10 Best Things To Do in Hawaii, US with Kids

Hawaii is the only island state of The US and located outside of North America. There are eight small islands belong to Hawaii including Hawaiʻi, Maui, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Niʻihau, and Kahoʻolawe. For travelers, the most popular destinations are Hawaiʻi, Maui, Oʻahu. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu situated on Oʻahu island. Besides that, this is one of the states that have more Asian American plurality. Because the weather is quite similar to Asia with a warm tropical. If you plan to choose Hawaii as your next destination. That sounds a great idea! There are many amazing things to do in Hawaii with kids for a family trip.

There are three international airports in Hawaii and many ferries that you can use to transport between the islands. Sometimes, you can take a small plane to go between the island and the island with the price is not so expensive. You can choose to stay at Hawaiʻi (The Big Island), Maui, or Oʻahu depend on which activities you are more interested in. Let start to explore which ones are more suitable for your kids right now!

1. Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Habor
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The first thing that we think when mentioned about Hawaii is Pearl Harbor – the famous place in both history and traveling. This place always is the top of things to do in Hawaii with kids for the family trip. Pearl Harbor is extremely well-known in modern history with the attack event of Japanese in 1941. Nowadays, this place becomes one of the must-visit places for everyone who travels to Hawaii.

Regardless you are interested in history or just curious about the story, facts or any things happen in this destination. You should come here at least once. During the tour, you also will visit the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri Battleship, and the USS Bowfin submarine. All this place is open for tourists and you will be welcome here at any time.

2. Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu island

canoe dance at Polynesian Cultural Center
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One of the best places to explore the culture of Hawaiian is visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. Visiting this place is the best thing to do in Hawaii with kids for your discover culture trip. Meanwhile, Polynesian Cultural Center has been voted as the worth visit places on Oahu island. This is a good chance to learn more about the rich heritage of the South Pacific with many activities to help your kids to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions.

Besides some authentic local villages, your family also can enjoy the buffet party with local cuisine and watch the famous show “Ha~ Breath of Life Show”. Therefore, if you plan to visit Oahu island, this is the place that you shouldn’t miss out on.

3. Mauna Kea in Big Island Hawaii.

the sunrise on summit of Mauna Kea
From: https://www.oha.org/

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on Hawaii island with a height of approximately 4,205m above sea level. It is considered the highest point of Hawaii state. Therefore, most people love to visit this place for stargazing the galaxy in the sky at night.

However, it is not easy like rent a car and drive up to the summit of the volcano. You better should need a local guide that knows how to drive a 4WD to drive to atop of the highest mountain of Big Island in Hawaii. If your kids love the stars and would like to marvel at them from the sky. This is the thing to do in Hawaii with kids that you shouldn’t miss on.

Therefore, most people will book a tour with a local guide that can drive you to one of the best astronomical observation points. Let enjoy your pleasure time watching the sunset over a sea of clouds and all the stars on the sky with your beloved.

4. Umauma Falls Zipline in Big Island Hawaii.

2 people are riding zipline at Umauma Falls
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If your family loves to enjoy the thrilling activities, you can consider trying the zipline through Umauma Falls. This is an amazing thing to do in Hawaii with kids for those who love adventure. Therein, Umauma Fall is one of the three close proximity waterfalls in Big Island Hawaii.

Besides the magnificent view of the triple-tier waterfall, you also can swim at some swimming holes at the base of the waterfall or ride a kayak. However, you should check the safety guide from your staff before joining in this experience. Whereby, the experience with zipline become one of the safest ones that you and your kids can enjoy together and marvel the beauty of nature landscape with this game.

5. Whale Watching Cruise in Kona (Big Island Hawaii)

Whale Watching Cruise in Kona
From: https://www.lovebigisland.com/

If you stay in Kona (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii), you shouldn’t miss a chance to watch an annual phenomenon of whales go on a journey 3,500 miles to Hawaii. This is one of the wonderful things to do in Hawaii with kids for those who love marine and their resident.

The best time for this experience is from December to April, over 8,000 humpback whales will move to Hawaii for the breed and nurse their young. Then, if your trip to Hawaii drops off this period time. You shouldn’t miss out on this rare opportunity to explore the wonderful life of this special whale with your kids.

