10 Best Things To Do in Bohol, Philippines with Kids

The Philippines is quite famous with so many islands and the gorgeous beach in Southeast Asia. Bohol is one of an island in the Philippines which is still backward in many ways but its closeness to nature is part of the island’s charm. This place is quite suitable for a family vacation that the kids and their parents also can relax and enjoy with nature either join in some water activities with many fun. There are many things to do with kids in Bohol that you can choose some to enjoy your trip here for a few days.
Best Things To Do in Bohol, Philippines
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One thing that you should check before going to the Philippines is checking the weather since this country has typhoons frequently. However, Bohol is quite peaceful and doesn’t experience as high a number of typhoons, compared with the more northern provinces of Visayas. The best time to visit Bohol is from April to October with 3 highlight points.
From May to August is the summertime with high humidity, it’s quite suitable for outdoor activities with the beach, visit the countryside and relax with nature. 
From September to October, it may have rainy days and you should be careful with this period of time. Since it may rain the whole day and not ideal for outdoor activities. 
From December to April, the weather is quite comfortable, not too hot with an average 28 – 29 degree and sometimes has short rain in the daytime 

1. Going to Bohol from Cebu

Bohol-Cebu OceanJet Ferry
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It takes one hour from Manila to Bohol by plane either you can make a short trip from Cebu by ferry. It’s quite convenient if your travel journey also includes Cebu on your trip. You can bring along 15kg hand carry per person with this service. Only one note that you should arrive at the ferry terminal before the departure time 45 minutes for check-in.

2. Watching dolphin in Bohol

Watching dolphin in Bohol
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Since you are traveling with kids, you should not miss out on the chance to watch dolphins. This is an amazing experience that most children will like to enjoy with their parents. The best time to see dolphins with the high rate that you can see them from March to June. Besides that, your family can discover what makes Bohol a favorite for locals and foreigners with a visit to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. Either, you can get close to the marine life while snorkeling at Balicasag Reef. This is definitely a great trip for the whole family!

3. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills
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One of the most attractions in Bohol is Chocolate Hills where you can enjoy many adventure rides that you can’t imagine. This is really suitable for your family, especially the kids who prefer exotic experiences. Conquer your fear of heights and ride your way midair on a 550m zip with the Rush Bike Zip or land surfing over the hills on a surfboard hovering 230ft high and weave through the hills to get a closer view of the Chocolate Hills. This is the latest eco-tourism venture in Carmen, Bohol that serves 30 thrilling activities for everyone! You are not only can play but also can breathtaking the fresh air with the space like a forest here.

4. Zoocolate Thrills

Zoocolate Thrills
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If taking the adventure is quite risky with your kids. You can consider visiting Zoocolate Thrills – first zoo theme park in Loboc! This park is so spacious with 5 hectares with many exotic animals and they can let you interact with these animals. There are featuring varying animal breeds from reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians. Add some sightseeing to your Bohol experience as you discover the family-friendly theme park’s captivating views of its lush vegetation in its replica of the famous Chocolate Hills. Either you can stroll along the Rice Terraces witness the beauty of different species of flowers with varying colors and take some family photos.

5. Buffet on Loboc river cruise

Buffet on Loboc river cruise
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Downstream along Loboc river and enjoy the buffet with your family while your kids is awe of the beauty of Loboc River, known for its clear emerald waters surrounded by lush vegetation! On the cruise, they also serve the live performance with the traditional dance of the Philippines that the kids also can jump in to dance with them. That sounds fun!

6. Parasailing

Parasailing Bohol
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Parasailing is the most thing that you should try when visiting Bohol on Panglao island. Don’t worry too much, if your kids from 8 years old above and dare to try with you, you can bring them along to get ready to fly high and enjoy a panoramic view of the beach and the nearby municipality. One of the funny things here is they offer the triple tandem for group 3 people to try in the same parasailing. That is quite suitable for the family to try this experience together. You should check the weather and the note of this activity before booking to make sure everything perfectly.

7. Bohol countryside

Bohol countryside tour
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Bohol does not only have the beach, islands with water activities but also have the countryside with many gorgeous places that makes you marvel at this island. Visiting the historical Blood Companct Shrine. Locally known as Sandugo (which roughly translates to one blood), the Blood Compact Shrine is the exact site where Spanish explorer Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain of Bohol, drew blood from their palms, poured it into a cup, and drank it – a symbol of their friendship. Either explore Baclayon Church, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and was declared a National Treasure of the country. You can bring your family to discover more the land of Bohol at these places that helping your kids to understand more about the place that they have gone through.

8. Vita Isola Leisure Farm

Vita Isola Leisure Farm
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In Bohol have one farm called Vita Isola Leisure Farm that provides all the service like a farm and more. If you need a day to relax with your family after many days for adventure thrilling or water activities, you should think about this place. In Vita Isola Leisure Farm, your kids can meet some adorable animals in Farm animals say hello to them or feed them, take photos with them. Next, your family can have a seat to relax in the peaceful Organic farm with lush vegetation around the farm. Tasting on some delectable local dishes after exploring the farm and peace your mind with the gentle wind throughout.

9. Banana boat

Banana boat in Bohol
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If conquer the sky is not enough with you, you can try banana boats with your kids to conquer the sea too. Laugh out loud and scream your hearts out while enjoying this banana boat experience and make your vacation in Bohol even more memorable with your kids. This is suitable for kids from 8 years old above and it is quite safe for everyone. You just need to check the weather condition before experience this activity to enjoy it comfortably.

10. Spa in Bohol

Donatela Spa Bohol
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After conquering Bohol, your family needs time to re-charging energy. Let visit Donatela Spa Bohol to relax and take care of your whole body. It is not like other spas, you can bring your kids to here since they allow spa service for kids from 7 years old above. That sounds great! You have time to take care of your body while your kids also have a relaxing time at the spa too. The view of the spa is nature-friendly with many trees and free access to the spa’s pool. Your kids can swim and enjoy some refreshment here while they are waiting for you.
Bohol is the largest island of the Bohol Archipelago approximate 75 other smaller Islands. It is located Southeast of Cebu Island in the Central Visayas. Bohol is still strange with tourists compared to other islands in the Philippines but this place has many things to do for the whole family not only the water activities but also the relaxing places or sightseeing. You don’t need to hesitate to plan the trip to Bohol with your kids, just searching for some activities that suitable for your family and enjoy it right now!