10 Best Things To Do in Lapland, Finland with Kids

Lapland, the land known as the homeland of Santa Claus and the reindeer will be the dream place of most children in the world. Located in the northern part of Finland, Lapland is very close to the North Pole so there are 200 days of cold winter a year. Because of this special climate, you need to consider planning a perfect trip to Lapland with your child. Check out the list of 10 best things do in Lapland with kids below to take a trip with your child to this interesting place.

kids have fun in Lapland
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1. Rovaniemi Wilderness

rovaniemi wilderness
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Start your journey of exploring Lapland by experiencing the Rovaniemi Wilderness of Finland with a 3-hour trip to Wild Taiga. Here, the best thing to do in Lapland with kids is to admire the unspoiled nature in northern Finland and learn how to move quietly in the forest. In addition, children also learn to survive in the forest like burning fire without using matches to warm them. Enjoy the majestic scenery of the Arctic Circle, with huge snow cliffs, white roads, and frozen treetops. End the great experience by taking souvenir photos of the natural wonders around Rovaniemi. Please be noted that only children above 5 years old can participate in this trip.

2. Highlights of Rovaniemi

Arktikum Arctic Museum
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And exploring the fascinating attractions called Highlights of Rovaniemi is the thing you cannot miss when coming to Lapland with children. Visit the Arktikum Arctic Museum to learn more about its culture. Then, you will go to some local farms to meet the lovely reindeer and husky dog, experience a rickshaw ride right there. Continue on your way to the Arctic Snowmobile Museum to see many types of sleds used in the northern hemisphere. And finish the journey by visiting the village of Santa Claus. Here, children will see their own idol, Santa Claus. Please be noted that only children above 4 years old can participate in this trip.

3.Ranua Wildlife Park, Husky Farm, and Reindeer Farm

Ranua Wildlife Park
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Not only famous for Santa Claus, but Lapland is also a land with beautiful and unique animals like Husky and Reindeer. So, join the journey to explore Ranua Wildlife Park, Husky Farm, and Reindeer Farm. Therefore your child can get used to these specific animals. And in Ranua Wildlife Park, children will have the opportunity to see owls, lynx and eagle and more than 200 other arctic animals. After a typical buffet lunch of Lapland, you will be reindeer rickshaw to Husky farm. Here, children will have fun with lovely Husky puppies.

4. Dinner at the IceRestaurant in the SnowCastle

SnowCastle in Kemi Lapland
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It will be a great evening for the whole family in a restaurant built entirely from snow and ice inside. Then you have to bring your kids to have dinner at the IceRestaurant in the SnowCastle. As Snow Castle, the famous restaurant in Kemi is one of the largest ice structures in the world. Here, you seem to be immersed in a magical frame. Sit at a tree-lined with fur and a table made of hard ice, as you enjoy a 3-course dinner. An unforgettable dinner for children with relatives.

5. Rovaniemi Ice Fishing

Rovaniemi Ice Fishing
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Fishing is always one of the experiences loved by many children. And ice fishing will completely conquer your child with enjoyment and happiness. So, let enjoy Romvaniemi Ice Fishing with kids in Lapland. Children will learn how to fish on ice and how to make holes on the ice themselves to fish. After enjoying a few hours of leisurely fishing, you will take a break at the campfire with hot drinks and food, before starting to grill the fish you have just caught. An extremely interesting experience at beautiful Rovaniemi. Please be noted that only children above 4 years old can participate in this trip.

6. Rovaniemi Backcountry Skiing Adventure

Skiing in Rovaniemi
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When you come to the land of snow, skiing through the beautiful countryside is an indispensable thing that you do with your children. So do not hesitate to join Rovaniemi Backcountry Skiing Adventure. But please note that this thing only for children above 10 years old. And when skiing, children can explore the arctic wilderness and admire the unspoiled beauty in Northern Finland. An extremely interesting experience here.

7. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis in Lapland
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Northern Finland is also one of the ideal places to enjoy the beautiful natural phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis. So, join together with children (only for children over 4 years old) to visit the aurora borealis journey here. If you are lucky enough, you will encounter bright bands in the sparkling night sky. And please take photos of family memories on this extremely interesting trip.

8. The Frozen Waterfalls of Koroma

The Frozen Waterfalls of Koroma
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The Frozen Waterfalls of Koroma is also one of the places not to be missed when in Lapland, the waterfall is only 160 km from Rovaniemi. This is a polar waterfall with an extremely special shape, the water flows into majestic ice sheets. And then, you can also immerse yourself in Korouoma with a warm bonfire thanks to a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Enjoy a traditional Arctic barbecue lunch right in the middle of the forest to recharge after an adventure day. However, due to inclement weather, note that this tour is for children over 4 years old only.

9. Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise

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Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise is one of the best things you have to do with your kids in Lapland. When on this famous icebreaker ship, you will be listening to the relaxing sounds of ice and black water splashing from the majestic boat hull, and watch as the vast vast ice blocks spread far ahead. On the cruise, you will enjoy interesting and fascinating tours. In addition, you can experience walking on ice and experience swimming at -20 ° C in the broken part of the ice cubes. A great experience for the whole family.

10. Ounasvaara and Ranua Zoo

Ounasvaara Zoo
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End this awesome journey with a trip to Ounasvaara and Ranua Zoo and out of the crowded city. Here, you can meet arctic animals like polar bears, giant elk, reindeer, weasels, and arctic foxes. And then enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the zoo’s restaurant to regain energy after an adventure day. Please be noted that this trip only for children above 4 years old.

Beautiful Lapland in night
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Please bring children to Lapland from December to March, because this is the time that Lapland is like a fairyland. Especially in December, children will enjoy the unique Christmas atmosphere with vibrant colors in Santa’s own homeland. And at that time you will have many interesting things to do in Lapland with kids.

Especially if going between January – March, you will admire a landscape with beautiful snow, is a favorite time for children to participate in winter sports such as skiing. For those who want to hunt for the aurora borealis, the time of spring in March is the ideal time to see the aurora borealis most clearly.