6. Maui Ocean Center in Maui Island

the kids are standing in front of the fish tank at Maui Ocean Center
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Most people think that Maui is only suitable for lie on the beach and relaxing insides the resort. However, they still have some attraction that you can bring your kids out of the resort to enjoy the pleasure time. Maui Ocean Center is one of those exciting places.

If you are staying Big Island Hawaii but still want to enjoy the magical life of the ocean. You can visit the Maui Ocean Center with your kids. It takes a direct flight in 40 minutes with the price from US 75 – US 100 from Big Island to Maui.

Meanwhile, this activity is quite suitable for those families to stay on Maui island. The center is quite big with breathtaking exhibits like the 750,000-gallon Open Ocean Exhibit featuring a 54ft walk-through tunnel. Not sure that the position of Hawaii is the reason to make the Hawaiians have a special connection with the ocean. However, you will learn more about their honor throughout the exhibition. It will include about their culture, history, and unique traditions by this visit.

7. Sea Life Park in Oahu Island

the staff at Sea Life Park help kids to touch on a turtle
From: https://www.sealifeparkhawaii.com/

There is another marine park for everyone who stays in Oahu island named Sea Life Park. It takes only 1 hour to reach here from Waikiki, and it is quite convenient for those who are staying at Honolulu too!

Therefore, if you don’t want to take a small plane to Maui Ocean Center, you can visit Sea Life Park instead. Besides the major theme of marine mammal park and aquarium, the Sea Life Park also offers some experience that you can enjoy with your kids such as sea lion encounter, dolphin encounter, or swim with dolphins.

They also have a bird sanctuary inside with many wild marine birds including “iwa” – the name of the great frigate bird. Let bring your kids to explore the marine life and bird sanctuary at Sea Life Park if you are staying Oahu or Honolulu.

8. Hawaii Atlantis Submarine (Oahu and Maui Island)

kids and a man watch outside the Hawaii Atlantis Submarine
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One of the amazing ways to explore the ocean is joining in the Submarine on a trip with your kids. This should be list in your things to do in Hawaii with kids. Most tourists love this activity because it is quite convenient to discover the rich underwater world without diving or snorkeling. Also, this is family-friendly when parents can enjoy together with their kids and more fascinated than visiting an aquarium.

The Atlantis Submarine is the best choice in Hawaii. For this experience, they can serve the guest stays in Oahu and Maui join-in the tour. If you are staying on these two islands, you can participate in this tour.

9. Submarine Scooter Underwater Adventure in Oahu Island

people are watching the turtle when join in Submarine Scooter Underwater Adventure in Oahu Island
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Besides sitting inside the submarine to see everything at the ocean, you can choose another way more flexible than is Submarine Scooter Underwater. It is quite suitable for an active family who loves exciting things. This experience doesn’t require you to have a diving or snorkeling skill but still allows you to marvel at the wonderful ocean by yourself. You can enjoy the colors of marine life with your kids and take more photos as you want to save this moment of your whole family. It should be an amazing memory for your album!

10. Dinner Cruise on the Atlantis-Majestic

Dinner Cruise on the Atlantis-Majestic
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You are looking for an extreme experience to end up your last night in Hawaii? You can consider for dinner on a cruise ship Atlantis-Majestic. It will be a luxurious and romantic dinner that you should have with your beloved at night. The yacht will start the journey from the sunset and downstream along the ocean when you savor the buffet party on the ship.

Besides the delicious foods, you also able to see a stunning view with lush forest, and panoramic views of Waikiki Beach and Honolulu. If you want everything is more perfect, a dinner on ship with firework will bring to your family the best moment ever of your Hawaii trip.

Hawaii has a warm tropical climate, the ideal condition for a family trip. By the way, there are many exciting things to do in Hawaii with kids that you couldn’t imagine. However, because the geography of Hawaii has many islands. You need to choose which island has more things suitable for your kids or more convenience in the transport of your family. Except that, your trip will be a perfect trip with many wonderful things are waiting for you!