10 Best Things To Do in Naples, Italy with Kids

Naples – the third-largest city in Italy and also the home of the original famous wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. This city is one of the must-visit places for anyone who travels to Italy. Therefore, there are many things to do in Naples with kids and their parents. Recently, Naples becomes well-known in Italy as a friendly-destination for family trip. Besides the stunning view of some small-town around, Naples also was known as a safe place with the crime lower than Milan or Rome. Hence, what does Naples have? Let’s explore some things to do in Naples with your family right now!

1. Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi

a boat sailing on Amalfi coast

Almost people will take a chance to visit Sorrento when they are in Naples. Because this small town only distances 47.2 km by car from Naples. This is the must-things to do in Naples with kids. Not only that, since you are on the way to Sorrento, you couldn’t miss out on Positano and Amalfi just around there.

Sorrento is a small-town with many picturesque scenes perched over the sea. The town is famous for craft workshops and the scent of lemon trees in the air. Meanwhile, Positano is a little beach-town that was known with a lot of colorful buildings, excellent restaurants stand on the Amalfi Coast. Although, the price in Positano is quite expensive than Sorrento or Naples but it has many exciting things for you to explore. The scenery in Positano is so photogenic that just grab any scenes on the way you will have perfects photos.

Besides that, don’t miss this chance to indulge some artisanal sweets with your kids. Definitely, your kids may ask you to buy more to bring home after this trip.

2. Pompeii Ruins

parents and kids are discussing at Pompeii ruin
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It will be an omission when you travel to Naples without pass-through to Pompeii ruin. This is an ancient city was built in the 18th century, and everything here stood for 3 centuries. Whatever you are history lovers or not, Pompeii ruin is worth to visit. This is an amazing thing to do in Naples with kids in half day.

Most people often book a tour to this place for more information with a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of Roman in Pompeii thousand years ago. Meanwhile, your kids may curious when walking the streets of Ancient Roman history. There are many houses, temples, shops, cafes, amphitheater at that time to tell you about their culture.

Since you will walk and spend half day outside, you should prepare comfortable clothes and shoes for both kids and parents. Let’s bring bottled water along with you to avoid sunstroke.

3. The National Archaeological Museum of Naples

inside the National Archaeological Museum of Naples
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The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is one of the biggest museums in Italy which is quite well-known in the archaeological field with the best collections of Greek and Roman exhibits. Therefore, this is the must-things to do in Naples with kids when your family here.

Making a journey back to a thousand years ago at the ancient Greek and Roman. You can admire the abundance of ancient artifacts and be a part of the European cultural survey. Meanwhile, your kids will have a learning day with much knowledge about Italian cultural history and see many frescoes, sculptures, and ornaments at the museum.

Besides that, museum admission is free for kids from 0-17 years old and if you can, you should come to the museum on the first Sunday of the month from Oct-Mar for free to all visitors. However, you should carefully since the museum is quite crowded at this time and you need to wait in a long queue.

4. Traditional Neapolitan Music Concert

the band performs at Traditional Neapolitan Music Concert
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Naples people have their famous own musical field that is known as Traditional Neapolitan Music. It will be an omission if you are traveling to Naples without enjoying the concert of this traditional music. This is one of the most things to do in Naples with kids when your family come here.

The concert was performed in one hour with many famous songs that you may listen to it in your childhood. Therefore, this is a chance to create a good memory for your kids with this traditional song in Napoli language. The songs are sung with a high male voice or, sometimes, there are few songs are performed by a single female voice.

Whatever you understand the meaning of the songs or not, the melody of these songs will give you an undescribed feeling. Hence, your family should try it at least one time in Naples!

5. Capodimonte Museum

a teenager is watching the paints at Capodimonte Museum
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Italy used to be a kingdom of art with so many great artists and artworks in the world. Therefore, visiting an art museum is one of the best things to do in Naples with kids. For those who travel to Naples with a family, you should come to the Capodimonte Museum – one of the most prestigious museums in Naples.

