10 Best Things To Do in Oslo, Norway with Kids

Not as famous as Paris of France or Vienna of Austria, Oslo City, the capital of Norway, home to the Nobel Peace Prize is also one of the great family destinations. This very old Norwegian city is a very impressive point in a trip with children with wonderful frames from the countryside, mountains to the sea. And let your kids discover the beauty of Oslo through the list of best things to do in Oslo, Norway with kids below. Surely you will have a great journey with children.

Beautiful cityscape of Oslo on a summer day, Norway
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1. Oslo Hop-On Hop-Off City Cruise

hop on hop off cruise oslo
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Begin your journey to discover Oslo with your kids in a special way – a Hop-On Hop-Off City Cruise around the city. Coming to this hop on hop off boat, you can get on and off the boat anywhere to go through the maze with the green islands on the beautiful Oslo Bay. The whole city will catch the eye of the children as the boat passes through the most famous places of Oslo. In addition, the snacks on the boat will energize the whole family. An opening journey for an extremely wonderful trip for your family.

2. Oslo City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Oslo City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus
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After a boat trip around the beautiful Oslo Bay, let’s take a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour around the city with your kids. The bus will take children through popular landmarks such as the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Viking Ship Museum, Nobel Peace Center, and its latest cultural center, the Oslo Opera House. Especially if you go at night, you will discover the nightlife of Oslo, the dynamic shopping area in Aker Brugge. This is the most famous commercial center in Oslo. An exciting experience in Oslo that you need to experience with your child.

3. Oslo Folkemuseum and Viking Ships Museum

Oslo Folkemuseum
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Oslo is not only characterized by beautiful islands in Oslo Bay but also possesses many characteristic historical museums that you cannot ignore. And for kids who are passionate about history, Oslo Folkemuseum and Viking Ships Museum will be the must-visit places when traveling to Oslo. Here at the Oslo Folkemuseum, children will discover more knowledge about one of Scandinavia’s most fascinating periods: the Viking era. And especially the museum also displays and depicts activities of the ancient Viking era including farm animals, horse riding, and strollers. When children come to the Viking boat museum, they will be amazed and excited by the wonderful boats of each era in the past. Learn more about Norway’s maritime history during the famous Viking era. A trip with lots of extremely useful knowledge.

4. Oslo Akershus Fortress and Castle Historic

Castle Historic
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Oslo Akershus Fortress and Castle Historic are also two unique architectures that you need to visit on your Oslo trip. Oslo Akershus Fortress, the fortress is famous for its 700 years of history and has never been destroyed by any foreign army. And here, you can also see Akershus Castle Church, Royal Tombs, unique castle models. More specifically, children will learn about the great historical events that took place in and around the city walls here. Upon entering the Old Royal Palace, an entire Oslo bay will appear before your eyes.

5. Oslo Fram Museum and Kon-Tiki Museum

Oslo Fram Museum
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Viking age has always been an attractive topic for people all over the world. The Oslo Fram Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum, which preserves the cultural values of the ships and the maritime history of the Vikings. These places will surely fascinate kids who are passionate about history. You will embark on the journey of the great conquests of the Vikings in the open sea far ahead and the navigation techniques before the official world map appear. You will discover a wonderful culture of people who spend their entire lives adventuring and going beyond the boundaries around them.

6. Vigeland Park


Vigeland Park
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Spend a stroll around the beautiful Vigeland Park with your children. Your whole family will be immersed in lush landscapes with fountains and intricate carvings. And in particular, each statue has its own story. Stop and see the famous Bridge with the Children’s Playground statue in this park. A relaxing and interesting outing.

7. Oslo Long Live the King

the old Royal Palace
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Let the kids go on the journey of Oslo Long Live the King to learn about the power and life of the royal family of Norway. The journey begins at Akershus Fortress, an ancient medieval castle that was built to protect the kingdoms, and has endured many historical sieges. Then, continue the journey to the old Royal Palace.  Here you will have a glimpse of how the royal family lived and executed the punishment. And end up with some bright treasures with a visit to the goldsmiths who served the royal court. The stunning gems, tiaras, and brooches are still worn on special occasions to this day carefully preserved by these goldsmiths. In particular, you can finally observe the changing of the guards at the square in front of the Royal Palace. A day trip with interesting views of the royal world.

8. Magic Ice Oslo

Magic Ice Oslo
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After the journeys back in time to explore history through architecture, let’s experience a shimmering and enchanting atmosphere at Magic Ice. Make sure to fully equip the coat and gloves dedicated to children to enter the journey to the beautiful ice world. Your kids will marvel at everything made from ice, such as ice bars and ice sculptures by famous Norwegian artists. An exhibition of tapes including other artworks under the light of LEDs becomes more and more sparkling and fanciful. Combined with both soothing music and dazzling candlelight, children absolutely have an adventure in the magical wonderland. And the end of the trip is memorized photos here.

9. Oslo Food and Craft Beer Walking Tour

Oslo Food
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Food is the fastest experience to help you understand a new culture. So, the Oslo Food and Craft Beer Walking Tour is definitely the thing you have to do in Oslo with your kids. Beer is a famous drink here. And a journey to discover the best beer recipe in Oslo will be an unforgettable memory for children.

10. Medieval Oslo Walking Tour

statue of King Harald III
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History in 1624 recorded the destruction of the city of Oslo. And centuries later, under their efforts, the residents here have rebuilt their lives to become more and more affluent. And a trip back in time and learning about medieval Oslo and the story of the Norwegian capital’s rebirth will be a rewarding trip for children. The Medieval Oslo Walking Tour will help children have a look back at the ruins to understand more about the incredible efforts and powers that humans can create. Visit the statue of King Harald III, a legendary Viking warrior who can become the king of England instead of William the Conqueror, as a real-life Game of Thrones takes place. Then walk to Kampen to admire the charming wooden houses. An extremely new and interesting experience.

Viking Ships Museum
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The weather and climate in Oslo are similar to many other cities in Europe where there are cold winters, cold and pleasant summers. Therefore, according to the experience of Oslo tourism is shared by many people, the best time to come here is in the summer, from May to August every year. This is the time when the weather in Oslo is not too hot, quite cool, and rarely rainy, so it will be very convenient for your kids to explore this city. When summer comes, the forests become lush, bring Beautiful scenery for the hustle sailing boats are creeping into the fjord. Certainly, children will have a journey to explore Oslo extremely comfortable with the weather and beautiful scenery like this.