10 Best Family Hotels in Madrid, Spain

The largest city in Spain and also the second crowded city in European Union, Madrid become one of the best places to visit for everyone. As the same as Barcelona, Madrid fascinates people with art, architecture, Latin culture, and also food. There are numerous things to do in Madrid with kids that you couldn’t count. However, because this is the most crowded city in Spain, you may be lost among millions of family hotels in Madrid. Well then, you might need some tips to find the best accommodation at a good price for your next vacation in Madrid. We are here to summarize some information for you. Let’s explore what we could help with!

The Best Time To Visit Madrid

As the same as other cities in Europe, the best time to visit Madrid is in Spring or Autumn. However, the best period time would be from March to May when a lot of festivals and events are held. At this time, the city becomes very bustling, vibrant, and crowded. The hotels’ price is also quite high and most of in full reservation status. You should book in advance (approx. 1 month) if you plan to visit during this time.

On the other hand, from September to November also a good time to travel to Madrid. This is Autumn season where you can visit for sightseeing or shopping before year-end. Surprisingly, the summertime is the most crowded in the year for this city. Though the weather is quite hot and miserable, a lot of people head to Madrid and the queue at most attractions is so long. Hence, if you would like to stay in a tempered climate and without crowded, you can refer to this information and arrange the best time for your family.

The Best Area To Stay In Madrid

Madrid is one of the cities which is strong as a public transportation system. Therefore, if you intend to use public transport during your trip, you won’t need to worry much about the stay area. You only check whether you prefer to visit which places or attractions that are convenient for your family. Most of the key attractions will be located in the center of the city and The Puerta del Sol will be defined as the Km 0 of the radial network of Spanish roads. This is the very popular open square in the center of Madrid and you can assume this place like the central point in Madrid. Based on this, the city center divides into five areas that you can choose one of them, depend on your visit places.

accommodation for family hotels in Madrid

From: https://erasmusmadrid.org/


This is the most central area in Madrid and suitable for those who would like to visit museums, galleries, or the royal palace. Most people choose this area on the first visit to Madrid. The families also love to stay here since this is a very convenient area which is near many restaurants, shops, and metro stations.


Just a few steps from Centro, Lavapiés is one of the bustling areas for nightlife and gastronomy in Madrid. There is nothing special in this area except many tapas bars for those who love this food. Otherwise, you can easy to find clubs, bars, or some small places for drinking. To be honest, this area is cheap but isn’t suitable for families. However, if you don’t mind the noise and many clubs, you can immerse yourself with them for fun!

Paseo del Prado (Retino)

This is the name of the renowned boulevard with a long history in Madrid. The area around this boulevard is kind of suitable for the families’ stay since it’s near most of the famous attractions in Madrid. Most of the attractions within this area are academic such as Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and Reina Sofia Museum.


It can say this is a young area since there are many students come here because of the cafes, restaurants, and some vintage clothing stores. This area has turned to change itself during social development. In the 70s and 80s, this area is one of the frivolous entertainment places for young people with illegal substance use. Nowadays, this kind of entertainment replaced by rock, Grafitti, some hippi style people with strong local style at night. If you would like to deep dive into the young culture, you can stay here or passing by and enjoy a coffee.


This is a colorful area in Madrid. Maybe because of the seven colors of the LGBT flags or just because of the diverse style here. Another nightlife in Madrid with some live music, craft beer, gay clubs, and boutique hotels.

The Best Family Hotels In Madrid

In general, Madrid is an expensive city and has a high rate of hotels price, especially family hotels. However, if comparing to other expensive cities in the EU like Munich or Geneva, the price still a little lower. Hence, we list down some of the family hotels in Madrid that are voted or popular with a family trip to recommend for you.

