10 Best Family Hotels In Taipei, Taiwan

If you are looking for a kids’ paradise in Northeast Asia, Taipei is one of the best destinations for a family trip. Besides the numerous things to do in Taipei with kids, this is the kingdom for gastronomy, culture, and amazing experiences. Most tourists love to stay here with their friends, family, or beloved since the city has plenty of things for everyone regardless of their age. Therefore, a lot of family hotels in Taipei appear to serve both foreign guests and local people. Sometimes, they caused you lost in the maze of bundle hotels stretching along with the whole city. You will need a short-list to help you sum-up the top pick of the best family hotels in Taipei. Let’s deep dive to explore what exciting things in this city!

The Best Time To Visit Taipei

Taipei is the largest city and also the capital of Taiwan. This metropolitan is the most populous city and also one of the top choices of travelers in Taiwan. Therefore, Taipei is quite crowded and vibrant all the time. However, if you traveling with your kids, you should know about the climate to choose the best time to visit Taipei.

Taiwan doesn’t have a clear feature of four seasons, but, it still performs as hottest in summer (up to 40 degrees), and cold in winter (13 – 18 degrees). Whereby, the best times to visit Taiwan also should be in spring and autumn while the temperature is moderate and warm. Taipei also bears the same influence on climate as Taiwan.

Hence, the best times to visit Taipei should be from the end-February to mid-May and also from end-September to end-November. Therein, the hotels’ price is quite high in spring when the Lunar New Year falls in January or February (calendar). There are many tourists who come here and it pushes the price to become higher during this period. However, after March and from September onward, the hotel price is stable, and that’s also an amazing time for those who don’t like the crowded. By the way, you should be careful to travel in June – August, since this is the time for rain and sometimes, that has heavy rain.

The Best Area To Stay in Taipei

map of taipei

From: https://healthycity.taipei/

ZhongZhen district

As the same as other metropolitans in Asia like Tokyo or Seoul, staying near the station area or the main transportation is one of the best choices for tourists. Taipei has 3 central areas that you can choose one of them to stay in based on the plan of your trip. If you will use public transportation, you should stay in ZhongZhen district where the Taipei Main Station located. This station is the hub for transfer in the city which is included THSR and TRA railway stations (the main 2 public types of transport in Taiwan). Besides that, ZhongZhen district is the most center neighborhood for those who visit Taipei for the first time and it’s convenient for everything. The hotels’ price in this area a little higher but the services and facilities of the hotels are also better.

Wanhua District

Next to ZhongZhen district is the Ximending area (or people called it is Ximen), this area located in Wanhua District. This area is quite popular with the shopping hunters where you can easy to see the colorful shopping stalls, the hub of entertainment, and also the vibrant night markets. If your family loves shopping and the bustling area, Ximending is the best selection for you. While you stay here, you shouldn’t miss out on the renowned Long Shan Temple, Taipei Cinema Park, or Tianhou Temple. All of these are the must-visit places in Taipei for families.

Xinyi District – Taipei 101

Xinyi is one of the expensive areas and also a luxury one. The reason to make this place become the most costly one maybe the Taipei 101 – one of the most iconic in Taiwan as general and Taipei in particular. This is the highest tower in Taiwan and they allow the visitor to enter the tower and enjoy the panoramic view at the bird’s eyes. Also, there are restaurants, entertainment activities, and some gift shops here that attract many tourists annually. Besides that, this area is quite popular for the nightlife-people who love the bars, pub, and shopping malls. Therefore, if you stay in this area, the hotels always in full-book and you must reserve in advance if you would need the best one for your family.

The Best Family Hotels in Taipei

1. W Taipei

W Taipei is one of the best family hotels in Taipei that located in the central of Xinyi District. The location is extremely convenient where it just above MRT Taipei City Hall Station and very near Taipei 101.

At the first, you may afraid of the price since this is a costly area in Taipei. However, for those services that the hotel could give you, you will be satisfied with the price and all the facilities. Therein, they have a very gorgeous swimming pool and an exceptional fitness center that offered for free. Besides that, they provide kids’ meals at TWD484 per meal for kids from 4 – 12 years old. You also can request a stroller for free or use their kids’ service for an extra fee. In the meantime, you have so many options to enjoy your free time with a lot of activities for adults like sauna, spa (extra charge), or nightclub at a bar. Also, the car parking fee and WiFi are free.

