10 Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary with Kids

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a combination of Buda part built on a hill with many beautiful castles. And the other is the Pest part built on a plain of ancient medieval buildings. Buda and Pest are connected by nine trees through the Danube. Known as Paris of the East, Budapest possesses a landscape that blends ancient and modern features, and the city becomes capital of light when night falls. Check out the list of 10 best things to do in Budapest with kids below. So you can make a perfect plan for a fun and happy trip with your family.

funicular in budapest
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Budapest is a prime site for dreams: the East’s exuberant vision of the West, the West’s uneasy hallucination of the East. It is dreamed-up city; a city invented out of other cities, out of Paris by way of Vienna.”  – M. John Harrison

1. Highlights Budapest by Tuk-Tuk

tuktuk in budapest
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Let start your adventure with Highlights Budapest Tour by Tuk-Tuk. Tuk-tuk is a new experience for you and your kids to feel the rhythm of Budapest’s life. The best thing to do in Budapest with kids is sitting on a tuk-tuk and enjoy panoramic views overlooking the city from places only locals know. Enjoy the wonderful beauty of this city together. In addition, you can learn more about the fascinating fusion of Buda and Pest, more about the city of Budapest. An extremely wonderful experience with children.

2. Budapest Street Art

budapest street art
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The capital of Hungary is not only poetic form intricate architectural works from the banks of the Danube river but also from the typical Street Art of Budapest. Let’s spend a day with your kids exploring the streets of Budapest with street art. Through it, you can learn about the city, culture, history and contemporary politics of the city through colorful murals and street art. And then, stop by a local coffee shop to relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee. An unforgettable happy experience for your family.

3. Budapest Food Tour

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Food is one of the characteristics that you cannot ignore when exploring a new place. So join your kids on a culinary trip to Budapest Food Tour and experience the city in a unique way. During the tour, you will enjoy many Hungarian dishes and learn about Budapest. In addition to eating delicious food here, children will also learn interesting things about Hungarian culture through their cuisine.

4. Budapest Night Walking Tour

Chain Bridge at night
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Dubbed the capital of light at night, a Budapest Night Walking Tour will be an exciting journey for children. You will see the shimmering architecture under the lights such as the Fisherman’s Bastion at night, with views of the residential area of Buda Hill, the  Chain bridge from both Buda and Pest, then a walk-in Inner Pest area and stroll. And in the journey to the night, you will hear stories about these historical sites, the more you understand the history of Hungary.

5. Infamous 8th District Experience in Budapest

street in district 8th
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Get ready to come to the beaten roads in Budapest with Infamous 8th District Experience in Budapest. Start your journey by visiting the Rákóczi Fair Hall, one of the six original markets in Budapest from the late 19th century. Next, you will visit a remarkable 18th-century Roman Catholic church. Learn about the history of local “gypsy artists” and enjoy some famous street food.

6. Art Nouveau Budapest

Museum structed by Art Nouveau
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Art Nouveau Budapest is a unique art architecture of Budapest. And Art Nouveau Budapest will charm you with round glass windows, wavefronts, uneven surfaces, and tiled roofs. Surely this will be a place you cannot miss when traveling with children to Budapest. These are typical architectural styles that began to develop in the late 1990s. Among these beautiful buildings, you will have the opportunity to admire the Gresham Palace, Hungarian National Treasury, the Museum of Applied Art. Use and more than you can find in a manual. At the end of the tour, you will stop at the cafe with the wonderful Art Nouveau scenery that will end a unique art experience tour.

7. Hungarian Cooking Class in Budapest

kids enjoy hungarian cooking class
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Learning how to cook Hungarian dishes is also an exciting experience for children who love to cook. So, consider and take your child to attend the Hungarian Cooking Class in Budapest. Hungarian people spend a lot of time and energy cooking and enjoying great meals. Therefore, when coming to the Hungarian cuisine class, you will enjoy the energetic kitchen atmosphere. In addition, children will learn how to work in groups, sharing the works together. When one person is cutting onions, someone will prepare the meat and another will knead the dough. Dishes boiling on the fire and a kitchen filled with laughter. An unforgettable experience for children.

8. Hungarian Meal in Local Home with Hosts in Budapest

hungarian meal in local home
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Dinner at a local’s home will be one of the most authentic experiences in Budapest that you cannot miss. Do not hesitate to enjoy the Hungarian Meal in Local Home with Hosts in Budapest. Here, you will have a chance to discover the life of a local. Let’s chat and have more knowledge about this romantic city.

9. Matyóland and Zsóry Spa Full-Day Tour

Matyóland Dance
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Spend a day from Budapest moving to Mezőkövesd and the Zsóry Spa in the center of Matyóland. Here, you will learn about Matyó culture, the culture nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Matyó Museum to see some of these traditional costumes from time to time, along with the artifacts of furniture and crafts. Discover the original Matyó houses of Hadas district, where the street has maintained the atmosphere since the 19th century. In the old houses, local folk artists provide a view of what it is like a Matyó. After an exciting cultural adventure, enjoy a relaxing break at Zsóry Health and Open-Air Bath. Here, sulfur water with a temperature of 72 degrees can cure and help you relax.

10. Cafe Wandering Literature and History in Budapest

And finally, very rewarding experience for children is Cafe Wandering Literature and History in Budapest. This is one of the best things you have to do wit kids in Budapest. The special thing here is that you will be accompanied by an art historian to guide you to visit the architectural cafe workshop in Budapest. Start at Vorosmarthy Square in the city center. After walking through beautiful streets, you will visit many café shops featuring Hungarian royal and political styles including Gerbaud Café, Central Café, Museum of Café and Urania Café. A journey to both enjoy coffee and learn more about historical art knowledge of the Hungarians.

christmas in budapest
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There are music festivals and choirs in the spring (March, April) and autumn (September and October) in the city’s major theaters. You can take a trip come here this time and enjoy the festive atmosphere, but be careful when traveling with children to festive crowded places.

Christmas time, with festivals everywhere, visit the largest Christmas market in the country at Vörösmarty square and the market near the church of Stephen. Here you can choose a lot of handicrafts, souvenirs for sale, decorations, street food … etc. This is also an ideal time to travel to Budapest. However, the weather in Budapest is similar to other countries in Europe. In the winter, the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, you need to prepare clothes warm enough for children to have a healthy trip.