10 Best Things To Do in Milan, Italia with Kids

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Milan – one of the 5 largest fashion capitals of the world is always an attractive destination not only for fashion lovers but also for those who love exploring. And this is also one of the ideal places for you to spend time visiting and exploring, enjoying relaxing moments with your children. And of course, before going to new cities to explore, especially trips with kids, you should check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Milan, Italy below. You will have the reference knowledge for a great upcoming trip.

1. Hop-On Hop-Off in Milan

Hop On Hop Off
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Start your journey to explore Milan with your child on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour. With a convertible bus exclusively for tourists visiting the city, you will be sitting on a sightseeing bus, going through all the beauty of Milan. At every beautiful sight, the bus stops, you can get off to visit and take pictures and then, catch the next bus to continue the journey to get acquainted with this beautiful city. And so, let’s enjoy a day exploring this exciting city.

2. Milan Food Tour

Milan Ice Dream
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Tourism must always be associated with food. Enjoying cuisine in a new country you visit is also one of the ways for you to learn more about the culture and customs there. So, Milan Food Tour is one of the best things that you do with kids when traveling here. Italy is famous for sweet Italian ice cream rolls, delicious pizzas are always the child’s favorite, authentic Italian rice called Risotto and delicious parmigiana served with meatballs. An exciting excursion filled the hungry stomach of your family.

3. Duomo di Milano

Duomo di Milano
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Located in the city center is the Duomo di Milano, a magnificent cathedral in the Gothic style. The church is one of Milan’s cultural and architectural symbols, which is the 2nd largest church in the world. When standing on the highest roof of the church, you will see the three most famous arc-shaped boulevards in central Milan. This is a place that you cannot miss, definitely have to take your kids here to visit when coming to Milan. Entering the church, you will be surprised with an interior that has an unusual warmth besides its massive. A place to both enjoy the monumental and beautiful architecture and to learn more about Roman civilization.

4. Fidenza Village Shopping Express

Fidenza Village Shopping Express
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Shopping is also the best thing to do with kids in Milan. Then coming to Milan you must go shopping because this is a shopping paradise in the world. So, reward yourself and your child for a shopping trip to the Fidenza Village Shopping Express, a luxurious shopping destination, home to more than 100 prestigious fashion stores in the world. And after that, you can relax after shopping and dine at one of the shopping mall’s fine restaurants.

5. Scala Theater Museum

Scala Theater Museum
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Art is one of the experiences that children need to explore. Therefore, visiting the Scala Theater Museum is not to be missed in the journey with children to explore Milan. The Scala Theater Museum is the place to record the history of the opera and the development of the Italian theater. It displays exhibits of past works, as well as splendid, brilliant costumes of the past. And an extremely monumental stage but no less subtle.

6. Da Vinci Guided Walking Tour

 The Last Supper
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Beautiful Milan is not only because of the massive architecture but because it has Da Vinci’s masterpieces located throughout the city. And a Da Vinci Guided Walking Tour will be one of the interesting journeys you can take with your child. The tour begins with a visit to Pinacoteca Ambriosiana, which is the home of Sala di Leonardo, where the Atlantic Codex was born. Through research covering a wide range of subjects including mathematics, anatomy, and botany, you will learn about his hobbies and interests. After you’ve seen all of Da Vinci’s works, you’ll head to the house of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Da Vinci’s most famous work – The Last Supper.

7. San Siro Stadium

San Siro Stadium
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For kids who love sports, going to the stadium, home to the famous Italian big teams including AC Milan and Inter Milan will be one of the best things to do in Milan. Therefore, San Siro Stadium is the dreaming land for your kids on this trip to Milan. You will have a chance to explore a limited place such as a fitting room in this stadium. And your little love will be proud of when walking through the channels of the champions when coming to the “La Scala Del Calcio”. And will have time to take more memories pictures here.

8. Lake Como and Bellagio

Lake Como
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Lake Como is one of the true jewels in Italy with lovely small villages scattered around the deep blue lake. And the two most famous places to visit when visiting Italy are Lake Como and Bellagio. The village of Bellagio is known as the “pearl of Lake Como”. It is famous for ancient houses from the middle ages with beautiful natural scenery. Coming to Bellagio, you will find lots of quaint shops, inns and busy Piazza Mazzini. Bellagio’s climate is always cool and pleasant to welcome you and your kids to come here at any time of the year

9. Cinque Terre and Portovenere

Cinque Terre
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Not far from Milan, the Ligurian coast with Cinque Terre and Portovenere is one of the places to attract tourists when coming to dreaming Italy. Cinque Terre is a group of five colorful seaside villages nestled along the rugged coastline and surrounded by terraced vineyards. These are the villages of Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore, and Manarola and they turn the Ligurian coast into one of the most scenic places in Italy. And Portovenere is the sixth town of Cinque Terre. The village is located close to the beach and is only for pedestrians with narrow paths leading to the village’s castle and church. An exciting journey for children.

10. Genoa and Portofino

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From Milan, if you have time, you should consider visiting the historic city called Genoa. It is Italy’s sixth-largest city and home to the Columbus Christopher – a famous explorer. Genoa – a port city full of energy and light, still retains ancient alleys and beautiful landscapes by the sea. From Genoa’s seaport, you will take a boat to Portofino village. Portofino is a village with beautiful pastel color strips – considered the pearl of the Italian river. A day of sightseeing with majestic, magnificent landscapes.

Milan from above
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Timing is always an extremely important factor that you will definitely need to learn to have yourself a perfect trip, especially with children. Spring and autumn not only attract tourists by the beautiful weather, but also by the beautiful scenery, romantic and many special festivals. Italy is located in the Mediterranean region, so the weather at these two times is extremely pleasant and cool. Surely you will enjoy the trip to Milan in the best way possible. Another time of the year you can also visit Milan is winter. Although the weather may be harsh, it is also an ideal opportunity for you to watch the snow and take part in other activities.