2. Caesar Metro Taipei

Located in Wanhua District or you may know it with the name Ximen area, Caesar Metro Taipei is one of the best family hotels in Taipei. If you love to stay near the pretty vibrant area in the city with your family. This hotel is the top pick that you could consider to enjoy your trip to Taiwan.

Caesar Metro Taipei has an extremely elegant decoration in the white color. It makes you feel clean, airy, and fresh when stepping inside the room. Their family rooms can offer up to 6 people in a room (triple room) that featured soundproof and free WiFi. By the way, the location is the most advantage of this hotel when it’s pretty near the Wanhua Train Station and MRT Longshan Temple Station. From here, you can easily to go Mengjia Longshan Temple and Qingshan Temple. Besides that, there is a pool and gym room that offer free for all guests. Also, the car parking is free and it’s convenient for those who would like to rent a private car.

3. Caesar Park Hotel Taipei

It’s easy to find a family hotel in Zhongzheng District, but, it’s hard to know whether that is suitable for your family. Since there are numerous family hotels in Taipei where located in Zhongzheng District – the center of the city. Whereby, we can skim some of the facilities and services that the hotel could offer to their guests and choose the one you think it’s good for your demand.

It’s only 6 minutes to walk to the Taipei Main Station from this hotel and this is one of the main transportation in Taipei. Most of the tour gathering point and attractions that need to go through this main station. Therefore, this is the most advantageous point of the hotel. Besides that, the garden is one of the best places in this hotel. Your kids will love to see Koi fish here and enjoy the fresh atmosphere while you enjoy the cup of tea.

The hotel offers family rooms that are featured soundproof and a free crib for kids 0-1 years old. In the meantime, a swimming pool and a gym room provide free for all the guests. You should book a room with breakfast to save more and enjoy their amazing breakfast.

4. Taipei Garden Hotel

It’s nothing to complain about this hotel in Zhongzheng District. The hotel’s decoration is quite normal, yet the rooms are spacious and very clean. One of the plus points is the bed, it’s so comfortable and a large bed that fits up to 3 people. Though the hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool, the hot tub on the rooftop may compensate for you. Besides that, they also offer a free gym room and parking lot for all guests.

As this is the top pick for the bulk of good family hotels in Taipei, they able to provide kid-friendly buffets and family rooms that are featured soundproof. In the meantime, the location is another good point that deserves to be on your considering list. Whereby, the hotel located near the MRT Ximen Subway Station and the MRT Xiaonanmen Subway Station, both can reach by walk. Also, Taipei Botanical Garden and Taipei Qingshui Temple only take 15 minutes to walk from this hotel.


If you love shopping and intend to explore most of the night market in Taipei, this hotel is one of the best choices for you. Located in the vibrant area – Ximending, the hotel is only 1 minute to walk to the Ximending Night Market. This is the popular night market with most tourists to Taiwan and numerous amazing things for you to enjoy or shopping. Also, the MRT Ximen Subway Station is right away in front of the hotel that is convenient for those who would like to use public transport.

WESTGATE Hotel is also famous in the top of good family hotels in Taipei since they offer a reasonable price for those who travel with family. The family rooms are quite spacious, clean, airy, and nice view (if you are lucky to get the right one). By the way, the breakfast fee is TWD 462 per meal, but, there are many choices of food everywhere in Taipei. You can decide to enjoy breakfast at the restaurant on-site or go around the neighborhood to check in some cuisine.

6. Grand Hyatt Taipei

There will be an insufficient when Grand Hyatt Taipei doesn’t appear in the list of family hotels in Taipei. This is the top brand of family hotel in the world and it could be a good hotel for you at any time, anywhere. The hotel owes an excellent position in a costly neighborhood – Xinyi District. But, the price is reasonable and it’s good for a family with a maximum of 4 members. From here, you can easily reach out to the renowned building, Taipei 101 in just 5 minutes walk. And, it’s also near the MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Centre Station that could lead you to go anywhere that you want by using public transportation. There is a free parking lot, WiFi, a pool, and a fitness center for all guests.

