10 Best Things To Do in Philadelphia, US with Kids

America – the richest and most developed country in the world has always been the dream destination for many of us. Coming to America, we will have the opportunity to discover the busiest and bustling megacities of the world. Perhaps we all know that the US capital in Washington DC. However, this is only the current capital. Do you know before Washington DC which city is the capital of America? That is the city of Philadelphia.

philadelphia street
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Although Philadelphia is no longer the capital of the United States, the city has always been one of America’s best tourist destinations. A journey to explore this ancient and modern city with children will be an unforgettable memory of your family. And because the child’s trip needs a perfect and specific plan. Refer to the list of 10 best things to do in Philadelphia with kids below. These will be useful tips for your upcoming trip.

1. Philadelphia Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

hop on hop off philadelphia
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Start the journey with kids on the Big bus Hop On Hop Off around the city of Philadelphia. The bus will pass through Philadelphia’s top attractions such as the Liberty Bell, the National Constitution Center. In particular, children also learn more about the birthplace of city freedom. And if you join the bus at night, you will have another experience of Philly city life at night as well as see the shimmering landscape under the lights

2. Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary
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The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is also one of the places you can take your children to visit. Built-in 1829, at the time of its opening, the prison was considered to be the most expensive and high-tech prison in the world. And now, this place exhibits artifacts as a museum of the constitutional history of the United States. Therefore, here, children can learn more knowledge about the history of the United States constitution.

3. Grim, Dark, and Twisted History Tour

Grim, Dark, and Twisted History Tour
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Grim, Dark and Twisted History Tour is one of the exciting experiences children need to take in when they come to Philadelphia. With this journey, you will be led through old brothels, mass burial sites, and polluted prisons, walking on salvaged roads, where pirates roam freely. In particular, you also meet the famous historian and professor here – Mr. Joe Wojie. He will take you on a tour of the harsh realities of colonial America and the legends and traditions they inspired. An extremely interesting excursion for your whole family.

4. Philly Cheesesteak Tour and Tastings by Segway

philly cheesesteak
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Apart from Chocolate, Cheese is one of the children’s favorite foods. Therefore, Philly Cheesesteak Tour and Tastings by Segway will be one of the activities you cannot ignore here. But because traveling by Segway, the above activity will be limited, only for children over 12 years old. Let’s start the journey to enjoy the taste of 5 different types of Philly cheese when you visit South Philly with Segway. And stop at the best cheese facilities on your route. In addition to cheese, in the experience, you will also enjoy the taste and texture of ribeye and melted cheese, dripping with toppings like sauteed mushrooms, tomato sauce, and spicy or sweet peppers. An extremely interesting journey for your whole family.

5. Founding Fathers Historical Walking Tour

Independence Hall
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Philadelphia is also special because this is the place to witness the historical event when the US constitution was signed. Then let’s play with your kids as explorers, join the exciting Founding Fathers Historical Walking Tour in Philadelphia. Start your journey after the Statue of Liberty just outside the National Museum of Jewish History and begin an exciting journey throughout American history. Enjoy the views of Ben Franklin’s house as you continue through the historic district. See the Independent Trade Center, the National Constitution Center, and the United States Mint as you pass the Mall and enter the presidential houses of George Washington and John Adams. Especially, you will stop in front of the Independence Hall and watch by the website the signing of the declaration of independence and the US constitution. A trip with lots of useful knowledge for children.

6. Segway Adventure Tour

Segway Adventure Tour
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A Segway tour of the city will be an exciting journey for kids who love sports and adventure. So Segway Adventure Tour will be one of the best things to do in Philadelphia with kids. On the Segway, you’ll glide through the historic district, past Elfreth’s Alley and Betsy Ross House. Admire the Independence Hall on your way to Social Hill, where you can marvel at the stately houses while enjoying the aroma of fresh coffee at the unique cafes. Continuing the journey after stopping to rest, you will pass Art Avenue to Rittenhouse Square. Afterward, meander through the Fitler Square neighborhood to the Schuylkill River. And finish your journey at the beautiful Philadelphia Art Museum. But note, this activity is only for children over 12 years old.

7. One Liberty Observation Deck

One Liberty Observation Deck
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One of the ways to enjoy the beauty of a city is to look down from above. So don’t miss the opportunity to see all of Philadelphia from above with breathtaking views from One Liberty Observatory. Here, the entire city caught the eye of children like the Love Park and the Constitutional Hall and the poetic Schuylkill River also. In addition, at the observatory, you also learn more about the proud history of the city as well as important locations in American history.

8. Underground Donut Tour

donut in philadelphia
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Underground Donut Tour will definitely be a dream thing that all the kids want to join. So this is one of best things that you have to do in Philadelphia with your kids. In the journey to discover the Philly donut flavor, you will come across true donut institutions, such as Federal Donuts, Dottie’s Donuts, and Beiler’s Donuts. More especially tasting classic donut styles such as glazed, full of cream, or covered with chocolate. This will definitely be an extremely sweet experience for your family.

8. American Revolution Museum

American Revolution Museum
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The American Revolution Museum is a place where children can explore dramatic stories about the American Revolution. At the museum, children will be amazed at the large collection of weapons, personal items, documents, and artworks of the revolutionary period that bring history. Learn about this fascinating time as you explore galleries, participate in powerful theater experiences, and engage in interactive features. The museum acts as a portal for history. Revolutionary network. Here, children will learn more about the revolution of the most powerful nation in the world.

10. Independence Seaport

Independence Seaport
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And last but not least is the Independence Seaport in Philadelphia. Here, a new exhibition brings the wildlife, science, and wonders of the Del River up close. And the exciting sails and heroic history of the United States Navy aboard the Schooner Diligence and the National Historic Landmark Ships, the Olympia Cruiser, and the Becuna Submarine. And you can explore the past together with your kids about North America’s largest collections of art and maritime artworks. With so much interest, Independence Harbor Museum is the premier family-friendly destination on the harbor on the banks of the Penn River.

philadelphia at night
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The climate of the US is quite comfortable. There are 4 seasons a year: spring – summer – autumn – winter. However, the most reasonable time to visit here is spring and autumn. Spring here lasts from March to the end of June. In this season, tourists will be immersed in the space filled with flowers. From the village roads to every corner of the street, flowers bloom like forests. Autumn in the US is from September to December. At this time, the weather is somewhat chilly but still quite pleasant, very suitable for travel.