10 Best Family Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas always state on the top of the best destination in the US. Whereby, a family trip to Las Vegas is a good idea when you are looking for your next destinations. There are many amazing things to do in Las Vegas with kids since the weather is really great for travel in almost the year. Besides searching for the things to do, looking for the best family hotels in Las Vegas is also important.

Overview, at first glance, you may surprise why the hotels in Las Vegas so cheap? Actually, Las Vegas is an inexpensive hotel city compare to other cities in the US. Therefore, you can base on the location and hotel’s facilities to choose the best stay for your family.

Most of the tourist prefer to stay at Downtown, The Strip, Henderson, and Summerlin. Sometimes, Chinatown also a good neighborhood in Las Vegas. Therein, the Strip has many advantages for most of the tourists with casinos, hotels, and entertainment. The position is quite good to go everywhere in Las Vegas. Downtown is more suitable for gambling and adult entertainment. While Henderson and Summerlin have a bit far from the center, it can say as a suburb but quite suitable for those who love quiet or driving. It only takes 15-20 minutes to the Strip by car. Therefore, for the best places for a family stay in Las Vegas, it should be the Strip. This location is safe, dynamic, and most convenient. However, the price is quite high for this location. Hence, you can look for some hotels which are located near the Strip also good for the budget and location.

1. Embassy Suites Las Vegas (luxury):

This is really a good deal for the 3-stars hotel in Las Vegas. They have all the best facilities needed for a family trip. The hotel provides kids’ TV channel, kids’ buffet, and most of the service for kids. The room is also spacious even you can’t request an extra crib or bed, you still can use a sofa bed instead. Besides that, it can say this is a great location. It’s near many restaurants and shopping places include supermarkets. Plus, you also can easy to use transportation with many stations around this area. The price is considered good for all the convenience above.

2. TownePlace Suites by Marriott Las Vegas City Center (middle-range price):

This hotel is one of the top best family hotels in Las Vegas that is rated by the parents. They have all the good service for kids such as kids’ buffet. Breakfast already included in the price and quite near MGM Grand Garden Arena. Especially, the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel is not so far from this hotel. Besides that, the room is clean and beautiful, it can contain up to 4 people with a mini kitchen. However, the hotel can’t provide a free crib or extra bed. If you have kids under 3 years old, you can re-consider. Though this is not the large hotel they have all the necessary things for your family at a good price.

3. Hampton Inn Tropicana Las Vegas (budget):

It can say this hotel is fantastic for everyone. The price is really good for all their convenience. Therein, they can provide all the kids services include kids’ meals, kids’ TV channels, and swimming pools. The room is clean and not too big, it is good for 3 people and fit for 4 people if your kids under 15 years old. By the way, they also offer a free crib when requested. However, they are not staying at the Strip, but it is not far from there. There is a shuttle bus to the Strip at free of charge. It is still considered a great location when you can find malls, restaurants, and the metro station is very near. Furthermore, the price is one of the best parts of this hotel.

4. Residence Inn by Marriott Las Vegas Hughes Center (middle-range price):

The location of this hotel is really good. It is near in most of the convenience places with many markets, supermarkets, and Monorail Station around. Besides that, they have all the good facilities for a family with kids’ TV channels and board games for the family. The room is really good and fit for a family from 3 people. The price is a bit high but includes breakfast and all the things are good for a family trip.

5. La Quinta by Wyndham Las Vegas Tropicana (budget):

This hotel is not located in the Strip but it still is considered a good location for a family trip. It only takes 3.2km to the Strip and you can easy to reach there by car. Car parking is available and it is free. Except for this disadvantage, you can find a lot of convenient things in this hotel at a very good price. Therein, the room is so clean and beautiful. They have enough room for up to 4 people and breakfast already included in the room rate. The neighborhood around this area has so many restaurants and supermarkets that you can easy to find food, grocery, and other services that you need. However, the hotel also has all the necessary things for your family.

6. Hyatt Place Las Vegas (middle-range price):

Hyatt Place Las Vegas has a good location even though it does not stay inside the Strip. However, the location is great to reach out to most of the major attractions for kids and families in Las Vegas. Therefore, this hotel is listed in the best family hotels in Las Vegas. Therein, the room is clean and good decoration with swimming pools and good breakfast include the room rate. By the way, they also provide most of the good condition for kids with kids’ meals, kids’ TV channel, and kids’ buffet with no surcharge.

7. Platinum Hotel and Spa (budget):

It is a good price for the hotel located in the Las Vegas Strip like the Platinum Hotel and Spa. The room is so clean and has all the good facilities for a family. It is quite spacious with a mini kitchen and large living room too. Therein, they provide a free crib for kids 0-2 years old and extra bed with surcharge only US 25 per night. Furthermore, it is considered the best family hotel with all child services such as kids’ meals or kids’ TV channels. Regarding the location, it can be said that is a great location when you can easy to go everywhere from this hotel.

8. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort (middle-range price):

This is a budget resort located in the Las Vegas Strip. Besides the good location, all the facilities inside this hotel are wonderful at a good price. Whereby, they provide all good conditions for your family with kids’ meals, kids’ TV channels, and family activities (book & DVD for kids). Meanwhile, the hotel also has 5 swimming pools that can be served for everyone with many amazing experiences. Especially, the best things that make this hotel become the best family hotels in Las Vegas is the air. There is no smoke smell in the air and the balcony view is perfect. Hence, it is so good for your family relaxes.

9. Jockey Resort Suites Center Strip (budget):

This is a condo-hotel that is good for those families with a member from 4 people above or your family prefer to stay in a private place. Most of the hotel in the Strip is a little high price but can’t find a place where fit for a big family. A condo-hotel should be the best solution in this case. Besides the good price, the location of this place is excellent. It is easy to reach most of the iconic landmarks in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, you also can easily go to all the best attractions for the family in Las Vegas from here. They have all the child service and 1 swimming pools and fitness center that is enough for everyone.

10. Signature Rental by Owner Direct

It can say this is a good deal for a big family when this condo hotel can provide a room that could contain up to 8 people. This condo-hotel has an excellent location in the Las Vegas Strip that allows you to go everywhere. Meanwhile, the decoration of this building is modern, clean, and friendly. Most of the convenient things just around this area and you will find everything is so easy. They have a swimming pool, restaurant, and also a car rental service. You should check with the staff when arrive. One of the special things in this place is connected to the MGM Grand Station. That is really convenient!

Las Vegas is a tourism city that you can easy to find a hotel for your family trip. However, it is not simply to find the best family hotels in Las Vegas which can meet all your expectation at a good price. Don’t worry too much, just refer to some recommendations above and find the best one for your family. If you intend to use public transportation, just find the area that is near the stations as most as it can. If you would like to rent a car, it will be more simple than. You only need to find a convenient place for your drive and the hotel can provide a car rental service too.