10 Best Family Hotels & Resorts in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the significant travel destinations in Japan after the capital of the country, Tokyo. In general, the prices and life in Osaka totally different from Tokyo. If Tokyo is bustling, Osaka has its own imprint with high-and-low notes in daily life between modern and tradition. People love to call Osaka like ‘a nation kitchen’ in Japan with all the gastronomy in strong its characteristic. Hence, Osaka is an amazing city for a family trip. There are numerous things to do in Osaka with kids. Besides that, Osaka is cheaper than Tokyo in any fields, the life cost, the entertainment expenses, and also the hotels’ price. Therein, a lot of good family hotels in Osaka with affordable are ready to serve your family. And, we love to share some tips that may help you to find the best suitable one and save more for your budget.

The Best Time To Visit Osaka

The weather in Osaka is mild, thus, you could visit Osaka at any time in the year as you wish. However, in order to have a great time on your trip. You should avoid the wintertime when it isn’t too cold but it’s hard for traveling with kids. Whereby, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Osaka when the weather is warm and cool. Therein, it should be from March to May for springtime and from September to November for autumn time.

The Best Area To Stay in Osaka

When traveling in Japan regardless of your stay is anywhere, you need to choose an area that is near the train or subway to help you easier in the transfer. Since the car rental price in Japan is quite high and it will save more for you when you use public transportation. Because of those reasons, the neighborhood with convenient transport is one of the top priorities for you.

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Umeda or you may know it with named Kita area is the center of Osaka. This neighborhood concentrates major transport of the city and it’s very easy to go around the city when staying here. Thus, Umeda is the best area to stay in Osaka for those who visit this city for the first time and family-friendly. Umeda is also a hub of shopping, food, and modern buildings with a lot of malls or department stores. Besides that, if you plan to visit the other areas in the Kansai zone like Kyoto or Nara during your trip, you should stay here. Since Umeda is very near the Shin-Osaka area where you must go there to use Shinkansen JR to go to any other cities in Japan like Tokyo. Therein, Umeda station and Osaka station are two of the destinations that many family tourists love to stay near there.

Namba is another best area to stay in Osaka for young people and solo travel. If you love the lively, bustling, and nightlife with plenty of street food stalls, Namba will be the best place. As the same as Umeda, Namba also has a lot of major public transportation and you can go anywhere in the city from here. There are three minor areas that belong to Namba and are loved by almost all tourists including Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, and Nippombashi. These three areas are good for those who love food, shopping, dynamic things, and nightlife activities.

Besides that, the Midosuji is the main subway line that is quite common in Osaka since it connects Umeda, Namba, and also Shin-Osaka. Hence, staying near this subway line or any subway station in this line is the most convenient for everyone.

The Best Family Hotels in Osaka

1. RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka

This is a typical hotel in the best family hotels in Osaka that should be chosen to stay. The hotel located in the CBD area of Osaka – Umeda that is very convenient to go anywhere by public transportation.

It’s near right the Nakanoshima Station and only 15 minutes walk to Shin-Fukushima Station. Also, it isn’t far from the Tenjinsha Shrine and Koyaji Temple. You can easily find convenience stores and restaurants around this area. They also have a restaurant on-site that serves Japanese cuisine.

Whereas, the services are fantastic for those who plan to visit Osaka with kids. The hotel offers family rooms that feature free WiFi and many activities for a family trip. You can request kids’ meals if your kids don’t like the kids-friendly buffet with their parents. Besides that, there are many options to enjoy your free time with kids such as karaoke or kids’ club. Sometimes, the hotel has a few temporary art galleries and you can enjoy them for free. For those who would like to drive their own car, the car parking site costs JPY 1,500 per day.

2. Hotel Granvia Osaka – JR Hotel Group

Granvia Osaka hotel located right away from JR Osaka Train Station – one of the main transactions in Osaka city. That is the reason that this hotel has an excellent location where you can easily go to any place in Osaka. It’s also very near the subway Umeda Station, you can walk there in 7 minutes. Besides that, there are many supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants that stretch along with this neighborhood. You definitely find anything that you need in a few notes.

