10 Best Family Hotels & Resorts in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay – a small island with long white beaches and many brighten resorts for a perfect family trip. If you are looking for the top beach destinations in the world for your next journey, Boracay should the one. There are plenty of things to do in Boracay with kids that you can’t miss out on. Besides that, the family hotels in Boracay are another reason to bring your kids here for the whole year’s vacation. Not only summer, any time that you want to escape from your familiar places, but you can also visit this island to enjoy your family time. Hence, we may give you some recommendations for well organize your trip to Boracay with kids.

The Best Time To Visit Boracay

Even though the climate in Boracay is quite simple with only two seasons: dry and rainy. However, there is some information that you should note for a perfect plan. Therein, the dry season will run from November to April and this is the best time to visit Boracay. At this period time, the weather is stable and the temperature with approximately 30-celsius degrees outside. It’s too convenient for outdoor activities and some water sports with a clear sky and a mild sea.

On the other hand, the rainy season from May to October is quite boring when heavy rain may extend a whole day from July to August. Sometimes, there are typhoons in September and the weather is very humid in June. Therefore, it can say that Boracay isn’t suitable to visit during the summertime, but it’s good to go in winter and springtime.

The Best Area To Stay In Boracay

As the same with other islands in the Philippines like Cebu or Bohol, the best area to stay in Boracay should be along the beach. There are many beaches on this small island, but the most central beach is the White Beach which is the most favorite place for tourists. The White Beach divide into 3 stations including Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. The reason they call those areas like this because of the order stop point of the boat from the mainland to this island. Therefore, you can define these areas by the order from one to three like the North, Center, and South.

Station 1

This area is one of the best places for most of the luxury family hotels and resorts in Boracay. The price is highest if compared between 3 areas and best conditions for everyone. The beach here is quite clear, shallow, and quiet. Since the price is a bit high then there is no crowded and it’s suitable for those who would like to enjoy a private space. However, if you love the dynamic and nightlife, you may consider Station 2.

Station 2

It can say that Station 2 is good for everyone from the couples to the family guests. This area looks like the center of the beach with many good family hotels in Boracay and the price is reasonable. Also, the area is a hub of shopping on this island where you can easy to find many malls, stalls, or street foods. It’s too crowded in the peak season and very bustling at night with numerous bars, pubs, and restaurants. However, the beach here so crowded and not clear enough for swimming but it’s good for some water sports.

Station 3

The Station 3 area has the deepest beach area and a bit close to nature. There is a small lush along the area and less crowded than the station 1 and 2. Because of this reason, the price for hotels and resorts here is quite budget and most backpackers love this place. However, this area also has some good family resorts with an economic price for the family if you want to relax on a calm beach under the sun.

The Best Family Hotels in Boracay

1. Henann Crystal Sands Resort

Henann Crystal Sands Resort is always on the top pick of good family hotels in Boracay for a family vacation. Most of the guests love this property because of the location. Located in Station 1, Henann owns a long beach that is quite peaceful and relaxing. It’s near most of the major shopping malls on the island. Besides that, there is an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a very nice garden that offers for free. Regarding the rooms, they are spacious, airy, clean with the elegant decoration. You can request a room with a balcony toward the pool view and enjoy the sunlight every morning. There is no parking lot but they offer an airport shuttle with a small surcharge.

2. Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay Managed by HII

One of the best things about this hotel and resort is an architecture, the decoration is extremely great! It makes you feel cold and comfortable at the first glance. Meanwhile, the services and conditions deserve to be on the top of family hotels in Boracay.

The hotel features a very beautiful outdoor swimming pool and a cozy public area. Family rooms are quite spacious, airy, and comfortable beds. Besides that, there is an indoor play area for kids and one game room for everyone. Also, they provide some puzzle games or board games in the public area that you and your kids can enjoy while having a rest. There are a restaurant and bar on-site, you can request kids’ meals for an extra fee. On the other hand, a jacuzzi/hot tub and a fitness center will be offered free to everyone during working hours. Don’t forget to enjoy a garden and terrace here with a cup of tea during the afternoon in a very chill-out atmosphere.

3. Ambassador in Paradise

Ambassador has a very nice exterior view with an outdoor swimming pool and an amazing garden. The location is one of the reasons make this place appears in the list of family hotels in Boracay. It’s right away at station 1 of the island and has a front beach which is quite clean and peaceful. This hotel & resort is suitable for those who want to escape from the bustling and enjoy the peaceful sea under the shadow of coconut shade.

Although the family rooms have nothing special but enough space for a family of up to 4 members. Besides that, they have a kid pool and a game room for kids. Also, there are numerous outdoor activities for adults such as boating, diving, fishing, or snorkeling. Meanwhile, there is car parking for free or you can rent a bicycle with a small charge to cycling around the island by yourself.

4. Feliz Hotel Boracay Managed by Enderun Hotels

Feliz Hotel is a new build-up hotel in 2019 and has a classic interior that makes you feel warm and cozy. The hotel located in the heart of station 2 and only 5 minutes walk to the D’mall – a popular shopping center in Boracay. Also, it’s very near Bulabog Beach where you can find any water sports to attend or just lie down on the white sand for relaxing.