There are many famous artworks of Tiziano, Botticelli, Bellini, and Brueghel, as well as Parmigianino and Correggio. Besides that, there are many interior ancient furniture from the 18th century was displayed here to remind everyone about the Golden period of Europe.

Meanwhile, the architecture of the building is one of the best parts of this visit that your family will be excited too! The building located inside the grand Bourbon Palace of Capodimonte used by the kings of the Two Sicilies as a summer residence and hunting lodge with a big garden outside. Your family can stroll down and take some photos of this garden.

6. Electric Bicycle Around Naples

father and kids on electric bike around naples
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The port city of Naples was considered as the capital of the vast Campania region with a long civilization. Therefore, making a tour around the city to marvel at each construction or building around is one of the best things to do with kids in Naples. You can rent an electric bike and go around the city in your own way with your lovely kids.

If you are a history lover, you can send them to the Piazza del Plebiscito that was covered both sides by the Royal Palace of Naples and San Francesco di Paolo Cathedral. If your family prefers to enjoy nature or sightseeing, you can ride your bike to the bike path located on the seafront to cross the beautiful coastline with tranquility.

Finally, you just need to prepare water, comfortable clothes and sports shoes for all your family members to be ready for conquering Naples.

7. Spaccanapoli Vespa Tour

a couple on a vespa at naples street
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If traveling around the city of Naples is not enough for you. You can think about a Vespa tour in the heart of the magical city of Spaccanapoli. As you have known, Italy is the original country where the Vespa was manufactured. Therefore, riding a Vespa through every corner of the street in Naples is one of the best things to do with kids when your family here.

You can go around the alleys, explore the street foods, or take many photos of the building that you see on your way. however, you need to prepare your driving license with English such as car license category B, driving license category A or category A1, or an international driver’s license. Besides that, if your kids are teenagers, they need enough 18 age to ride by themselves. Otherwise, you need to be a driver for them.

8. Sansevero Chapel

Sansevero Chapel
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The Sansevero Chapel is one of the significant places that most travelers could not be missed when they come to Naples. This is a small chapel that has known with the great masterpiece of Giussepe Sanmartino and many other sculptures.

The Sansevero Chapel is located in a narrow alley east of San Domenico Maggiore Cathedral with a simple structure out-looking but contains precious treasures. Inside the chapel, the must-see things are the Veiled Christ and the Anatomical Machines. Therefore, you should visit this chapel when you come to Naples.

9. Herculaneum ruins

Herculaneum ruins
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Together with Pompeii ruin, Herculaneum is also an ancient Roman town. This town was destroyed by volcanic lava flows in year 79. Besides the Pompeii ruin, you also can come to Herculaneum too! After the disaster of volcanic lava flows, the town was buried under 20 meters of mud and ashes. Therefore, it is hidden and still remain almost the same during 1600 years.

Since the location of this place is near the Vesuvius mountain – one of the strongest volcano in Europe, you can take this chance to pass by the mountain too. From the top of the mountain, you can see all the spectacular views. However, if you worry about the way to come here, you can book the tour with the tour guide would be better than for a family trip.

10. Pizza Making Experience

kids make Pizza in naples
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Naples is the home of the original famous wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. Therefore, experience making and taste pizza are some of the best things to do in Naples with kids. Pizza Margherita is the specialties of Neopolitan and you can learn how to make it at Naples.

Besides that, you and your kids can learn about the stories of the dish as well as the history of the area together. Not only that, but the instructor also will tell you some tips or secrets to make the pizza is more delicious. Don’t miss this chance to improve your pizza making skill or just explore a new recipe for this famous dish.

There are many wonderful things to do in Naples with kids. You can find more about this city by almost these activities above with your family. Besides that, travel with kids always fun and more excited since you can bring them everywhere to show them many things. From learning the history to discover the attractions, the family trip will be the best trip ever with everyone.