10 Best Family Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo is an exotic city that you can find everything from traditional to modern and architecture all in one city. This is the most bustling city in Asia with many things to do in Tokyo with kids if you want to travel with your little ones. Besides that, there are many kinds of accommodations that you can find in Tokyo. From hotels, hostels, and ryokans (traditional Japanese guesthouses) to apartments all will be ready to serve you everywhere. Therefore, you can easy to find the best family hotels in Tokyo for your wonderful trip with the family.

Overview, Tokyo is an expensive city and the hotels’ rate here also does not exclude this range. However, there always have a good deal for your family with a good location that you can find. First of all, most of the key attractions in Tokyo are not focus in an area but they are spread around the city. Secondly, this city is a complex of many small cities become the largest city Tokyo with the most populous metropolitan area in Shinjuku. Thus, it can say that Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo. On the other hand, Tokyo is a huge collection of rail with so many trains that you can use such as Japan Rail. Hence, you don’t need to stay in the most center, just find the area near the station. That should be fine for you in the transfer and your budget!

However, the best area for the family to stay in Tokyo will be Shinjuku (absolutely), Minato (where many ex-pats prefer to stay), and the area near Tokyo Station. Besides that, if your family loves food, you can choose Ginza, where has many restaurants and food stores. Meanwhile, Omotesando and Shibuya are quite good for shopping and fashion. Let’s start to explore some best hotels that you could consider in your Tokyo trip.

1. Park Hyatt Tokyo (luxury)

It can say this is the luxury best family hotels in Tokyo for every family. The price absolutely a bit high but you will have all the best things when staying here. Therein, the location is excellent which is not far from Shinjuku Central Park and near the Tochōmae Station. The style of this hotel is modern and elegant with all the good service for family and kids. They provide kids’ buffet with extra cost and all the good conditions for a family stay such as Books, DVDs & music for kids and kids’ TV channels.

2. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (luxury)

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is a combination of modern and Japanese traditional style. If you would like to stay in luxury hotels but still want to enjoy the Japanese air, this hotel is good for you. This is always located on the list of best family hotels in Tokyo for a family trip. Besides the good location in Shinjuku where you can easy to reach Tochōmae Station and see the LOVE Object (the meeting point of many tours in Tokyo). You also will be offered a good service for the family such as a kid-friendly buffet (without extra fee) and a kid’s pool (with a small extra fee).

3. Hyatt Regency Tokyo (middle-range price)

Hyatt Regency Tokyo pursuit modern and simple style but it is not less delicacy. This hotel is listed in the luxury hotels in Tokyo but the rate is acceptable for all the conveniences that you will have when staying here. Besides the good location in Shinjuku, they also offer the shuttle bus to Shinjuku Station and it is very near the station. It is not far from Kumano Shrine (just 300m) and you can walk there. The room is so clean and spacious with all the necessary things for your family. However, they can’t provide you a free crib or extra bed but you will feel comfy in the room. Therefore, you can arrange for your kids if they don’t mind sleeping on the bed. The breakfast is good which is included in the room’s rate.

4. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Osaki (middle-range price)

This hotel is very close to the Osaki station with just 15 minutes walk. From this station, you can easy to reach either JR Shibuya Station in 6 minutes or JR Shinjuku Station in 12 minutes by train. At first, you may think this location is not good but opposite it has many convenient things. Whereby, there are many places for dining and very near the train station or easy to take a taxi. Regarding the facilities, they have all the good things for kids and families with kids’ buffets without extra fees. Meanwhile, they have an indoor pool and some entertainment for kids in the room. It is really good at the room’s rate for all the comfy and convenience around this hotel.

5. Shinagawa Prince Hotel (middle-range price)

This hotel has a great location that is next to the JR Shinagawa Train Station. It is quite convenient to go to Tokyo Station in only 15 minutes by train. However, the great thing here is the price. It is really a good deal with the price in this position and you will be offered all the best service. Though the room is not so large, the space is really cozy! Whereby, this hotel has so many amazing things to explore. Besides the ordinary things such as restaurants, 2 indoor pools, and massage service. You also can enjoy karaoke and movie theater right inside the hotel with your family. Thus, it is really good family hotels in Tokyo that you can choose for your Tokyo trip.

6. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (middle-range price)

This hotel is not located in the center of Tokyo but it still convenient for you to go around the city when it is near the Daiba Station. You can go to JR Tokyo Station by monorail in 20 minutes. It is considered as a mini-resort hotel near Tokyo center. Whereby, the room decoration style follows in European-style decor, simple and elegant. Meanwhile, the hotel is quite suitable for those who love to stay in a quiet area and enjoy a peaceful space. There is a grill restaurant on the 30th floor that you can indulge in the nice skyline view and best BBQ in Japanese style. The price is not so high compare to what your family is offered in this hotel. Thus, it is so good for the family would like to enjoy their Tokyo trip by their own way.

7. Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku (budget)

This is a budget hotel that you can consider in the center of Tokyo. It is a good price for a family stay if you don’t require more service only for kids. Regarding the location, it is very convenient that only 10 minutes walk to Nishi-Shinjuku Station and 15 minutes to the LOVE Object. Especially, it is only distance 500m from the Robot Restaurant – the most famous restaurant in Tokyo. The room is not so big but still, provides enough space for the family with beds and a sofa bed that is quite comfy for everyone. They have all the good arrangements for a family maximum of 4 people. It deserves to be the best family hotel in Tokyo for your choice.

If you are traveling to Tokyo in a big group of family and love to enjoy in private space. You can consider booking a condo-hotel or an apartment with the better price but still in a good location.

8. Shinjuku Valuable Room for Group (middle-range price)

This is an apartment 2 beds and located in Shinjuku. Though this is not a hotel you still can find all the convenient things that you need around here. There are convenience stores, near Shinjuku Sanchome Station, and some places for dine-in. Besides that, if you would like to cook by yourself, you can easy to buy some grocery things nearby this area and cook at home when they have the kitchen inside with enough equipment for you.

9. Steam Prepared Room Telework Business Tours Daikanyama 1 Ebisu 7 RARE (budget)

This apartment is located in the Shibuya area that is not far from the center of Tokyo. The room is really Japanese style in its own way that makes you have an authentic feeling you are in Japan! First of all, the location is not a great position but it is convenient. You can find all the shops around here with a shopping street nearby and may food stores for dine-in. Because it is near Daikanyama Station, you can easy to go everywhere you want by train. This neighborhood is really a good one for those families that love to enjoy the Japanese lifestyle with a lot of local stores around. You also can request an extra bed for free but it will be charged JYP 1,000 when requesting a crib.

10. Higashi-Shinjuku Station Apartment (middle-range price)

This apartment has a great location in Shinjuku with a good price that you will not easy to find in this location. All the room is warm and sweet in its own way. It is perfect to stay with kids in this apartment! Besides that, the position is perfect that is only 10 minutes walk to JR Shinjuku station, and also near some department stores in a few minutes’ walk. Meanwhile, the special part of this accommodation is the terrace with a stunning view of the city. The apartment can contain up to 6 people in the same time, thus, it is perfect for a big family trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo is the most bustling and expensive city in Asia and the rooms’ rate here is quite high compared to other locations. Some of the best family hotels in Tokyo often have a high rate. However, one of the advantages of this city is a huge collection of rails with many stations stretch through the city. Thus, it is so convenient for travelers! If you have a limited budget, you can rent accommodation a bit far from the center to enjoy a quiet place and also to get a good deal. Meanwhile, you only need to check whether that location near any rail station for transfer then everything will be fine!