10 Best Family Hotels In Munich, Germany

Germany doesn’t have only Berlin or Hamburg, Munich is one of the great lands for the family. Also, it doesn’t only have the renowned Bayern Munchen football club, there are numerous things to do in Munich with kids. Hence, it’s easy to find any good family hotels in Munich in a few notes! However, it will help you save time and informative than if you know some tips to plan your trip perfectly.

The Best Time To Visit Munich

Munich has a temperate climate with full seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Therefore, the best time to visit Munich should be in Spring and Autumn. It’s also well-time in autumn since there is a big festival called Oktoberfest that will be held from late September to early October. During this time, most of the hotels in Munich in full book status, and you may need to book in advance for at least one year. This is also considered the peak season of Munich. Besides that, from March to May is the best time to travel to Munich since the weather is warm and cold that is ideal for outdoor activities. The crowds may less than and you can visit Munich with kids at this time.

The Best Area To Stay in Munich

In general, the lifestyle in Munich is quite expensive when comparing to other destinations in Europe. Hence, when you choose this city is your next place, you may prepare strong budget to help you enjoy your vacation smoothly. In order to save more, you may choose some of the areas or locations far away nad don’t need them in centre of the city. Since the attractions and things to do are stretch along the city and the traffic systems are good, you don’t need to worry much about the location. Nonetheless, we still list out some points of interest for you to reference and choose the best suitable for your family.

map of Munich city center

From: https://www.gohelpy.eu/

Since Munich is the third largest city in Germany, this is a wide city that including total 25 districts. But, the local people love to call by the traditional names of each area like a habit. Therefore, to be easy for you when walking around and searching, we will summarize them by the local name. For travelers, there are five areas in the city center that people love to stay and also it’s convenient for them to transfer.

Altstadt (an old city)

This neighborhood located in district 1 and also one of the luxurious areas in Munich. Most travelers will stay here when they visiting Munich in the first time. Absolutely, the hotels’ rate in this area is quite expensive and not easy to reserve during the festivals or peak season. Besides that, this place is very convenient for sightseeing, shopping, or visiting some of the old heritages like churches, old architecture buildings. Hence, there are many good family hotels in Munich that located in this area and the price would be high if you don’t book in advance before the trip at least three months.


Next to Altstadt is Maxvorstadt, and this is a pretty familiar place for those who been here to study. There are plenty of universities in this region and most of foreign students may know this place very well. Therefore, the lifestyle in Maxvorstadt is quite young, dynamic, and vibrant. This is the best place for the nightlife and some academic attractions like museums, art galleries, or bars and cafes. All in one area, you may enjoy the style, strolling down along the streets and try some streetfood in the afternoon. The family hotels here isn’t more, so, the price isn’t so high, it’s approximate middle range.


This area located on the North of Munich (above Altstadt and Maxvorstadt). The area isn’t so crowded if compare to the other two districts above. In spite of it isn’t in the center and it empty attractions, there are many pubs, cafes, and boutique shops along the streets. From here, you can easy to use public transportation to go other areas. Hence, the hotels’ price here is quite low and if you are lucky, you may find the best deal in weekday.


Located on the South of Altstadt is Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt. This area is home of the famous Oktoberfest festival and will become very crowded during September and October. According to some of comments, this area isn’t expensive if you book on the time not from Sep to Oct (of course). However, to be honest, if you visit Munich during the festival time, you may not able to book the rooms in this area since all are full book. There is a very perfectly train systems in this area (Eurail) for those who would like to travel out of the Germany. Besides that, there are plenty of beer clubs, restaurants, and craft beer stores for you to stop and taste.


Right next to Ludwigsvorstadt is Au-Haidhausen. This area isn’t have much special things, but it is quite family-friendly with many budget hotels in Munich that could help you solve your budget problem. Also, there are many restaurants, food stalls, and bistros around this area. One of the significant things here is the very nice cafes along the Isar River. Don’t forget to visit some old architecture and discover an old lifestyle in some of old houses still maintain until today.

The Best Family Hotels in Munich

1. Hotel Bayerischer Hof

As mentioned above, the hotel rate in Altstadt is very high if compared to the other destinations in Munich. Hence, the price in Bayerischer Hof is fairly high. However, if you look into the conditions and facilities, you will agree that it deserves to be one of the best family hotels in Munich.