As the same as other family hotels in Osaka, their family rooms are spacious enough and the rooms are featured soundproof to avoid noise. The WiFi is offered for free and there are three restaurants on-site with Japanese, French, and steak taste. However, the minus point is the parking lot, there is no car parking and if you plan to drive, you shouldn’t choose this hotel.

3. The Royal Park Canvas Osaka Kitahama

Located near the the Kitahama Train Station and easily to go Naniwabashi Train Station in only 10 minutes walk, this there stars hotel is one of the good choice for you. In particular, from this hotel, you can go to Mitama Shrine and Hosei-ji Temple in 10 minutes by car. Otherwise, you better should use the public transportation to go there.

Though the hotel can’t provide family rooms, their rooms are set up with soundproof to help you avoid any noise which may disturb your next door. This is one of the top picks for family hotels in Osaka since the Japanese really respect the privacy of people. Besides that, there is a shopping area called Shinsekai Ichiba distance here approximately 20 minutes by train. You should visit here and find some good stuff in affordable. On the other hand, they offer free WiFi, a coffee shop on-site, and a fitness center for all guests. However, there is no car parking, you have to find somewhere to park and pets aren’t allowed to enter this hotel.

4. Best Western Plus Hotel Fino Osaka Kitahama

The main reason that Best Western Plus Hotel appears in the list of family hotels in Osaka is the price. However, we could find the great services after experience and feel that the price is reasonable enough for most of the facilities.

Firstly, the location is excellent where it’s near Kitahama Subway Station and not so far from Sukunahikona Shrine. You could walk there if you don’t mind to walk around 15 minutes. Secondly, they couldn’t provide family rooms since they consider that kid above 6 years old is an adult. The rooms are spacious enough for a maximum of three people. Therein, a family with a little infant or a kid under 14 years old can stay together. The rooms are featured with soundproof and you won’t worry about any noise that may disturb the next room.

Thirdly, though they didn’t mention that they provide kids-friendly meals. Their breakfast buffets are quite kid-friendly and our kids almost love the foods. In rooms, they offer free WiFi, enough amenities like bath stuff or comfort bed sheet. Also, there is a gym room for free and you can warm up any time since it opens 24 hours.

5. Hotel Monterey Osaka

Hotel Monterey Osaka located in Umeda, Osaka – the most central area in the city and also one of the bustling zone at every time. The most advantage of this hotel is the location. It isn’t far from the JR Osaka Train Station (only 5 minutes walk to there). By the way, it’s also near the Nishi Umeda Subway Station if you would like to know. This area is suitable for those who love shopping or would plan their trip with shopping hunters. Herbis Plaza is very near that you can walk there in a few minutes (only 200m from the hotel). Also, some supermarkets and convenience stores stretch along this area and you can find anything easier.

Regarding the services, as the same as other family hotels in Osaka, a soundproof room is provided for you when check-in. Besides that, your kids can enjoy a kid-friendly buffet in their restaurant. You also can use the fitness center for free and the operation time will be advised when you check in. However, some things that you should note include a car parking fee at JPY 2,000 per day and a cot fee rental is JPY 1,200 per kid.

6. Hotel Vischio Osaka by Granvia

The hotel located in an extremely central Osaka position and the transport is quite convenient when staying here. It’s only 5 minutes walk to the Umeda Train Station and also 8 minutes walk to Osaka Train Station. This hotel is strongly suitable for those families who would like to use public transportation during their trip since the car parking fee is high at JPY 4,000 per day.

Though this isn’t the best hotel on the list of family hotels in Osaka, the services and the price are considered reasonable for a family trip in Japan. Therein, the rooms are enough to serve a young family with a kid under 7 years old or 4 members in a family with one kid under 7 years old. The hotel can’t provide a crib or cot, but you have options for a soundproof room. Most Japanese respect privacy and avoid disturbing strange people. Besides that, their breakfast buffet is quite kid-friendly and it’s good for kids from 4 to 12 years old. There is a spa on-site with a steam room that you could enjoy during wintertime.