1. Pestana Plaza Mayor

When mentioned about the best family hotels in Madrid, Pestana Plaza Mayor always appear on the top list. The location is one of an exceptional while talking about the great things from this hotel. Whereby, it’s right next to Plaza Mayor and just a 5 minutes walk to Tirso de Molina Metro Station. It’s also near Gran Via and Royal Palace of Madrid if this two destination appear on your plan. Meanwhile, the family rooms are spacious enough for you to request a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old. Besides that, there are kids’ TV channels that is featured in each room.

Regarding the services, there is an indoor & outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center that offer free for everyone. Also, buffet is quite kid-friendly, otherwise, you can request kids’ meals with an extra fee. On the other hand, you can relax at a very nice terrace and enjoy at a mini-library with your kids. One thing that you should note is the parking fee (EUR 29 per day) if you drive your own car during your trip.

2. NH Collection Madrid Gran Via

At the first, the exterior facade of this hotel was fascinate us, it looks like an old palace in the middle of the city. When we stepped inside, the interior is kind of modern and brightly. In fact, the family rooms aren’t so spacious if comparing to other family hotels in Madrid. However, this hotel offers many things for a family trip such as a free crib for kids 0-2 years old, kids’ meals, and babysitting services.

Besides that, you can rent a bicycle and enjoy a few round surrounding the city center. Also, there is a subway station is right away the hotel called Gran Via Station Metro Station. From here, you can walk to Principe Gran Via Theatre, Gran Via, and Puerta del Sol. Nonetheless, there is no car parking lot and you should consider it when you plan to rent a car in this trip.

3. The Westin Palace, Madrid

In fact, the price at The Westin Palace is considered high rate among a lot of family hotels in Madrid. However, it definitely won’t let you down for all the services and locations. This is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Madrid and a very nice place for a family’s stay. It’s right the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and many key attractions such as Puerta del Sol or Prado Museum. Also, the Antón Martín Metro Station is only 5 minutes walk from the hotel and the car parking fee is EUR 40 per day if you are wondering.

There are spacious family rooms that enough space for you to request a free crib for kids 0-2 years old. Besides that, there are kids-friendly buffets, kids’ TV channels that are set in each room. You also can request kids’ meals if you need a specific for your little ones. Nonetheless, the internet isn’t free, they charge EUR 19 per 24 hours and that should be paid when checking out.

4. Hotel Regente

Hotel Regente has a very sumptuous outlook at the facade, yet, it has a simplicity and minimalism in the interior decoration inside. This makes you feel very comfortable at the first glance. For the services, they quite care about the feelings of their guest. Hence, they arrange family rooms with soundproof and you can request the baby safety gate if you need it. You can request a crib since they offer a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old.

Besides that, the location is the best thing ever for this hotel since it’s right away from the Callao Metro Station and easily to go Gran Via. Whereby, Plaza Mayor and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum isn’t far from this hotel, you actually can walk there. Plus, there are many restaurants, cafes, and food shops along this area. However, as not the same as other family hotels in Madrid, this hotel doesn’t allow pets and if you intend to go with pets, you need to reconsider.

5. Catalonia Atocha Hotel

Catalonia Atocha Hotel located in the Centro area and it’s quite convenient to go to most of the top attractions in Madrid. It’s only a few steps to go to Anton Martin Metro Station and Prado Museum. Also, there are some restaurants and cafes near the hotel that you can easy to drop for a bite.

Although they don’t have a pool like other family hotels in Madrid, a jacuzzi will compensate for you. There is a large jacuzzi on a rooftop and you can enjoy it for free. Meanwhile, the rooms are quite spacious and comfortable which is featured soundproof. Also, you can request a crib for kids 0-1 years old, it’s free! The breakfast buffet costs EUR 17 per person if you don’t book with the room’s rate. However, they are a pet-friendly hotel and there is no car parking on-site. You should know this in order to plan your trip better with suitable accommodation.

6. The Principal Madrid Hotel

Because of the location, The Principal Madrid Hotel is kind of popular for most of the family and couple travelers. Located right the Centro and easily to go the Puerta del Sol and Prado Museum, the hotel has a very convenient position. Meanwhile, they provide spacious family rooms that are featured kids’ TV channels and some book or DVD players for them. Plus, they provide free cribs for kids from 0-2 years old or extra beds for kids from 3-11 years old, you should inform while booking.

