10 Best Things To Do in Kyoto, Japan with Kids

There is not the same as Tokyo either Osaka, Kyoto has its own imprint in the heart of everyone who has been here. Kyoto does not buzz like Tokyo or taciturn like Osaka, the former imperial capital is a cultural experience that your mind will never forget. A family trip to Kyoto caused you much thinking about what to do with your kids in this city and does this place suitable for children? You will be surprised when finding out a lot of exciting things to do with your kids and family here. Let’s start your journey right now!
You can visit Kyoto at any time of year because the weather is temperate. However, If you want to know the best time to visit Kyoto, that should be October – November (fall) and March-May (spring). In summer (June-August) the weather is hot and humid, cold in winter (December-February), they have rainy season goes from mid-June to late July, but it does not rain every day and you can travel. If this is a family trip, you should avoid the rainy season and winter to keep your kids healthier and hassle-free to play.


1. Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower
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This is a different experience with other towers either Tokyo or Osaka where you can see a lot of buildings from the observation deck. With Kyoto Tower, from the Observation Deck, 100 meters above ground offering views to famous Kyoto sightseeing spots such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Toji Temple, and Chion-in Temple and even as far as Osaka on a clear day! Kyoto Tower is an iconic sight towering over the heart of central Kyoto. A beautiful time to visit would be at sunset, around 7:00 pm during the summer and 5:00 pm in winter. You can arrange your family time to visit Kyoto Tower at this time to let the kids enjoy the best moment of the spectacular view.


2. Nijo Castle and Ninomaru Palace

Nijo Castle and Ninomaru Palace
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When you are traveling to Kyoto, remember to visit one of Kyoto’s world-famous UNESCO World Heritage sites Nijo Castle and Ninomaru Palace. Let learn about the history of Japan as you wander around the castle and the palace’s vast grounds with your loved ones. This is a useful trip not only for the kids but also for parents who want to explore more about the Edo Period in Japan. Moreover, you can stroll down at the beautiful garden with the blooming flowers around the palace’s and traditional Japanese garden.


3. RAN KYOTO Japanese Traditional Music Show

RAN KYOTO Japanese Traditional Music Show
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The best way to discover the culture of the land is from a traditional performance. Therefore, RAN KYOTO Japanese Traditional Music Show was given to you who want to learn more about Japanese culture. And the best part here is you can bring along your kids to enjoy the show, if your kids from 0-5 years old, they are free of charge. At the RAN KYOTO Music Show, audiences can expect to be swept off their feet by spectacular musical performances that touch traditional Japan to postmodern Japan. Unique renditions of both classic Japanese folk and pop songs will be played all night by talented musicians, so feel free to let your kids singing and dancing to the beat of the music. What a fabulous night with your loved ones!


4. Kyoto Railway Museum

Kyoto Railway Museum
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Almost the kids will like the train, that is quaint but it is true. You can check with your kids or you definitely know that. Kyoto has this amazing museum, it called the Kyoto Railway Museum – where you can see the railway system in action as train models run along replica tracks. Japan is quite famous in one-of-countries has the fastest trains in the world, and this is a chance for your family to learn more about the fascinating train and railway history of Japan. Your kids will be more excited when they can step into the shoes of professional train conductors with fun training simulator during your visit. If you want to explore more about the steam locomotives to Shinkansen bullet trains, take a closer look at the museum’s collection of railway vehicles.


5. Sagano Romantic Train

Sagano Romantic Train
From https://www.jnto.go.jp/
If you think that just take a look or control a train simulator is not satisfied with your children. Why don’t you giving them a chance to try Sagano Romantic Train? This is a one way trip from Kameoka Station to Saga Station in 25 min train ride through one of the most scenic routes in Japan with outstanding natural scenery. Depend on the time you visit, you will see cherry blossom trees in full bloom in spring, a landscape cloaked with rich red maple trees in fall, and luscious green panoramas in summer, or see a snowy wonderland in winter. if your family wants to visit Sagano Bamboo Forest Path, you can get off at Arashiyama Station. What a convenience for your trip!


6. Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium
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Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean where the people prefer most of the products from the sea and conservation of the marine is also a part of their mission. Kyoto Aquarium is the house of many species of fish that can be found all over the world. Also where to bring up the knowledgeable for your kids about the marine lifeforms, interactive events are often held inside! They’ll surely have a fun time learning all about the wonders of the sea. There are also dolphins show in the aquarium and your kid will have the opportunity to watch them perform with the museum staff.


7. Arashiyama, Kinkakuji Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine

From https://www.insidekyoto.com/
Traveling to Kyoto without visiting temples or the famous Arashiyama with bamboo grove will be an incomplete trip. Therefore, your family could not miss the trip to Arashiyama, Kinkakuji Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine for revel in the tranquil atmosphere of the gorgeous nature surrounding it. Your first stop is the Arashiyama District of Kyoto, where you’ll be able to take a wonderful stroll through the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and marvel at the towering bamboo stalks that make up a good chunk of the landscape. You’ll also visit what is considered to be the most important Zen temple known as the Tenryu-ji Temple. There, you can romp around its beautiful gardens while getting breathtaking views of the landscape. This tour is suitable for the whole family who are interested in architecture and nature lovers.


8. Kyoto Higashiyama Rickshaw

Kyoto Higashiyama Rickshaw
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Rickshaw is called “Shafu” in Japanese. Each “Shafu” goes through an extensive training program focused on safety, hospitality, and of course the history and culture of the town and Japan. You should try rickshaw with your kids in Kyoto! There are two areas that are available for a Rickshaw tour. You need to choose between Arashiyama (the beautiful bamboo forest) or Higashiyama (Old timely Kyoto village). Higashiyama, riding through the narrow streets, along with the wooden houses and traditional shops of old Kyoto, the rickshaw rides are a perfect way to tour the majesty of Higashiyama whilst also treating a loved one in style. Arashiyama, send you to pass through the bamboo grove to marvel the beauty of bamboo stalks and breath the fresh air. You should bring along your kids’ passport since elementary school and pre-school children under the age of 6 are free of charge.


9. Ninja VR Experience

Ninja VR Experience
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Ninjas figured prominently in legend and folklore, where they were associated with legendary abilities such as invisibility, walking on water and control over the natural elements. When you are in Japan, this is a chance to take a challenge like a real ninja in the Ninja VR Experience. You kids will feel excited about the world of ninjas through premium VR technology and learn how to throw shurikens and use a ninja blowgun! By the end of it, you’ll be skilled enough to defeat a horde of ninjas. Rest assured that no one is too young to be a ninja. Therefore, you can enjoy together with your kids and take some unique photos here with your family.


10. Tower Terrace

Tower Terrace Kyoto
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Japan – the wonderland with fresh foods come from the sea and healthy veggies from the high quality of farms. That caused you should stop by at Tower Terrace in Kyoto Tower Hotel and savor delicious and healthy food paired with an awesome view of the city, all at an amazing price! Let’s try Japanese cuisine in the restaurant’s cozy yet elegant interior as you look through the large windows and admire the bustling city during the day and the stunning skyline at night. If you are not really familiar with Japan foods, there is a lot of choice for you in Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, as well as the seasonal veggie bar and their healthy menu. The kids may like the color of this buffet and eat more than normal since the decoration will make you feel peace and easy to enjoy your meal. Enjoy your night on a sweet note by sampling Tower Terrace’s selection of cakes and other sweets!
Kyoto – a peaceful land where has many temples and shrines to show the highlight of Japanese culture. Making a trip to Kyoto with your family will be so different from another trip when you can skip the theme park and human-made sightseeing. In Kyoto, your kids will have an unforgettable trip to explore culture, nature, and history. Let’s spend your family trip to Kyoto and create the best memories with your loved ones.

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