First of all, the location is exceptional when it’s right in the heart of an old city. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to Frauenkirche Munich and the oldest street Kaufingerstrasse. Whereby, the neighborhood is excellent while it only 5 minutes walk to the Marienplatz Metro Station. Also, Hofbräuhaus Munich is only 10 minutes walk and the area is full of restaurants and cafes within 1 km.

Regarding the facilities, there is an elegant and charming interior decoration style in every corner of this hotel. The rooms are airy with stunning views from the balcony and featured kids’ TV channels. For the kids, you can request kids’ meal or babysitting services with an extra fee. Besides that, there is a pool, a fitness center, and a steam room/hot tub for free. Meanwhile, the hotel has five restaurants on-site and an amazing terrace where you can enjoy coffee in the morning or chill out with a glass of wine in the evening. This is a pet-friendly hotel and you can check with the staff whether they apply any limited conditions for the pets.

2. Platzl Hotel

Another hotel located in Altstadt with a budget price that is suitable for those who would like to stay in the old city but a cheaper price. Although Platzl Hotel doesn’t offer a swimming pool and family rooms, the rooms are enough space for a couple with a baby.

However, one of the reasons to bring this hotel appears on the list of family hotels in Munich is location. You can easy to walk to almost the major sightseeing in Munich. Therein, Alter Hof, Hofbräuhaus Munich, and Frauenkirche Munich in just a 10 – 15 minutes walk. There are two restaurants on-site and they offer excellent breakfast that you may try. Meanwhile, the price is cheaper if compared to other ones in Munich and the conditions are quite good. There is a free fitness center for all guests and free bottled water in each room. Besides that, this is a pet-friendly hotel and you may check with them whether any extra fee applies.

3. Novotel Muenchen City Arnulfpark

Located in Maxvorstadt, the great area for those who would like to look for the best family hotels in Munich at a good price. Novotel Muenchen City Arnulfpark has a great location where is only 10 minutes walk to Donnersbergerbrücke Train Station. Although the location isn’t so near to the main attractions, it’s easy to transfer by public transportation. You also can drive your own car since the parking fee is only EUR 18 per day.

Meanwhile, they offer spacious family rooms with soundproof and free WiFi. For the kids, there is a library, indoor playground, and some books, DVDs for kids. Besides that, you can request kids’ meals with a small charge and baby safety gates in the room. By the way, don’t forget to enjoy a fitness center for free and an excellent breakfast that included in your booking price.

4. Citadines Arnulfpark Munich

This is a condo-hotel located in Arnulfpark district – one of the urban districts in Munich. It can say the advantage of this area is public transportations where you can easily access any train, subway stations in just 5 – 10 minutes walk. Also, there is a car parking lot at a cost of EUR 19 per day.

Besides that, the services are quite good as it isn’t loser than other family hotels in Munich. They offer family rooms that featured soundproof and provide a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old. Also, you can pay an extra fee for the babysitting/child services that are available when requested. By the way, they have a free fitness center for every guest and allow pets, you can check whether any charge applies for pets.

5. Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel

If you choose a hotel in Munich not because of the services but the decoration also one of your criteria, we have a five stars design for you.

Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel is an extremely fabulous hotel in decoration style located in the heart of Maxvorstadt. You will find out elegant, charming, and warm in this hotel. Meanwhile, the services are on top of the best family hotels in Munich that are voted by parents. Therein, they have a very nice indoor pool and a great gym room that offer for everyone. The family rooms are featured soundproof and have kids’ TV channels, a free crib also will be provided for kids from 0-3 years old.

Besides that, their international buffet is quite kid-friendly, yet, you still can request kids’ meals with an extra fee if you want. Also, in the public area, there are some books, board games, puzzle games for kids to enjoy during their spare time. Sometimes, there are some temporary art gallery will be held in the hotel and you may attend with a small discount for guests.

6. Pullman Munich Hotel

Since Pullman Munich Hotel located in Schwabing, the price is quite affordable with the great services. First of all, this hotel has a very convenient location where you can travel around the city with public transportation. The nearest subway is Nordfriedhof Metro Station and there is a car parking area at EUR 24 per day. You can either use the subway for transfer or drive your own car.

