10 Best Things To Do in Boracay, Philippines with Kids

“Boracay is the kind of island you will never want to leave. I’ve traveled to more than 50 countries and there are not many places where I’ve returned 5 times. Boracay is one of them.” – Sabrina Lovino

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If you ask me: “Should I travel with my children to Boracay?”, I would answer: “Definitely Yes”. Because Boracay is known as one of the paradise beaches in the world. So why not bring your children here to enjoy the beautiful nature, be immersed in the clear and fresh seawater, have fun on the beautiful long sandy beaches and can even explore pristine but no less attractive islands. However, to have a perfect trip to this paradise island, you need to have very careful preparation. And this list 10 best things to do with kids in Boracay below will help you to have a perfect plan for Boracay.

 1. Private Island Hopping & Snorkeling

Private Island Hopping & Snorkeling
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Going to a pristine island and enjoying a fun day here is one of the great dreams of many children. Therefore, Boracay is the place where you can help your children to make their dreams come true with Private Island Hopping & Snorkeling Tour. Here, not only the children are comfortable swimming but also be able to hop and snorkel with the sea, one of the most rewarding and interesting activities in the water that children need to experience. And then, your little friends will have the chance to explore colorful marine wildlife and ecosystems while snorkeling in the clear waters. It would be a perfect day for your awesome adventure with your beloved kids.

2. Private Traditional Bamboo Boat Sailing

Private Traditional Bamboo Boat Sailing
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Philipines is famous for traditional Filipino bamboo boat so when traveling to Boracay, you shouldn’t miss the entertain to enjoy the Private Traditional Bamboo Boat Sailing Tour here. You will have the experience that you own a private bamboo boat sailing in the ocean, and take in the panoramic views of Boracay Island.

3. Boracay Sunset Cruise Experience

Boracay Sunset Cruise Experience
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There are many ways for you and your family to enjoy the wonderful scenery in Boracay paradise, in which, the experience of Boracay Sunset Cruise is one of the great options that you can join with your beloved child. Your kids will enjoy the picturesque scenery with a 2-hour boat trip at the most beautiful sunset views of Boracay. And then watch the sky turn bright orange-red as the sun slowly hides behind the horizon. During the trip, you can see where the locals have fun or enjoy fun activities like standing paddle boarding, snorkeling and more. In addition, during this trip, the children can participate in interesting water swimming activities. This will be one of the relaxing and wonderful moments of the little friends with their families.

4. Boracay Helicopter

Boracay Helicopter Tour
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Watching the cool blue sea, long white sand and small islands from above will be an extremely interesting experience for your little ones. Check-in with Boracay Helicopter Tour will be the best thing that your kids have ever done with their parents. The whole island will shrink into the eyes of your children.

5. Boracay Wonders of Aklan

Wonder of Aklan
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After spending time with swimming and playing in the fresh sea here, you should take one or two days to explore the natural wonders of Boracay as well as learn about Filipino history, culture, and customs. And  Aklan is the best place to visit when traveling to Boracay. When discover wonders of Aklan, your kids will learn about traditional Malay culture in the Philippines’ first Living Museum, see the beautiful natural waterfalls and also can explore the Pangihan Cave and see its wildlife sanctuary.

6. Nabaoy River 

Nabaoy River
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Experiencing camping activities, entertainment with nature will be useful activities for the growing up of children. So do not miss the opportunity to come to Nabaoy River, here, your family will have a relaxing day with nature, mountains, participate in family group games such as experience river tubing, have a dip in the cool freshwater, and enjoy local snacks and a drink. Definitely, your little ones will have a full nature getaway and enjoy unique bonding activity 

7. Hacienda Maria

Hacienda Maria
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Besides Nabaoy River, Hacienda Maria is also one of the places that you can experience with useful fun activities, as well as help you learn about the rich culture and cuisine of the Philippines. You can enjoy the unspoiled beauty and the hacienda’s relaxing forest environment, and also can explore some of the hacienda’s caves for a true, immersive get away from the busy city life. Specially, you will have lunch with authentic Filipino dishes, paired with the warm hospitality of the Hacienda Maria personnel. So please don’t hesitate to bring your children here and enjoy an outdoor adventure and nature experience sought by locals and travelers alike.

8. Nonie’s Restaurant in Boracay

Nonie's Restaurant in Boracay
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Food experience is an activity that you cannot miss when visiting a new place. This is also a headache for you because you have to find delicious and unique local eateries in thousands of restaurants opened in famous places for tourists. So, let’s try a meal with your family and especially with the kids at Nonie’s Restaurant in Boracay. With an extensive menu of traditional dishes in the Philippines, your kids will have a great dining experience here. Must include special dishes such as the zesty and flavorful chicken longganisa topped with herbs and eggs, Ceviche with Freshly Baked Lavosh, an interesting take on the local Kinilaw dish and also smooth textures of the Seafood Curry.

9. Ka-On Restaurant in Tides Hotel Boracay

Ka-On Restaurant in Tides Hotel Boracay
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Besides Nonie’s Restaurant, Ka-On Restaurant in Tides Hotel is also one of the great restaurants that you cannot miss at Boracay. Here, the children will experience the most casual Filipino-style dining with delicious dishes served on banana leaves and bare-handed. You will enjoy a selection of delicious Filipino delicacies, including Grilled Tuna Butter, Chicken / Pork Adobo, Garlic Butter, Ensalada, and more, which will surely satisfy your kids’ appetite. picky eaters. And especially, the Ka-On restaurant can be easily reached by a short tricycle ride, so stopping to relax and enjoy after a day of fun in the sun would be a great idea.

10. River Tubing Experience at Malumpati Cold Spring from Boracay

Malumpati Cold Spring
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If the trip to Boracay has plenty of time and you still want to discover interesting things to do around the island, then there is a river nearby that is worth a look! It is Malumpati Cold Spring, where it is only an hour’s drive from Boracay. It is known as one of the cleanest inland waters of the country, so you will be amazed at its beautiful green color. In addition, here, the children can enjoy a day of fun activities on the river at Malumpati cold spring! Ride on an inflatable donut and let the flow of the river take you as you enjoy its cool waters! What an awesome experience with your kids. 

boracay and kids
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As a beautiful paradise beach, you should once take your children to Boracay to mingle with the sea and fresh nature here. However, children are very sensitive to climate, weather and water activities that also affect their health, so you need to be well prepared for a perfect and healthy trip. You should not let children bathe for a long time, nor should they let them spend too much time in the sun, should be fully equipped with clothes for them. Then with a perfect arrangement, the trip to Boracay will be more fun, happy and more memories.