Though they didn’t mention the kids’ meals, their breakfast buffet is quite kid-friendly. Besides that, their restaurant on-site offers many cuisines with a la carte selections that you could order through a menu. For entertainment, there is a kid’s club for free and your kids have space to enjoy their spare time while you taste a cup of coffee.

7. The Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel

In fact, Zhongshan District is quite family-friendly not because of the location or the best price, but because of numerous family hotels in Taipei. If you don’t like to stay in a center of the city or a vibrant area, Zhongshan District is the best choice for your family.

Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel is one of the typical family hotels in Taipei that you could list on your mind to consider. The decoration of this hotel follows the royal style with gold, beige, and white color is the main concept. It caused to bring you a very fresh feeling and airy space in the rooms. Therein, the family rooms are quite large with soundproof and a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old(when requested). Besides that, there is a DVD player or a CD player inside each room to bring entertainment to your kids.

Regarding the location, it’s great while near the MRT Zhongshan Subway Station and Ningxia Night Market. Both areas could reach by walk in 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, a pool, a fitness center, and also a parking lot are all offered for free to all guests. By the way, you shouldn’t miss out to enjoy the atmosphere of the pool on the rooftop or the bathtub in autumn time. That’s great!

8. FX Hotel Taipei Nanjing East Rd.

Another good family hotel in Taipei where located in Zhongshan District for your consideration. FX Hotel is just only 5 minutes walk to MRT Nanjing Fuxing Subway Station and around this area has a lot of restaurants and cafes.

Besides that, there are family rooms that featured free WiFi and cable channels in the rooms. Also, you can request a free crib if you accompany kids from 0-2 years old. Though they don’t have a pool, yet a fitness center still offered for free. Because of that, the price is quite affordable and it’s extremely suitable for those who have a budget pocket but need good family hotels in Taipei for a family trip. However, it’s a minus point when there is no car parking lot, which means that, it’s only suitable for you if using public transportations. Therefore, if this isn’t a big matter, you could consider this hotel for your Taiwan trip.

Staying in an entire house is one of the best choices for those who love to enjoy a private space with their family. Therefore, Taipei has a lot of great deals on apartments or entire houses for you. In the list of family hotels in Taipei, we only list out the two typical houses for families in the heart of the city. You may search for more types of this property, but these are the two best ones for you to consider.

9. W11 Homestay

Located in a very convenient area – Ximending, W11 Homestay has an excellent position. It’s near the Ximen Metro Station and right away in few steps to the Ximending shopping area. If shopping is your favorite, this could be the one for you. Therein, the house provides full facilities for a family like a living room, bedroom, and a kitchen that you can cook any food for your kids. There are many convenience stores around this area, and you can easily find something.

By the way, the decoration is extremely elegant that you will love to post a few styles of photos for your social media. Though this is an entire house, the condition isn’t loser to other family hotels in Taipei. They have free WiFi, air conditioning, and also an air purifier. The free of two bottles will be provided every early morning when you request room cleaning.

10. Dream house CMD (Exit 6/4minutes)

This is actually an apartment of a personal host and located in the Ximending area. The location is number one where it’s near the renowned Ximending Night Market and Tien-Ho Temple. The building is quite safe and you can go in and go out any time that you want since this is an entire house for your family. The decoration isn’t special but it’s a very clean and comfortable bed. Meanwhile, the neighborhood is pretty convenient when it near many food stores and the Ximen Station, you can reach there in 10 minutes walk. Regarding the facilities, it’s amazing! There are a workspace and the toiletries, towels are also available. Besides that, there is a washer in the house and you can stay here as your house for all of these comfortable conditions in a private space.

Taipei is a great place for a family trip full of delicious foods, amazing activities, and the heaven of shopping for everyone. Hence, numerous family hotels in Taipei offer many services at a wide range of prices for you to choose from. You may be lost in the middle of a family hotel maze and confuse to get the most suitable one for you. Let’s evaluate with us the pros and cons of some family hotels in Taipei to help you find the good one. Even you want to stay in a hotel or an apartment, we still have many recommendations for you!