Secondly, the services are quite family-friendly while they offer family rooms that are featured soundproof and babysitting services (with extra fees). Therein, you can request kids’ meals, enjoy your free time at a garden or terrace with a cup of tea. Even though this isn’t the best choice for family hotels in Munich, it still offers enough services for a family vacation at a very economical price. Besides that, don’t forget to use a fitness center since it’s free for everyone during working hours. However, there is no free crib for kids and you must pay for an extra bed if you need it (EUR 45 per person per night).

7. Munich Marriott Hotel

Munich Marriott Hotel located in a very convenient location where you only take 10 minutes walk to the Nordfriedhof Metro Station. There are many underground stations and metro stations in within 2 km from this hotel. By the way, they also offer a parking lot that costs EUR 25 per day means you can drive your own car. Besides that, the reason to bring this hotel appear on the list of family hotels in Munich are services and prices. In spite of it’s allocated in Schwabing area, the prices is considered affordable for all the services that you can experience here! There is a pool, a fitness center, and a very nice garden that offer free for all guests.

Meanwhile, the family rooms are spacious and airy that can accommodate a crib (offer free for kids 0-2 years old) when you requested. Also, this is a pet-friendly hotel and you should check with them regarding any terms for your pets (if any). They have three restaurants on-site and you can choose to enjoy any taste that you want, otherwise, pay extra only EUR 18 per person for your breakfast.

8. Novotel Muenchen City Hotel

Located in Au-Haidhausen – the best family friendly area in Munich, Novotel Muenchen City Hotel offers great services at economy price. Though Au-Haidhausen area have nothing special but it’s still attractive many family. It’s very near Isar River and convenient to go Deutsches Museum in 10 minutes walk. Besides that, you easily to find some small stalls or convenience stores within 1.5 km. Meanwhile, the hotel provide enough needed services for a family trip such as an indoor pool, a gym room, and one restaurant on-site.

As the same as other family hotels in Munich, they offer kids’ meals with an extra charge and allow pets with some limited terms that you may check with the staff. By the way, there is a very comfortable garden and a game room that are suitable for both adults and kids to enjoy.

9. Hilton Garden Inn Munich City West

It couldn’t say that this is one of the best family hotels in Munich, yet, it still acceptable for most families with infants or kids under 10 years old.

Though Hilton Garden Inn located in Maxvorstadt, the price is affordable and suitable for those who want to save more during your trip. This is a new hotel with a convenient location where you can easily go around the city by train (the nearest station is Donnersbergerbrücke Train Station). There is a car parking place that costs only EUR 22 per day.

Meanwhile, they offer family rooms with free WiFi and bottles of water every day. For the kids, you can request kids’ meals with an extra fee or let them enjoy with you at a restaurant on-site. In spite of they don’t have a swimming pool, they have a gym room for free, it opens 24 hours. By the way, don’t forget to relax in their garden and bring your pets together since they allow pets entry at a small charge.

10. Mozart Apartment Munchen

Among thousands of family hotels in Munich, you may concern whether any private space with affordable price for your family? The answer is yes. If you think that you would like to save more for your trip, yet still want to stay in a great place as the same as a normal hotel.

Mozart Apartment Munchen is the best choice! Located in Ludwigsvorstadt, this is a very nice apartment with a city view that includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. It’s suitable for a family max. of 4 members with two kids or 3 adults. Meanwhile, the location is really convenient when it’s near many restaurants and easy to reach out to an open square Theresienwiese. It’s also near Goetheplatz Metro Station and the Bavaria Statue. Besides that, there is street parking or another parking place near there that costs EUR 6 per day. Also, you can request an extra bed or a crib for free if you inform the host in advance. They will try to give you as more comfortable as possible!

In general, the hotels’ rate in Munich is quite high and it may full-book at the peak season. You must reserve in advance at least 2 months if you would like to seek for the best price and great services. Numerous good family hotels in Munich offer great deals for book in advance. Hence, we are here to help you sum up some good hotels and you may choose the best one to reserve before your family trip. Let’s make your trip easier and save more with some of above tips. Enjoy your vacation time!