10 Best Things To Do in San Diego, US with Kids

The United States is not only the richest and most developed power in the world, but it is also an extremely attractive travel destination. When thinking about travel to the US, perhaps we will think of super-cities like New York or the capital Washington DC. However, the US has many other attractive tourist cities for us to explore. One of America’s busiest developing cities is San Diego. San Diego is considered one of the most livable cities in America. So why not try to travel to San Diego with your children once. Before going, don’t forget to check out the list of 10 best things to do in San Diego, US with kids that we share below. Surely, you will have a very interesting and wonderful trip with kids in San Diego.

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1. Hop-on Hop-off San Diego

hop on hop off san diego
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Start your adventure in San Diego with the special Hop On Hop Off Bus. The ride will take you through all the sights of the city. In this tour, you can see original Mexican settlements in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Stop and take some photos at the threshold of a luxury resort in Coronado. In addition, the bus also passes San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, and some other interesting attractions. An exciting opening journey in San Diego with children.

2. Balboa Park

Balboa Park
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Balboa Park is one of America’s best urban cultural parks. There are howling architecture, diverse museums, and charming gardens. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to take your children to visit and have fun at this park. Children can explore American historic treasures through the architecture in the park. The buildings in the park were built in a harmonious architectural style between Spain and Mexico. These constructions in succession create beautiful scenery. Inside Balboa Park is the presence of the Man museum, the San Diego art museum, the natural history museum, and the San Diego zoo. You can take a walk and look at these outstanding places. In addition, Balboa Park also has a spacious garden that provides a peaceful relaxing space for your family. A day of visiting and relaxing with the family is very interesting.

3. Harbor Cruise

Harbor Cruise
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A Harbor Cruise tour is one of the best things you can do in San Diego with your child. You can escape the hustle and bustle of all the tourist attractions you’ve visited. Then you can rest your feet and get some great views of the ship docked under the modern skyline of San Diego. Or here you will have a chance to see sea lions lounging on buoys. Another reason to take a harbor cruise is for what you can learn more about the city associated with its maritime heritage.

4. The USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum
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In San Diego, one place you should definitely visit is the USS Midway Museum, which is said to be a museum, but this is actually the USS Midway airport battleship used in the military used by the US starting from after World War 2. It sounds interesting, right? Traveling to San Diego without USS Midway is really a pity. At USS Midway, now no longer hear the gunfire, the sound of bullets, or the machinery running under the deck. But now there are some coffee cups enjoying in the sunlight on the floor that used to be the place where the airplanes parked, bought souvenirs. And a place where children have more knowledge about American culture and history.

5. Whale Watching

Whale Watching
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Join your child in a wonderful view of San Diego Bay through the Whale Watching tour here. The tour will help your children understand more about the ocean ecosystem and the marine life that lives in it. You will follow the whale migration path to bring you closer to the best views. Right from the start of the season, whales swim near the coast, so the maximum distance is about 3-5 miles. On the return trip, the northern whale swims farther, up to 9-12 miles off the coast. However, make sure your child is well-equipped with enough warm clothing because of the wind outside the bay, and do not forget the sun protection for your kids on this trip.

6. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo
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San Diego Zoo is home to over 3,700 individuals from more than 650 animals from around the world. So, let have fun with your children all day here. Children will meet the wildlife here such as elephants, polar bears, giant pandas, jaguars, and more. In addition, visit the West African Forest exhibition, where the artificial Rady waterfall is nearly 20 m high. Children can also see animals in their natural habitats and themed habitats like Ituri Forest and Elephant Odyssey. You will discover many interesting themed areas and meet countless animals, from lemurs playing in Madagascar forest, vervet monkeys waving in Acacia forest, and sharks living in Fynbos. What are you waiting for without coming here with your children!

7. San Diego Natural History Museum

San Diego Natural History Museum
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When your kids travel to San Diego, don’t miss the chance to explore the natural history of Southern California from past to present at the San Diego Natural History Museum. There are many exhibits from rattlesnakes and carnivorous beetles, to dinosaurs and fossils, to a pendulum that proves the earth is spinning. Kids will be impressed by the unique interactive exhibits spanning five floors. The museum has a huge screen theater with daily 2D and 3D screenings, as well as exhibits that bring nature to life. Permanent services include Fossil Mysteries and Coast to Cactus in Southern California. In particular, here children will travel for a period of 75 million years from the dinosaurs to the present day, on their way to learn all about this wonderful place we call home. An extremely interesting experience for children.

8. Secret Food Tour

San Diego Food
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Cuisine one of the cultural characteristics of the places you travel to. Therefore, San Diego Secret Food Tour is the way that children can feel the most about the culture here. With a wide range of influences from around the world, “America’s best city” has adopted a range of vibrant dishes and added unique twists to make it it’s own. You will visit the most culturally significant neighborhoods here and enjoy the most typical San Diego dishes. From there, you also learn more stories and history that made San Diego the famous city today.

9. Full-Day Wine Tour of Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe
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If you have time, let consider spending a day in another beautiful Mexican country next to San Diego with your children through the Wine Tour of Valle de Guadalupe. Spend the day enjoying the warmth of family-owned wineries and sample a Mexican wine, known for its deep earth tones. On this tour, you will visit up to three wineries and enjoy the taste of wine. Thereby, children will learn about how people brew the fruit to create good bottles of wine. And of course, end the trip with a gourmet-style meal with a romantic seat to the valley.

10. La Jolla and Beaches

La Jolla and Beaches
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And last but not least is spending time together in La Jolla and Beaches. Begin your journey to immerse yourself in nature by boarding a colorful cruiser and being transported to the summit of Mount Soledad, 822 feet above sea level. Then you can see a wonderful scene with a panoramic view of San Diego and the Pacific. Then go down to La Jolla, the ‘jewel’ of San Diego. From here, you will pass through La Jolla Cove to enter the center of the village, which has extremely beautiful paradise beaches. This definitely a journey through sandy cliffs and beaches and watch coral reefs, tidal lakes and seals always welcome new friends coming here.


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San Diego, in addition to its beautiful landscapes and attractions, is blessed with beautiful and pleasant weather all year round. Therefore, you can plan a trip with your child here at any time of the year. In order to fully explore, you should travel to San Diego in the spring or autumn. Because at this time, the climate is cool and pleasant, and the beautiful scenery with many festivals take place. However, at this time there are many tourists coming here, so you need to watch and take care of children to ensure their safety. Winter travel is a good time for travelers who want to save money. Because this is not the tourist season, all services will be cheaper. However, the climate will be a bit cold and you need to prepare the necessary clothes to help children have a healthy, safe trip.