10 Best Things To Do in Liverpool, UK with Kids

When planning to travel to the UK, we often think about London as the top listed destination. However, the UK has more great destination than that and Liverpool is one of the second choice for your family. Liverpool located in the Northwest of the UK – a bustling port city and development. The first thing, when we said about Liverpool, most people will think about The Beatles music band and the football club Liverpool. These two things making up the most famous iconic in Liverpool. Actually, these wonderful things also create many things to do in Liverpool with kids and parents when traveling here. If your family would like to visit Liverpool on the next trip, you can refer to some tips below to plan your vacation.

1. Liverpool Football Club: Museum and Stadium

parents take photo for their kids at Liverpool Football Club tour
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First of all, a tour of Liverpool Football Club should be listed in the must things to do in Liverpool with kids when you are here. It will be much fun when you making up a trip to the stadium and also the museum in one day.

Most of the kids definitely excited to explore inside the stadium with the Dressing Rooms of their favorite’s club. Not only that, but your family also can enjoy stunning views of the pitch and Liverpool’s skyline. Besides that, you can enter The LFC Story where you can learn more about the history of the team. All the exhibition is displayed with an interactive show that your kids may love to touch, hear, and take the photo as more as they want.

However, you can’t visit the dressing room a day before the match. If you want to have the full experience, you should check the match time before deciding the time to visit.

2. Mersey River Cruise

mersey river cruise
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Liverpool located next to Mersey where is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage-listed waterfront. Actually, this place is famous because of used to be a stage for the Beatles performing on the Riverboat Shuffle cruises in the early 1960s. Start from that time, the Mersey Ferries carry a cargo of memories inside people’s hearts. Therefore, sitting on a cruise downstream Mersey river is one of the best things to do in Liverpool with kids and family.

Although your kids are too small to know about the Beatles, but they will be excited to enjoy the stunning view of the city on a cruise. Besides that, you also shouldn’t miss out on a chance to take the family photo when the cruise passes through some iconic of the city including Albert Dock, the 3 Graces, and Liverpool’s 2 cathedrals.

3. The Beatles Story

Beatles In India exhibition at The Beatles Story
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People said that whatever you are fans of The Beatles or not, you should come to The Beatles Story when you are in Liverpool at least one time. This is one of the famous things to do in Liverpool with kids that you couldn’t miss it.

A full story about the journey of four young men from an unknown band become a famous music band in the world is displayed by a magical mystery tour. Besides that, they also have some special exhibition follow the season that provides you some different story about the band in another destination.

The special exhibition will take approximately 90 minutes to finish the journey. Meanwhile, for the full permanent exhibition, it will take 1-3 hours to visit. The exhibition also provides free multiple audio guides onsite with English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Korean, Cantonese and Brazilian Portuguese. You should ask the staff to rent for one.

4. Strawberry Field

exhibition inside strawberry field forever, liverpool
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Strawberry Field is not a strawberry garden, that is the name of one of The Beatles’ songs. However, do you know that this place is a real place: it’s an orphanage in Liverpool, England, in the suburb of Woolton. John Lennon – one of the members in The Beatles wrote this song base on his memory about his childhood home.

And one of the things makes this place become famous not only as their origin reason but the exhibition inside. This one is the best thing to do in Liverpool with kids for all the family trips. The interactive exhibition was created to help audiences feel and learn about the band with nostalgia for times and places past.

Therefore, when your family comes here, the parents will have some moment to rewind their childhood whilst the kids may enjoy the modern digital interactive to explore some new things that could stimulate their curiosity.

5. Magical Beatles Museum

exterior of the Magical Beatles Museum
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Finally, they open a Magical Beatles Museum – a place for the biggest fan club in the world. However, if you are not a fan, you should come too. The reason is this place will fulfill your curiosity about this famous rock-band. All the journey about their career from the beginning to the period time on the top of the career path will be shown in this museum.

People said that this place is the must-visit place in Liverpool since the arrangement inside is quite attractive to everyone. Therefore, this is one of the good things to do in Liverpool with kids when traveling with them. While you are busy exploring the profile of four members in the band, your kids may immerse to the space with some strange things is displayed inside. There are some instrument and costume that was used by The Beatles can’t see in this time anymore. Besides that, you can see some unique objects that only have in here when exploring the 4 floors of the building.