7. Namba Oriental Hotel

Wonderful! This is the first wording in our minds when we first step into this hotel. They have an amazing garden and suddenly, we thought that we are in a Medieval European garden. Obviously, this isn’t the unique reason to list this hotel as one of the family hotels in Osaka. There are other reasons to make us like this place.

Firstly, the location is the best! It’s only 5 minutes walk to Namba Train Station and also Nippombashi Train Station. Also, Hozen-Ji Temple and Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum around this area within 500m only. You can walk there or use the train if you want. Secondly, they offer a kid-friendly buffet and free WiFi in all rooms. Besides that, the view of the garden is fantastic and you shouldn’t miss out on a moment to enjoy this garden. However, there is one minus point that you should note. If your kids from 0-6 years old, breakfast is free for them. But, if the kids from 7-12 years old will be charged JPY 990 for breakfast per kid per day. You should aware of these fees.

8. Hotel Royal Classic Osaka

This hotel located in Namba – one of the bustling areas in Osaka that is quite popular for most tourists. If you love the modern style in the middle of the noisy neighborhood, this hotel is a great choice for you! It’s listed on the top of family hotels in Osaka for Namba area and it’s suitable for a family with kids under 14 years old.

The main concept of this hotel borrows little details from Osaka Castle in their decoration for the exterior. It caused you to feel a bit classical outside but very luxurious and elegant when you step over the gate. Whereas, the location is one of the plus points of this hotel. It’s easy to use public transport since it’s right away from the Osaka Namba Train Station. Also, the famous Kuromon Market distance only 15 minutes walk from here. Hence, this will help you to save more for the car parking fee (about JPY 2500 per day). Anyway, you are in Japan – the country with the whole convenience by train, you should use the train.

Let mentioned the services, their family rooms are set up with soundproof and free WiFi with full amenities. Sometimes, they hold some temporary art gallery on-site and you would have a chance to attend. For kids, they offer a buffet with kid-friendly meals and some delicious foods in their restaurant. However, you should note that kids above 7 years old will be considered as an adult and the fee for rent a crib is JPY 3,630 per kid per night.

9. Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka-Namba

Another hotel located in the Namba area deserves to be one of the typical family hotels in Osaka for you to consider. Regarding the location, it could be great when it takes only 7 minutes to walk to Osaka Namba Train Station and 10 minutes to JR Namba Station by walk. It takes around 10 minutes to drive by car to Osaka Castle or approximately 15 minutes there by train.

Besides that, the hotel offers a kid-friendly buffet and family rooms with free WiFi set up in each room. As the same as some family hotels in Osaka, pets aren’t allowed to enter the hotel. Also, there is no car parking and this hotel isn’t suitable for those who would like to rent a car during the trip.

10. Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

This is a four stars hotel located in Umeda – the heart of Osaka and also the center of entertainment for tourists. From this area, you only take 5 minutes to walk to the Umeda Subway Station and the Osaka Train Station. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry! The Catholic Osaka Umeda Church and Umeda Sky Building also around that area, and you can walk there or take a bus. The hotel is new and has a very nice restaurant on-site that serve dishes from many cuisines.

Regarding the services, they offer a very nice room decoration that featured soundproof and clean space. One of the special points that compared to other family hotels in Osaka is the garden. That should be a gorgeous place and you have time to enjoy the fresh air over there all your stay. Besides that, there is some information that you should aware of. The car parking fee is JPY 3,000 per day and a free fitness center for all guests that available anytime.

In general, most family hotels in Osaka are quite simple in their services. Therein, soundproof rooms are one of the musts for hotels in Japan since privacy is very important here. Besides that, the price of hotels in Japan a bit higher than other destinations in Asia and there aren’t more outdoor activities that you could attend. However, to be a comfort zone and family-friendly, most hotels in Osaka provide good conditions for all their guests. Hope that these tips may help you to find a suitable hotel for your family.