10 Best Things To Do in Venice, Italy with Kids

Venice Gondola
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The name Venice (or Venetian in vernacular) originates from the ancient Veneti people who lived around the 10th century BC. In Latin, Venice means love. So it was dubbed the city of love. In addition, Venice is also known for other “nicknames” such as the floating city, the city of masks, the city of bridges, the city of canals. Therefore, going to Venice with the people you love will bring a very happy feeling. So a great vacation in Venice with your child, why not? And for a perfect trip, check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Venice, Italy below. The list will help you to have a perfect and awesome journey with your kids in Venice.

1. Venice Hop-On Hop-Off

Venice Hop On Hop Off
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When you come to Venice, the first thing you definitely have to do with your child is to discover the beauty of more than 150 Venice canals intersecting and 400 bridges on a boat trip – Hop On Hop Off water bus in Venice. With this water bus, you can get up and down at any attraction you want. And beyond that, you will witness the grandeur of the historic sites of Venice like Piazza San Marco and Ponte Dei Sospiri, the beaches of Lido, Murano and many other locations.

2. The Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace
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Doge’s Palace – This huge building has been the home of the rulers of Venice for centuries and is still a powerful embodiment of power and wealth. The pink marble facade of the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) from the 14th century is an impressive landmark on St. Square. Mark. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity for children to admire this special architecture. Start your tour towering marble corridor. Then look to the cell where the legendary Casanova was arrested. This cell is connected to the mansion via the Bridge of Sighs. And in particular, the museum’s café is the perfect place to see the back of St. Mayor’s Square Mark.

3. Saint Mark’s Basilica

Saint Mark's Basilica
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Come with your kids to St. Square. Mark from any direction and, on a shinning day, you will see the golden towers of Saint Mark’s Basilica glittered in the sun. That’s why locals people call this Chiesa d’Oro (Golden Church). This church is a great model of Byzantine architecture. Before stepping inside, you should stop to admire the Roman architecture carvings decorated with arches surrounding the main entrance, or “entrance”.  And then step through the bronze doors to the altar (the gates), which showcases the church’s oldest mosaics, images from the Old Testament Bible. A great architecture that you can not take your eyes off when you come here to admire.

4. St. Mark’s Square Museums

Museum Correr
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St. Mark’s Square is a historic site, including four museums: Doge Palace, Correr Museum, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Archaeological Museum) and Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Marciana. Therefore, the St. Mark’s Square Museum is a place not to be missed when traveling to Venice. The children will marvel at the large collection of bronze and Venetian paintings at the Correr Museum, explore the halls of the Doge Palace and learn about the history of the Venetian Republic, walking around the rooms at the palace and admire the artworks, paintings, and masterpieces. A day of exploring and learning a lot of knowledge.

5. Cabaret Dinner Show in Venice

Cabaret Dinner
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In addition to typical canals, buildings with unique architecture, Venice is also famous for Cabaret dances with masked dancers – one of the ornate and special items here. Therefore, the brilliant Cabaret Dinner performance at Avanspettacolo Venezia – Theater Restaurant will be one of best things to do with kids in Venice. First, at the gate of the theater, you will be greeted by dancers wearing Venetian masks, creating excitement from the start. Watch the graceful cabaret performers on stage with their traditional costumes. A concert night was both impressive and memorable for the family.

6. Venice Murano, Burano, and Torcello Islands

Burano Island
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When you come to Venice, besides the main island of Venice with Saint Mark’s Basilica square, take time to take your children to visit the beautiful islands nearby, especially Murano, Burano, and Torcello. Burano islands, a colorful island with brightly painted houses, will surprise your little ones in amazement with this vibrant landscape. Murano, an island with glasshouses, shimmering glass ornaments. Especially here, children can experience and learn about the glass production process. As for Torcello, this is an ancient island, the oldest settlement of the Venetian Lagoo.

7. Venice Gondola Ride

Venice Gondola Ride
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Venice Gondola Ride sailing through the canals around the beautiful city of Venice will probably be the most wonderful romantic moments that any visitor will remember forever. So, join your children and family to enjoy those romantic moments when you come to Venice. Gondola rowers will take you around areas of the city that are only accessible by this type of transportation. As you glide along the water canals, the majestic Venice Palace will gradually appear, bringing you back to the time of enjoying the moment when only the old nobility of Venice could use this type of vehicle.

8. Cannaregio District Legends and Ghosts Night Walking Tour

Cannaregio Night
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Daytime is a time for sightseeing, exploring the ancient castles, churches shimmering in the sun, sitting on the Gondola boat dropping along the canal around the city. Then when night falls, you can join with your children in Cannaregio District Legends and Ghosts Night Walking Tour. With this tour, children will explore the hidden corners and quiet places of Cannaregio and away from crowded places of visitors. Discover ancient legends, ghost stories, and unexplained mysteries as you walk through the dark alleys and learn about the ghosts of Cannaregio through the narratives of the people here. Create unforgettable memories as well as increase the courage for your children to come to these mysterious areas.

9. Venetian Mask Making Workshop in Venice

Venetian Mask Making Workshop
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Masks with strange shapes are a symbol in Venice. You can see many mask models on sale at souvenir shops. So Venetian Mask Making Workshop in Venice is the best thing with kids in Venice. Here, your children will learn the process of making masks. Start from taking their favorite brushes and colors and learning the best techniques for creating effective Venetian masks from experts. And of course, at the end of the lesson, the children will be able to bring their achievements to bring back memories. A rewarding journey and also helps children to be proud of themselves for having completed a beautiful product.

10. Chocolate Tasting in Venice

Chocolate Tasting
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Chocolates are the most favorite food of all children. So the best thing with kids in Venice, Italia is joining the activity Chocolate Tasting in Venice. Your child will visit the chocolate store VizioVirtù, which has all kinds of candy that children love and will then taste chocolate nuts or truffle mushrooms with creamy layers and sweet fillings, A sweet experience for children.

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The highest water level in Venice is from the end of October to the end of January: due to seawater intrusion, you need to know the time of the highest water level of the year to avoid being affected during travel, especially travel with children. And the best time to travel to Venice with your kids is from April to June. The season now is spring with warm weather will help you have a convenient and perfect trip. In particular, the only means of transportation in Venice is the type of boats, waterbus, gondola, so, be careful with children when getting on and off the boat as well as restricting children to go to dangerous areas.