10 Best Family Hotels in Paris

Paris is really a great choice for a family trip with many things to do in Paris with kids. Every step in Paris will lead you to each corner of history, culture, and beauty. Therefore, it is not so much when said Paris such as a dream of us.

Whereby, some of the things you should prepare for your Paris trip are searching for the best family hotels in Paris. Actually, it is not so many budget family hotels in Paris. Thus, you should book before your trip at least 1 month to reserve your stay. Especially, in holiday time (Christmas or New Year), you need to book before 2-3 months to avoid the high rate in a short time.

Besides that, the location is also really important in Paris. The shape of Paris such as a snail and almost the attractions will stretch around almost Paris. Hence, you just need to stay in where located near the station or most of the destinations that you would like to visit. However, there are some best areas that you may refer to consider in Paris such as the Marais on the right bank and Saint-Germain on the left bank. Besides that, you can base on the number of districts to define the center. Paris is divided into 20 districts with the number that will swirl out clockwise, from small to large. This means the smaller district number will be the most center. According to that, the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th districts are the most central compare to the larger ones.

After defining the range of locations, you can start to round check accommodation for your stay.

1. Novotel Paris Les Halles (luxury)

This is one of the top 4 stars best family hotels in Paris that you can consider. Therein, the hotel provides most of the facilities for a family. The decoration of the hotel is quite modern and luxurious. You will feel comfortable at the first step into the hotel. They have all good conditions for the family such as Kids’ TV channels and child service. Besides that, the location is excellent when you can easy to reach many stations and attractions such as the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame. There are many restaurants and supermarkets nearby. It is quite convenient for the family. Furthermore, they have kids’ meals with a small surcharge and the price is a bit high for all these conveniences.

2. Hotel Residence Des Arts (luxury)

If you don’t like the modern design and would like to rewind back the 17th-century atmosphere. Hotel Residence Des Arts are one of the best family hotel in Paris that you should choose. This hotel with the old design maintained its 17th century Old Paris style. Whereby, the hotel located in the 6th district between the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain des Prés. The most convenient area in Paris. It is good for either a business trip or family vacation. Plus, the very great location which is near most of the major station and attractions such as Notre Dame and Luxembourg Gardens. Furthermore, they also have the good service for kids and family with kids’ meals (with a surcharge). Overview, the price is a bit high as a luxury hotel type but it is really the best stay if your budget allows it.

3. Golden Tulip Washington Opera (luxury)

Another luxury hotel but in a different style of decoration. The major design style in his hotel kind of boutique as an old royal. However, the room is quite bright and clean, it is good for the family. The location is excellent when you can easy to walk to Palais Royal Theatre and Pyramides Metro Station. However, the room is not really big one, you should consider it if your kids are over 10 years old. However, the hotel is really good for a family with kids under 5 years old when they can provide free a crib for kids from 0-3 years old.

4. Hotel Le M Saint Germain

The hotel with the design is quite colorful inside the room and good service will give your family the best experience. If your kids love the color, this hotel should be the best family hotel in Paris for your family. The child service here is quite good when they have kids’ TV channels and some board games for the family. Regarding the location, it can say it is an excellent location with only 10 minutes walk to Maubert-Mutualité Metro Station and Panthéon. Besides that, they also have a good breakfast that you can enjoy with a small surcharge on site.

5. Paris France Hotel (budget)

If you don’t request much about the design inside the room, this hotel is good for your family. One of the best budget family hotels in Paris. The position is really good which is near the station and the Seine River. Furthermore, there are many restaurants around this area and the price is not too high that you can easy to find a meal for your kids. Otherwise, the meal can be purchased in the hotel with the price also can accept. However, the room is not too big, just acceptable and it is recommended for a family with 3 members and kids under 12 years old. Excepting these things, most of the things here are all good and the price is really the best one.

If your family has 3 members above and would like to have a private space in the center of Paris. You can consider about condo-hotel or apartment. In recent times, most big families love to choose this kind of accommodations to enjoy their pleasure time traveling. The benefit of it is more flexibility and saving than the traditional hotels. However, they also provide all full-function which doesn’t disadvantage the traditional ones.

6. Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris 

This condo-hotel has excellent location where is only a 10 minutes walk from Notre-Dame Cathedral and distance 293 m from Saint-Michel Metro Station. By the way, they provide all the good service for a family and also a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old. They have a kitchen inside each apartment, you can easy to prepare kids’ meal for the children. Furthermore, there are many restaurants around this area that you can easy to find something to eat instead of cooking. The price is a bit high for an apartment 38 square meter. However, it is a great deal for a family of up to 4 people in an apartment in center of Paris.

7. Villa Daubenton (middle-range price)

If you want to stay in the best family hotels in Paris with a medium-range price. There are many choices for you and Villa Daubenton in some of them. The location is great and convenient where it stays between the Pantheon and Notre Dame. They also have shuttle transfers and private parking with an additional fee. You should book in advance if you need these services. Besides that, the decoration inside this apartment is quite elegant. By the way, they also have 2 kinds of breakfast can be served in your apartment upon prior request.

8. Citadines Opéra Paris (budget)

It is really a good location and price in this condo-hotel. Therein, you can easy to reach most of the major iconic landmarks in Paris by metro or private car in 20-40 minutes. They provide private parking and most of the necessary things for your family. It is a good budget room for a family with 4 people. However, if your family has kids under 3 years old, you should consider it since they can’t provide a free crib.

9. Transparent Marais (budget)

This is a good location apartment with an economic price for a family with 4 people. An apartment located in district 3rd not far from the metro station. There are a market and supermarket around that is quite easy for those who would like to cook a kids’ meal. Though, an apartment is not too big (approx. 39 square meters) and doesn’t have a lift but it is quite clean and most apartments on the ground floor.

10. Citadines Bastille Marais Paris (budget)

Another good apartment that you can consider for your family. It is really convenient where is near a lot of metro stations and some restaurants around. Though it is located in district 11th, it quite convenient with many foods, transportation, and quiet place. Besides that, they also have kids service and car parking that is more flexible if you want to rent a car. The best thing here is the nice view from the balcony, you can experience to know it clearly.

Overview, the hotels in Paris is a quite high rate since this is the top destination in the world. However, that is not mean that you can’t find the best family hotels in Paris for your family trip. Whereby, there are some good locations with a good deal of accommodations that you can refer to above to plan your stay in Paris. By the way, booking in advance is one of the best tips for you when traveling to Paris.