10 Best Things To Do in Stockholm, Sweden with Kids

Sweden is a country in Europe, bringing ancient features and many modern values. And Stockholm, the Swedish capital has a lot to offer from tasty cuisine to nostalgic spaces. Compared to the Venice of the North, this place has the appearance of a romantic city, both classic and modern. Everything is worth exploring for your upcoming trip for children, so let plan and prepare this trip soon for your kids. And the list of 10 best things to do in Stockholm with kids below will help you have more useful information for the upcoming adventure with your kids.

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1. Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace
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The first destination when coming to Stockholm with kids that you cannot miss is the Drottningholm Palace. Stop at Drottningholm, and surely your kids will be surprised by the unique architecture, majestic outside the palace. Entering the palace is the fountain of Hercules, made in 1600 through the hands of Dutch sculptor Adriaen de Vries. Walking around the campus, children will often see statues of kings built around the garden. Here, your family will have a fascinating tour with wonderful memories of photos in Stockholm.

2. Archipelago Cruise Tour

Stockholm Archipelago
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Stockholm not only has massive structures but also attracts tourists by its pristine nature. An Archipelago Cruise Tour will be a great experience for your children. Your family will check in on a classic boat and admire the natural surroundings. And in particular, you also learn about the characteristics of the Vikings about this beautiful Stockholm archipelago. And a traditional Sweden meal for lunch served on the boat will end a wonderful journey for your beloved children.

3. Skansen Open-Air Museum

Skansen Open-Air Museum
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Founded in 1891, Skansen Open-Air Museum located on Djurgården Island, Stockholm, and is a place to store and introduce the traditional rural culture of Sweden as well as Sami culture of the northernmost land of Europe. This is also the oldest open-air museum in the world. With an area of 300,000 m2, Skansen showcases more than 150 original houses, farms, gardens, pets, and wildlife, where traditional festivals are regularly held. Do not hesitate, but immediately put the museum on the list of destinations in Stockholm for the trip with your children. Because here, children not only visit, explore but also learn more useful knowledge about Swedish culture in particular, Europe in general.

4. Stockholm Panorama Sightseeing Bus

Stockholm Panorama Sightseeing Bus
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The Stockholm Panorama Sightseeing Bus will be a magical ride, taking your children to explore the entire city in more than 1 hour. The bus will stop at all of Stockholm’s most prominent attractions such as Stockholm City Hall, the Royal Palace, Ostermalm, Gamla Stan (Old Town), Langholmen, and Royal Djurgarden. And through each attraction, you will hear explanations of the history of each place. A rewarding journey to help children better understand this beautiful city.

5. The Viking Museum Vikingaliv in Stockholm

experience in Viking Museum Vikingaliv
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Viking history is one of the unique cultural features in Sweden. So, let’s the kids to revive the old Viking by visiting the Vikingaliv Viking Museum. This is the place to display all the artifacts, images of people, and culture of the Viking era. The journey will begin at Frösala Farm where you will meet Ragnfrid and her husband Harald. From there, they will accompany you when you walk around from west to east and unravel tragic stories about robbery and slave trade. A journey with lots of useful knowledge for children.

6. Stockholm Old Town and Vasa Museum

Stockholm Old Town
Stockholm Old Town
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Get lost with your kids in Gamla Stan – Stockholm Old Town, one of the largest and oldest Medieval streets in Europe, and also the place for the historic events of Sweden as the venue for the luxurious wedding ceremony of Royal. The beauty here is made up of moss-covered cobblestone streets that curl around ancient buildings built in the 17th century. You can see vivid frescoes vividly appearing everywhere. Especially on a snowy winter day, the whole town turns into a brilliant fairy tale. In addition, Gamla Stan is considered a “living museum” for pedestrians with countless attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars and craft shops, antiques, and souvenir shops. Mindfulness.

Vasa Museum
Vasa Ship
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And the Vasa Museum, which showcases the Vasa ship – one of the greatest warships in the world will be a certain place you have to take your children to Stockholm. In the dim space, footsteps will take your children into the museum’s hall, where the ship is arrogantly sailing, with strong ropes and masts. The side of the ship is the doorway – the place of the cannon. Vasa is intricately carved with many statues of lions, warriors, mermaids – all showing the elaboration of the artisans who created it. The display areas are arranged outside the ship with many different spatial floors, quite intertwined to introduce the miniature Vasa model, shipbuilding art, salvage method, exhibit area. onboard the ship, the cinema room, the reading room, the Swedish royal quarters in 1628.

7. Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm

Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm
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For those kids who love painting and photography, the Fotografiska Museum is a place worth visiting in Stockholm. Here, children can watch contemporary photography exhibitions year-round, learn how to use the camera, and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the restaurant on the top floor. Housed in a newly renovated art-style building, this photography museum opened in 2010, becoming a place where famous photographers from around the world exhibit their works. Come here on weekends, for kids with a favorite about photographers can take English photography courses for beginners. An extremely interesting and new experience for children.

8. Birka City

Birka City
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Birka City, the first Swedish city to be recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Therefore, this child’s trip to Sweden will not be complete without visiting Birka. From Stockholm, you will have a 2-hour boat ride to come to the century of the Vikings. This place used to be the most important commercial center of the country. And make sure you visit the entire Viking village and Viking museum here before leaving Birka village to return to Stockholm.

9. Stockholm Under the Bridges Cruise

Bridge in Stockholm
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Stockholm archipelago is beautiful with unique 15 bridges connecting the islands. Therefore, Stockholm Under the Bridges Cruise will be an extremely interesting and unique journey for children in Stockholm. On the boat, children can admire the picturesque Old Town View of Gamla Stan with unique architecture and colorful buildings. Take a boat ride across the Södermalm islands, Djurgården’s green areas, Hammarby Sjöstad’s new residential areas, and more. And you also can relax with light meals and drinks right on board.

10. Stockholm Bike Tour

Stockholm Bike Tour
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A Stockholm Bike Tour will be a memorable memory for your family on this exciting trip. Let’s take a stroll through the winding roads of Kungsträdgården, one of the city’s most popular amusement spots. Head to Kungsholmen, where you’ll find the magnificent Stadhuis, Stockholm City Hall. And especially during the trip, you will discover fascinating and lesser-known places around the city. Note that this itinerary is only for children over 15 years old.

Stockholm in summer
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Traveling Stockholm Sweden at any time of the year is also reasonable because it has a 4-season mild climate with its own color and nice. The most appropriate time is in the late summer and autumn because this time coming here is not too sunny nor too cold. However, this is the season where tourists come a lot, so the best time to travel to Stockholm, Sweden is probably the most reasonable May.