6. British Music Experience

teenagers are playing instrument inside British Music Experience liverpool
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Besides The Beatles, the British still have many great singers with the music field is quite developed in the world. Let’s join in the journey to discover more than 6 decades of popular culture at the British Music Experience in the heart of Liverpool.

This exhibition was established to show everyone in the world the diversity of British talent in the music industry. From the singers or band the Beatles, Oasis, Spice Girl and David Bowie, Adele, to the amazing music show as the X-Factor.

This is an amazing thing to do in Liverpool with kids when teenagers can try to play some instrument as a rock star by testing the vocal booth. Not only that, if your kids are still small, but they can also enjoy the show and dance in the dance-pop routines studio! Therefore, let enjoy the music in a unique space when your family on a trip to Liverpool with British Music Experience!

7. Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park
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Temporarily, setting aside some bustling atmosphere of the city and making a trip to Lake District National Park to enjoy the peace of nature. This place with a stunning view and pure air is one of the best places for the family’s trip. Almost family listed out visiting this place is a thing to do in Liverpool with kids. Since it only takes one hour and a half from Liverpool to here by car.

However, the ways to the Lake District is not convenient for going with kids by public transportation. Hence, if you are going with your kids, you can book a day tour that could be a great way. Besides that, the tour is not suitable for kids under 5 years old then this is one reason that you could consider to visit this place for your kids too.

After all these cases, the Lake District is really a good one for relaxing, tranquil or nature-closing. You can downstream on a cruise to marvel the mountainous, the stunning scenery and look out for Brantwood, the former home of social reformer and art critic John Ruskin. Don’t forget to bring your camera for saving of many beautiful scenes.

8. Liverpool Cathedral Tower

Liverpool Cathedral Tower
From https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/

If you are asking the best place to see the 360-degree view of Liverpool city, Liverpool Cathedral Tower will be an answer for you. It is quite different from some other cities that you have been to. The observation deck is not inside the modern building, it’s inside a cathedral. Therefore, this place become one of an amazing thing to do in Liverpool for everyone.

The journey up to the breathtaking rooftop views is impressive with the elevator to the viewpoint. This panoramic viewpoint stayed from 500ft above sea level allow you to see a great view of Liverpool and beyond. Meanwhile, there are some Tower Experience inside the tower, you can attend if interested in it. If not, seeing the stunning view of the city is the best part of your visit.

9. Peaky Blinders Filming Scene

the Rodney street filming Peaky Blinders tour
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Peaky Blinders is a famous series drama of BBC was premiered in 2013. Many things from the series were mentioned in many stories on the news, fashion, and travel too. The film making scene become a tourist destination this recent year. This is a place that most people choose to visit when traveling to Liverpool.

Although, some people haven’t seen this series but they still want to come to discover how the producer making the drama about the context of the World War I period time. Either, they simply just want to see how the Birmingham scene in the 19th century.

If you have seen this series, you shouldn’t miss out on this tour to see everything you have ever seen on the TV in real. Meanwhile, your kids may be interested in the story from the tour guide when your family walkthrough on some places such as Tommy’s country home or the location of Mosley’s rally.

10. Silent Disco Adventure Tour

the kids and parents join in Silent Disco Adventure Tour in Liverpool
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It is quite weird and attractive when you can feel the disco music in silence! Do you believe about it? That’s right! A silent musical walking tour is one of the amazing things to do in Liverpool with kids when you can enjoy the disco music while carrying your kids on your arms.

This fun tour will have you to experience all kinds of disco music when walkthrough of the sound-soaked streets of Liverpool. You can sing, dance or cheer up with your family at every corner of Liverpool’s cosmopolitan streets. Meanwhile, your kids also can immerse this tour with dynamic sound or if they too small, just smile on your arms when they see everyone around dance and sing with them.

Therefore, you only need to prepare a comfortable shoes and water for your kids. Let’s enjoy the music in the middle of Liverpool streets!

Liverpool is an amazing city for a family’s trip. There are many things to do in Liverpool with kids that you can consider to choose. The city does not only have a stunning view from the Liverpool Cathedral Tower but also has a rich culture about music with the story about the way to a top of the world of The Beatles music band. Let’s bring your kids to conquer this wonderful city!