Besides that, you can request a babysitting service and kids’ meals with an extra fee. Otherwise, you can let the kids enjoy the buffet with you, it’s kid-friendly. Also, they have a mini-library with some books that are good for kids, and it’s really suitable for your family to enjoy together. As better than other family hotels in Madrid, they also provide a bicycle rental service, you can use this service to cycling around the city. By the way, there is a car parking site which costs EUR 39 per day, you may need this information if you drive your own car.

7. Hotel Palacio Del Retiro

Despite what is your criteria to search for family hotels in Madrid, hotel Palacio del Retiro deserves to be considered. Firstly, the location is number one when it’s right opposite Retiro Park and only 5 minutes walk to Retiro Metro Station. Besides that, it’s quite near many key destinations that family-friendly such as Prado Museum or Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Also, there are many restaurants, cafes and some bistro surrounded.

Secondly, they offer free internet, a fitness center, and a hot tub/sauna for all guests. For the kids, you can request a babysitting service and let them play at the playground. However, they aren’t pet-friendly and can’t provide a free crib for kids. If you plan to drive your own car, there is no car parking on-site, you may park at other places which cost about EUR 38 per day.

8. Riu Plaza España

Riu Plaza España is one of the good family hotels in Madrid that you could consider. Not only an affordable price but also the services and location is great! Located in the Malasaña area, young, and vibrant, the hotel is near many restaurants, bars, cafes, and food stores. Also, it isn’t far to go to Calle de la Princesa and the Royal Palace of Madrid (you can walk if you like). Furthermore, it’s right away at the Plaza de España Metro Station and Gran Vía shopping street from this hotel.

Regarding the services, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center that offer free for all guests. Meanwhile, the family rooms are quite comfortable with soundproof and free WiFi. You also can request a babysitting service for your kids. However, pets aren’t allowed and there are no kids’ meals.

9. CoolRooms Atocha Hotel

One of the reasons that we choose CoolRooms Atocha Hotel because of the design. It’s fancy, modern, and cool (as their name)! Besides that, we love the moments at the terrace, where we can sightseeing the panorama of the city, enjoy a pleasant time, or simply just pose some photos. Not only that, the reason for them to appear in the list of family hotels in Madrid is the location and services. It’s very near Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor. Also, you can walk from here to Anton Martin Metro Station in 5 minutes. Otherwise, you can drive your own car with the car parking fee that costs EUR 30 per day.

For the services, you can book a suite room or family room that is quite spacious with a free crib for kids 0-2 years old will be provided free. By the way, kids’ TV channels will be provided in each room and you can request a babysitting service with some extra fee if you need. Meanwhile, a swimming pool and a very nice garden are offered free for guests to enjoy. Hence, you shouldn’t miss these services when staying here.

10. Palacio Conde de Miranda Apartment

If you want to save more on your trip, still stay in a good location, the Palacio Conde de Miranda Apartment would be a good choice for you. This apartment is quite family-friendly because of a very nice decoration and convenient location. Though this isn’t a hotel, yet it still deserves to be recommended in this list of family hotels in Madrid. Therein, this apartment has a bedroom, living room with a sofa bed, and also a kitchenette full of kitchen tools. You can cook for the kids by yourself or enjoy any food outside since this area is quite convenient.

There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes surrounding this area. Besides that, it’s near the La Latina Metro Station and can walk to Plaza Mayor and Royal Palace of Madrid. Also, there is a car parking site with EUR 25 per day, thus, you can drive your own car here.

In conclusion, the hotels’ prices in Madrid are one of the high rates in Europe when compared to other destinations. Especially, the family hotels in Madrid are quite hard to get the best deals. Hence, we are here, to sum up, a list of family hotels that are in good services and great deals for your reference. Hopefully, you could find the most suitable accommodation for your family and enjoy your holiday.