10 Best Things To Do in Prague, Czech Republic with Kids

Beyond Budapest, Prague is also the ancient city of Europe and also the capital of the Czech Republic. During World War II, this place still retains the ancient features of the huge castles, vibrant nightlife or rich cuisine. Therefore, this city still has a special attraction for tourists around the world. A trip to explore the beautiful city of Prague will be a great gift for your kids. And to plan a perfect trip, check out the list of 10 best things to do in Prague with kids below. And let’s start your awesome adventure with kids in Prague.

prague with kids
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1. Prague Castle

Beautiful Prague Castle
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Let start your journey to discover Prague kids by visiting Prague Castle. The magnificent castle as in this fairy tale is the “jewel” and the oldest symbol of the Czech Republic. It was built around 880 according to Baroque architecture with Bohemia style. The complex is located on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Vltava shore. Inside the castle, there is a tomb of Bo-hem kings, ornately decorated with gold and silver and precious materials. It can be said that when stepping into the castle, especially the tomb area, you will feel like you’ve stepped through the thousand years of history of this ancient city.

2. Prague: World War 2 and Operation Anthropoid

World War 2 and Operation Anthropoid Walking Tour
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One of the best things to do in Prague with kids is to experience Prague: World War 2 and Operation Anthropoid tour. Kids will learn and understand what the Anthropoid Campaign is and who the main players involved are. And then see where resistance members hid during the occupation and heard about why some people risked their lives. Children will be taken to the place where the heroes of the country fought for the last battle. Learn about the Prague Uprising. And discover some of the buildings and landmarks related to World War II. A trip is both fun and learning to learn more useful knowledge for children.

3. Prague: Lidice Memorial and Glassworks

lidice memorial
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Only 45 minutes away from Prague, Lidice Memorial and Glassworks in the Lidice Village of Bohemian region is one of the interesting attractions for children. And during World War II and the Nazi occupation, this village became a world-famous symbol of the suffering of civilians and the freak of fascism. Here, children will visit the Lidice museum, memorials, and sculptures dedicated to the murdered children of Lidice. Thereby helping children learn more interesting historical knowledge. The tour ends with a luxurious lunch in the town of Kladno.

4. Prague: Boat Ride to the Zoo

cruise on the Vltava River
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The zoo is one of the must-see places for children. And it will be more interesting for kids to experience Boat Ride to the Zoo in Prague. On the cruise on the Vltava River, children will have a panoramic view of the city. With scenes around the banks of the river such as Dancing House, Žofín, Prague Castle, National Theater, Charles Bridge. And with a large number of wildlife and rare animals at the zoo will keep the children have fun all day here.

5. Prague: Old Town, Medieval Underground & Dungeon

medieval underground Prague
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In addition to the splendid architecture above, Prague also attracts tourists with mysteries underground. And so, let your kids explore Prague: Old Town, Medieval Underground & Dungeon. In the journey to explore the underground, children will learn about the amazing history behind the system of rooms, corridors and tunnels located underground the Prague city.

6. Prague Food and Culture Tour

Chlebicky Open Sandwiches in Prague
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Discovering cuisine is one of the fastest ways to help you understand more about the new land when traveling there. Therefore, the Prague Food and Culture Tour will be one of the things you need to do with your child when coming here. You will discover how to make Czech wines, craft beers, cheeses, and charcuteries – a typical cake of Czech. In particular, you will visit some attractions, guided by locals about traditional dishes here. And meet local chefs and owners to learn more about Czech culinary culture. A rewarding and enjoyable trip.

7. Prague: Market Tour and Traditional Czech Cooking Class

Traditional Dish in Prague
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Becoming a chef, taking part in the Market tour and traditional Czech cooking class will be a beautiful memory for children in Prague. The course will give children the opportunity to cook with local chefs. Children will master the basics of Czech cooking, as well as with a fun atmosphere. And more specifically, children will first enjoy an exploration of the local farmer’s market. Here, children will be able to see and learn some unique materials typical of real Czech cuisine. After that, there is a practice session to cook 3 seasonal dishes An extremely interesting experience for children.

8. Prague: Dinner and Traditional Folklore Music and Dance

czech folklore in dinner
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After discovering Czech culture and cuisine by day, let enjoy Dinner and Traditional Folklore Music and Dance with your kids. The whole family will enjoy a romantic dinner on the stylish Prague wine cellar. Then enjoy dinner and listen to folk music from different regions of the country. And then there’s a program of Slovak and Moravian folk and gypsy songs. And the end of the night is an exciting folk dance.

9. Prague Truffle Hunting

prague truffle
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Truffles are one of the special dishes in Prague. Prague Truffle Hunting will be the thing you need-to-do with your kids when traveling here.  Children will hear interesting secret stories about truffles and why this is one of the most expensive foods in the world. And especially children will have a chance to be touched and smelled real truffles. Also, learn about their secret legendary truffle hunters, their daily hard work. A rewarding experience for children.

10. Prague: Chocotopia Chocolate Museum

Kids have fun in Chocotopia Chocolate Museum
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Chocolate is the most favorite food of all children around the world. Therefore, the Chocotopia Chocolate Museum will be a place you cannot miss when coming to Prague. Here, children will learn about the hardships that farmers on cocoa plantations have to make so that the cocoa can go to the chocolate processing factory. Next, the child will go to the chocolate factory area. Here, children can make their own chocolate bar to take home. An extremely wonderful memory for children.

Charles Bridge in Prague
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Summer is a tourist season in Prague. So from June to August, there are many tourists coming here. At that time, the weather is quite hot and the city is crowded. So it will be very tiring for children to travel here. And you should consider arranging to come here from April to May or September to October to give your child a comfortable trip. Winter in Prague is very cold, snow-covered with red tile roofs, roads create a romantic view. You can also consider a trip to Prague at Christmas. Because at that time the place will be splendidly decorated to make children enjoy, feeling like getting lost in a wonderland.