins, the newest exhibit in the museum will help you with this.

There are a million things that your family can do together inside the museum. From the Dino Hall where have the T. rex and Triceratops fossils to the Q?rius Gallery, the 21st-century part of the museum with many historical objects that you can touch, explore, and examine. Let bring your kids to discover the world in this museum!

3. International Spy Museum

kids are playing at International Spy Museum
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Most of us may ever seen the series movie James Bond – 007 spy with many impressive about spy occupation. Well then, you should not miss out on a trip to the International Spy Museum in Washington.

This place is one of the things to do in Washington with kids on a family trip. Definitely, this visit will bring to your kids an unexpected experience ever in other countries. Your kids will have a chance to step into the life of a spy with many interactive exhibitions and a lot of wonderful equipment. Besides that, they also have some sections to let you and your kids test your spy’s skill through state-of-the-art interactive and immersive RFID technology.

However, this place is not suitable for babies or kids under 3 years old since the digital used here may make the infants feel uncomfortable. You should consider it if your family has the infant.

4. Madame Tussauds Washington D.C

kids pose at Madame Tussauds Washington DC
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In our heart, we always have at least an idol that we would like to meet them in real once in a lifetime. However, sometimes we couldn’t make it become true for some reason. Don’t be sad about that! In order to make your dream come true, Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C was established for everyone can visit.

This is the strange museum that you should list in the thing to do with kids in Washington. Whilst most of the museums don’t allow you to take photos or let you touch on their object, but this museum will encourage you to do that as much as you want. There are many waxes of celebrities was created as their real dimension to make them look alike the real people.

At this place, you can easy to stand by next to the US president and take the photo with them. Your kids like the heroes of Marvel universal? Well then, they can put their arm on Captain America’s shoulder and take the photo as more as they want. Let surprise your kids with a trip to this amazing museum.

5. National Museum of American History

staff help a visitor at Spark!Lab at the National Museum of American History
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The United States, the great nation about the economy and military, no matter what any field, they always are a pioneer. Therefore, you may be interested in their history and would like to understand more about them. Well then, why don’t you make a trip to the National Museum of American History?

The best way to help you to understand more about this great national! You can bring your kids together to have them learn more about this turbulent history. Besides some stories about the history, the guide may share with you more information about scientific, cultural, social, technological, and political information, background stories and surprising details with you. Let rewind the past in a day with your kids and learn history in fun.

6. Smithsonian National Museum of Air & Space

Smithsonian National Museum of Air & Space
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Your kids are interested in space and the universe? Well then, this is a good chance to bring your kids to visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Air & Space. Smithsonian established many museums to help people learn or understand more about any field that they are curious or interested in.

Space and the universe are one of a field that makes everyone more curious and would like to explore it. This is the best thing to do in Washington with kids – who have a passion in this field. The museum covers everything from the first flight to the Space Race and moon landings. Besides that, your kids also can learn about the history of space and science applied in the journey to conquer the universe of humans. Therefore, making a trip around this museum to bring your kids explore the universe and the life of an astronaut is a great part on your trip.

7. National Law Enforcement Museum

kids are playing at National Law Enforcement Museum
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National Law Enforcement Museum located underground with over 100 screens display interactive touch allows visitors to interact with a training simulator. Whatever you want to learn more about American law or just curious to see how they manage a museum underground, you and your family should visit this place in Washington.

This museum always in the list of things to do in Washington with kids for almost parents. The experience inside this museum is not only for everyone to know about the law, but they also give more information about the nation’s most infamous true-crime cases. Base on this information, you will learn about how to do, how to react, or who to seek help from in a similar case.

Besides the real cases, you will know how the government leads its citizens to understand and law enforcement. That sounds an exciting experience!

8. Comedy show: The Magic Duel

Mark Phillips and Brian Curry battle for the title of DC’s Best Magician in The Magic Duel.
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Temporary, setting aside some learning experience at museums and attend the famous comedy show in Washington D.C at night. This is one of the best things to do in Washington with kids for a family trip. The Magic Duel – a show is full of magical with fun and hilarious may fool you if you just neglect for a while.

This 5-star rated show is now in its fifth year at the beautiful and historic Mayflower Hotel. Besides this, the show will perform in different ways that the audiences will be the ones to decide how the show will end. What a wonderful show! However, this show is not suitable for kids under 15 years old means that you need to bring your kids’ passport to verify their ages before entering the show.

9. The National Mall

segway tour around the National Mall
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National Mall is located in the center of Washington D.C and including the iconic monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Your trip to Washington will not complete if you haven’t make a tour around the National Mall or visit a small museum inside.

However, you are travel with kids and would like to find different ways to approach this place? Well then, you can book a segway tour around National Mall to explore this iconic landmark and experience the segway for sightseeing as well. Don’t forget to capture the great landscapes around the National Mall with your loved ones.

10. Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon

Old town Alexandria streets
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You would like to travel outside Washington D.C but you only have a day for this experience? That is not hard with a day tour visit Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon. Don’t miss a chance to visit these two famous destinations in Virginia when you travel to Washington.

Whilst you wander your step along the Old Town Alexandria, the guide may provide you some information about the town with an ever-evolving culture. Besides that, Mount Vernon is a plantation and estate once owned by George Washington. At this place, you can visit the mansion and have a glimpse into the life of the Washington family – the great man of American. Therefore, this trip will give you the best experience with nature and learn about the culture of Virginia.

Washington D.C is not only the capital of the United States but also the center of education and culture of American. There are many amazing things to do in Washington with kids that parents also can join-in. Therefore, if you are concerning for what to do with your kids in Washington, you can refer to some recommendations above to plan your trip better.