10 Best Things To Do in Mumbai, India with Kids

Mumbai – the largest city located on India’s west coast. Mumbai also was known as the home of the famous Bollywood film industry. The best time to visit Mumbai is from October to March when the weather is in mild winter. Therefore, if you would like to bring your kids to visit Mumbai, you should choose this time. Besides that, Mumbai is quite hot in May and have rich of rain from June to September. It’s is not a good idea to travel with kids at this time too! Meanwhile, there are many exciting things to do in Mumbai with kids. If you are curious to know which is the best thing to do, you can refer to some recommendations below.

1. Imagicaa Theme Park

kids sit on a carousel at Imagicaa Theme Park
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First of all, there are have so many amazing things to do in Mumbai with kids. And on top of the list are the theme parks. The Imagicaa Theme Park is one of the theme parks that almost the families love to visit when they come to Mumbai.

People like this theme park because of the convenience of it. The theme park has 24 rides and attractions, and 5 dining outlets to choose from. Besides that, they also offer entertainment, dining, shopping and more, all in one location. Your kids can catch the incredible events and performances on the streets of Imagica itself. Not only that, but the parents also can join-in most of the rides inside the park.

2. Imagicaa Water Park

Imagicaa Water Park
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Located in the same area with Imagicaa Theme Park is Imagicaa Water Park with a different gateway to get in. Although these two theme parks stay beside, you need to buy different tickets to enter the attraction. You can’t go through between these two ones.

This water theme park is one of the best things to do in Mumbai with kids for all the family trips. The Imagicaa Water Park was built upon the inspiration from the Mykonos water world. They offer 14 thrilling rides such as the Loopy Woopy, Swirl Whirl, Twisty Turvy, along with body slides, and 7 exciting restaurants to dine!

You can’t spend a day to go in both theme parks. Because if you would like to enjoy all the wonderful things inside two places, at least you need to spend one day for each place. Therefore, you can arrange your time and base on what your kids love, you can arrange them accordingly.

3. Essel World

kids sit on the roller coaster at EsselWorld theme park
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If you and your kids are fans of theme parks and want to explore more when in Mumbai, you can visit EsselWorld in a day. This theme park is one of the largest theme parks in India. Most visitors list this place is the top of things to do in Mumbai with kids.

The management of this theme park is quite different from other places. You can buy the basic card with IDR 90 that only allow you to enter the park without access to the rides. Meanwhile, they have many kinds of card that you can choose with differ price allows you to enter the park and access the rides with different limited.

Accordingly, the supreme power belongs to the Silver card that allows you to enter the park and access unlimited rides. You can check and consider which ones are really suitable for your family.

4. Essel World Bird Park

kids are playing with birds at Essel World Bird Park
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Do you know inside the campus of Essel World amusement park have a place for over 400 birds that called Essel World Bird Park? This is home to many kinds of birds from all over the world, especially the Indian zone. This is the first bird park in Indian that is quite popular for all visitors to Mumbai. This first interact-birds park becomes one of the best things to do in Mumbai with kids for all parents on their India trip.

Besides interacting with these birds, you can let your kids to learn more about the bird habitat, feeding them, and explore the vastness of vegetation inside the park. Although, the price of the ticket is quite cheap but you need to wait in a long queue if you come at the peak season. For the best solution, in this case, you should purchase the ticket in advance.

5. Water Kingdom

excited kid at Water Kingdom in Mumbai
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Water Kingdom is another magical water theme park in Mumbai. It is popular as a largest-water theme park in Mumbai. The position of this place is quite convenient from the center city of Mumbai. Therefore, you can choose this place to spend a fun day with your kids.

As their name, Water Kingdom offers many exciting things for everyone such as the tallest vertical water slides in the country, or the country’s largest aqua play pool. It’s perfect for a family to enjoy all the thrill and heart-pumping here. Besides that, you should prepare the appropriate swimwear, better should be nylon/lycra and wear all the time inside the water park. Otherwise, you can choose ones to buy at the outlet before enter the water park.

6. Snow Kingdom

a kid sled on the icy slopes inside snow kingdom
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India is a tropical country, but not mean that you can’t catch the snow when you want. Let come to the Snow Kingdom for a short trip when you are in the hottest place in the world. This is one of the best things to do in Mumbai with kids.

This indoor theme park offers a ton of snow to build up many attractions inside the park for everyone of all ages. Accordingly, you can try to climb on the snow mountain, sled rides on the icy slopes, and even a friendly snowball fight with your kids!

However, the best duration time for this place is one hour since the temperature inside is too cold. You shouldn’t let the kids stay so long inside. Besides that, there is the Click Art Museum located in the same mall, your family can pass by there, after out from the Snow Kingdom.

7. Govardhan Eco Village

kids at the pool inside Govardhan Eco Village
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Temporary, leaving aside the indoor attractions and come outside to explore the nature of India. Your family can make a trip to Govardhan Eco Village – the picturesque place in Mumbai. The village only distance 2 hours from Mumbai by car. You can book a car or alternatively take any Dahanu bound train from Mumbai and alight at Palghar station. Starting from there, you can get an auto-rickshaw to reach the venue.

This is an eco-village with the vast of 85-acre contain lush jungle, green paradise cover around by the stunning view. Besides that, they also offer some activities such as yoga, meditation, and other self-improving activities.

However, the meal here is only vegetarian and they strictly prohibited any consuming or possessing any product which contains meat, fish, eggs, tobacco, alcohol, non-veg,.. inside the grounds. You should note this information and consider it before visit this place.

8. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves
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Visiting Elephanta Caves is the must-things to do in Mumbai with kids. This famous cave was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site including 7 cave excavations at Elephanta. This place is an attractive place for those who are interested in history or archaeology.

For this place, you should book a tour when you traveling with kids for more convenience and safety than. There are 3 main caves that you can’t miss out when you come here: the large Hindu cave, Buddhist cave, and the main Shiva cave. Meanwhile, to reach these 3 caves, you need to climb up 120 steps to the plateau where the caves are located. Therefore, you should prepare comfortable clothes and sports shoes for your kids to ready to conquer the famous Elephanta Caves.

9. Temples in Mumbai

Jain Temple in Malabar Hill
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It will be an omission when you traveling to Indian without visiting their temples. Hinduism become a part of India’s life and one of the mystery cultural well known in the world. However, Mumbai is the city distinct mix of culture and religion then creating so many impressive religious places in this city. Therefore, making a trip to visit some temples in Mumbai is the amazing things that you should do with your family.

Whatever your religion, you can make a trip around Mumbai to explore the religion of India for more knowledge about their history and culture. Meanwhile, if you book a tour, the tour guide will know which temples that worth for your visiting or exploring. Besides that, they may provide you many useful informations for the full trip.

10. Asian Dining Experience At Keiba

interior of Keiba at Mahalakshmi, Mumbai
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If you are worried about street foods in Mumbai and would like to look for an experience at the restaurant for your kids. You can consider to come Keiba and taste Asian foods. It is quite ideal when you have many choices for Thai, Indian, and Chinese foods for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian. Besides that, this place is quite close to the center of Mumbai, it is near the railway station: Mahalakshmi. You can easy to reach here for a meal and it quite safer with kids than the street foods in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a dynamic city and the largest city in India. There are many wonderful things to do in Mumbai with kids on a family trip. From the spiritual temples to a lot of attractive indoor theme parks. Mumbai definitely will bring to your kids an amazing trip with a parent. Let’s check it out some places for visiting in Mumbai above and plan your trip to India.