The family rooms feature a bathtub and a flat TV with cable channels with a maximum of 4 people in a room. Besides that, there is an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a hot tub that offer free for all guests. Meanwhile, the foods at the restaurant are great and you should enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the bar on the terrace with a very nice view toward the sea. It may not the best one among the family hotels in Boracay but the staff and the way they are taking care of their guest is quite good. Hence, when you traveling with your kids this may the attitude that you need.

5. Fairways and Bluewater Boracay

Fairways and Bluewater Boracay is a super nice resort located in Station 1 that features 6 swimming pools and a long beachfront. The location is quite suitable for those who love to stay in a private and relaxing place. If you would like to go around the island, they have a rental service or shuttle bus with an extra fee. The parking lot and WiFi are free for all guests.

As the same as other family hotels in Boracay, they have many elegant family rooms that feature kids’ TV channels. For the kids, they offer kid-friendly buffets and you also can order kids’ meals with a surcharge if you want. For entertainment, there is a kids’ club, a kids’ playground, and also a game room that your kids definitely will love them. Not only for kids, but the parents also have their own things to do such as bars, restaurants, live music, snorkeling, or pool table with an extra charge. Only one thing you should note that the crib isn’t free, it costs about PHP 800 per kid per night (from 0-2 years old) and PHP 1,800 for an extra bed.

6. The Lind Boracay

It would be a deficiency if don’t list this hotel in the list of best family hotels in Boracay. What we love at The Lind Boracay is a very gorgeous exterior with an amazing garden and a very nice swimming pool. This hotel located in Station 1 of the island in a very convenient area which is near Diniwid Beach. There are two restaurants on-site and distance around 16 minutes walk to the center of the island.

Besides that, they offer many great services for the family such as family rooms, kids’ meals (with an extra fee), and kids club. By the way, there are some books, music, or board games for kids in the public area. Also, you can request babysitting services at a small charge. However, there is no parking lot on-site and they can’t provide a crib for free, only able to offer an extra bed with a cost of PHP 2,500 per one per night.

7. Jony’s Boutique Hotel

If you love the boutique-style, small, warm, but elegant, this is a great place for you. Jony’s Boutique Hotel isn’t a big hotel and also not an expensive hotel. It’s very affordable and convenient which is in Station 1 with only 5 minutes walk to White Beach and D’Mall Boracay. Although this is a small hotel, it still deserves to appear in this list of family hotels in Boracay. Not because of the price, but also the services and facilities are good for those who have a limited budget.

Therein, they provide family rooms with soundproof and free WiFi. Besides that, they can give you a free crib for kids from 0-1 years old if you mention it when booking. Also, an extra bed will cost PHP 1000 per one per night. Meanwhile, there is a free shuttle service to the jetty port and you should ask the staff about this because most of the time, it is fully booked. Don’t forget to enjoy the breakfast here, it’s delicate especially the Pig-Out Bistro.

8. Calypso Dive Resort

Since most of the family love to choose Station 1 or Station 2, there aren’t many resorts in Station 3. However, this is one of the best ones for those families who would like to stay in Station 3. Calypso Beach and Dive Resort located along White Beach and has the beachfront in just 2 minutes walk across. There are restaurants and cafes within only 500m and you can enjoy anything around here without hassle.

As not loser than other family hotels in Boracay, they have an outdoor swimming pool, pool bar, and also a garden. Besides that, they provide family rooms that featured kids’ TV channels and free WiFi in all rooms. Although this isn’t a fancy resort, most of the services are available at an affordable price. Therein, there are numerous water activities to attend right away on the beachfront such as diving and snorkeling. However, there is no parking available and no complimentary water bottle in the room.

9. Lime Hotel Boracay

Though this hotel located in Station 2 but the neighborhood around is quiet and only five minutes walk to D’Mall Boracay and Bulabog Beach. The reason that this is listed in the family hotels in Boracay because of the family rooms. The rooms are quite clean, comfortable, and airy with views toward the sea from the balcony. Besides that, there is an outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop which is very suitable to enjoy the sunset.

For the kids, they can provide kids’ meals with an extra fee and you should order directly at a restaurant. Also, breakfast includes the room’s rate and it’s OK for everyone. However, there is no parking lot and no water bottle in the rooms.

10. Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa

It is nothing to complain about the Shangri-La group since this is a fancy brand in the world. This hotel & resort should be on the top of the best family hotels in Boracay. However, because of the price and luxury, it become one of our recommendations for those who have a wide budget.

In spite of they aren’t located in the heart of the island, the position is extremely great and gorgeous. The views toward the ocean and very nature with the greens surrounded like a paradise. This place is quite suitable for those who would like to escape from the noise and bustling of metropolitan and to be close to nature.

Meanwhile, they offer spacious family rooms with DVD players and babysitting services. There are many entertainments for kids such as a playground, a kids’club, and also a game room. While adults can enjoy many outdoor activities at the beach, kids also have some indoor things to enjoy like books, music, or board games in a public area. Besides that, they offer a buffet that is quite kid-friendly, yet, you still can order kids’ meals at an extra charge. Also, there are many other services on-site like hot tub/ jacuzzi or spa that you can enjoy during your vacation.

Despite you are looking for a luxury stay or just an economic one in Boracay, you will get the best suitable for your family. There are numerous family hotels in Boracay and it’s quite easy to find a hotel on your holiday with your family. However, you may be lost in a maze of thousands of selections. We try to use our experience, to sum up, and recommend some of the top picks for families that you could consider. Hope this will contribute to bringing you a perfect trip with your kids!