Top 10 Best Things To Do in Seoul With Kids

It is not easy to define the most impressive highlights of Seoul, the capital of South Korea where is not only the home of K-pop with modern life, and skyscrapers but also meets Buddhist temples, palaces, and street markets. However, if you think that this is not a good place for your kids, you will be surprised by this city. Seoul is an awesome choice for family travel, and there are lots of things to do in Seoul with kids. Let’s start to explore how many exciting things that they have.

1. Everland

Everland Seoul

The number one on the checklist of things to do in Seoul with kids is the Everland theme park. Most people like theme parks, not only your kids but you also really want to enjoy it with them. So, why not get Everland tickets then twist and turn down the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, the T-express if you dare, and spend the afternoon enjoying other rides guaranteed to give your family the ultimate full throttle amusement park experience.

With 5 different themed zones, there is something for everyone at Everland! One of the must-visits is definitely the Safari World where you can get up close and personal with the exotic furry animals like the bears and giraffes!

2. Lotte World

Lotte World

Seoul is a modern city mixed with cultural traditions but it will surprise you when they have 2 famous theme parks in the world and always get many visits day by day. While Everland is well-known with the T-express, Lotte World gives you a chance to test your bravery on the park’s popular thrillers, Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing, with drops of up to 70 meters at a speed of 100km/h.

The best part is that with both an indoor and outdoor section, the kids can visit the Folk Museum to discover more about Korean history, dating back through 5,000 years. Either, you can explore the underwater world at the Lotte World Aquarium with the discount combo ticket to visit on the same day.


3. Nami Island tours

Petite France

It is an omission if you traveling to Seoul and do not pass by Nami Island – the famous island in the world. This place is not only the home of Korean filmmaker but also have fresh air with romantic sightseeing. Visit Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, or Gangchon Rail Bike in a day tour for a relaxation of your mind and let the kids enjoy the pure air with a nice view of the island.

Either, if you want to let the kids interacting with the cutest alpacas you’ll ever see at a Chuncheon alpaca pasture! Let’s feed these adorable animals, watch them graze together, and take photos with them! This is the family-friendly day tour outside of the city that you definitely shouldn’t miss it.


4. N Seoul tower

N Seoul Tower

You want to see Seoul with the panoramic views of the city, you ever see on many Korean films that they go to the Namsan Tower for dating. You are right, sometimes this place is known as N-Seoul Tower – the iconic landmark sits at top Namsan Mountain and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Seoul.

As you will be more surprising when you know inside this place also have a love locks tree and a Hello Kitty house to visit while up there! Definitely, your kids will be so excited with the stunning view after pass a 500-meter elevation to visit the N Seoul Tower Observatory and discover more about this incredible monument.


5. Gangchon railbike

Gangchon Rail Bike

Railbike is a uniquely impressive point in South Korea, you can see the stunning view of nature while biking on the rail. This is an experience your family could not miss it. The Gangchon Rail Bike is a popular activity on Nami Island, allowing visitors to pedal along the old Gangchon Rail Park track while taking in the scenery of the lovely 318km Bukhangang River.

You will be able to experience a piece of history when traveling the same route the Mugunghwa train traveled for a span of 70 years! Explore the beauty of the Bukhangang River on a bike ride and enjoy the perfect moment with your kids.


6. History of Joseon Dynasty with National Folk Museum, Palaces, and Temple

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Traveling to Seoul with kids without visiting the National Folk Museum is an incomplete trip for the family. Aside from the attraction and entertainment, this is the best moment to help to learn about Korean culture with a tour of Seoul’s largest (and arguably most beautiful) palace.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in the 1300s, has been destroyed and reconstructed many times, watch the changing of the guards in this spectacular Palace. Realize the deep significance of Buddhism in Korean culture at Jogyesa Temple, a tranquil refuge from the megacity outside and the leading center of Zen Buddhism in Korea.


7. Hanbok Rental

Hanbok rental


Hanbok is the traditional costume is a part of the culture in Korea. You will have a chance to choose from an array of vibrant colors and designs of Hanbok that were very commonly worn during the Joseon Dynasty (also have Hanbok for kids from 1 age onward). Choose from a variety of intricate and lovely hanbok designs, and slip on the set that best fits your style.

Meet with a professional photographer and head off into Gyeongbokgung Palace for your photoshoot. Rewind to the past and make a classic collection album of your family with Hanbok to record the best memory of this trip.


8. Taking at much photos of your kids in the Trick Eyes Museum

Trickeyes museum Seoul

After spending time with fun theme parks and explore the culture of Korean. A slight step to extend your kids’ imagination in a 3D museum, why not?

Trickeye AR Museum is the best choice for the whole family, let your imagination run wild and snap mind-bending photos and videos along the way. Visitors are allowed to freely explore the multiple galleries with their eyes, hands, and of course, cameras. So get ready to step inside paintings, hang from beams, ride a camel, dance with the pros and swing with Spiderman!


9. Nanta show

Nanta Show Seoul

Seoul has so many incredible shows and you don’t know which one you should choose is suitable for your kids. Well then, let book Nanta Show ticket to be amazed at the skills and in stitches at the hilarity of this kitchen-based show.

This show blending acrobatics, martial arts, music, and culinary skills – that’s got to be a unique combination! The talented troupe of Korean performers cooks up a storm in the on-stage kitchen giving the audience a taste of Korean culinary lunacy, sliced and diced to percussive perfection.

So, let’s do something different during your time in Seoul and watch a unique performance at the Myeongdong Nanta Theatre.


10. Eland Han River Dinner Cruise

Eland Han River Dinner Cruise

What could be better than having dinner on a cruise along the Han river at night? The Eland Han River Cruise is a unique way to discover Seoul and enjoy the city’s beautiful scenery. Start off at Yeouido Dock and pass by 63 building, N Seoul Tower, Banpodaegyo Bridge, Konghang Train Bridge, Jamsil Olympic Stadium, and the famous Yanghwa Bridge – perfect for some Seoul sightseeing.

While onboard, sit back and relax as a live band serenades you, providing a great soundtrack to your sightseeing cruise. The foods have a wide selection among seafood, Italian cuisine, ribs, and more at the buffet! Your kids will really enjoy this trip with the foods that they can eat!


Planning the trip to Seoul is not too difficult when you have children since this is a mixed city between cultural and modern life. You can let the kids have much fun in theme parks today and let them discover the history then enjoy pure nature tomorrow. If the kids are rich in imagination (almost them also the same), there are many amusing museums for them to explore. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your Korea trip with kids. Let’s arrange and start your vacation right now!