10 Best Family Hotels in New York

New York is a bustling city with many amazing things to do for everyone. It such as a storybook that you could open in any topic as you want. Therein, from modern entertainment to historical museums and some adventure with nature. There are many wonderful things to do in New York with kids. Hence, a family trip to New York is a great idea for most of the family. Besides searching for some attractions and things to do. Looking for the best family hotels in New York is one of the important things that you should do before your trip.

According to most of the family, the best area to stay in new york for families is Manhattan where most of the city’s accommodation is located. Because this location allows you to walk to the key destinations in New York such as Times Square, MoMA, and Central Park. Besides that, the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Lower East Side is also a good location too. Actually, if you intend to rent a car during your trip, you don’t need to choose the central area for staying. You only need to find a location that is convenient to go to the expected places. Meanwhile, if you want to use public transportation for your trip, you should choose which hotel is near the station. It should be fine when you are not staying a center just consider base on your key destinations.

1. Hyatt Place New York City

In the system of 3-stars hotel, Hyatt Place New York City has two hotels in New York for you to choose from. That is Hyatt Place New York City/Times Square and Hyatt Place New York/Midtown-South. Regarding the concept, it can say both hotels are the same since they are in the same group. However, the one to make them different is the location lead to the price is also different.

Times Square (budget):

Whereby, the hotel in Midtown-South has a higher rate than Times Square one. Because the location in Midtown-South is really convenient. It is just 5 minutes’ walk from the Empire State Building and near many iconic landmarks such as Times Square. They also can provide a free crib for kids from 0-2 years old. If you would like to find an excellent location hotel, this Manhattan hotel is the best family hotel in New York for you.

Midtown-South (middle-range price):

Though, the Times Square hotel is not inferior when they have a great location that is not far from the center. They also provide many good conditions for a family with young kids. Therein, they can provide you with kids’ buffet, kids’ TV channels, and convenience for rent a car. The location is also advantageous to near the metro station, restaurant, and the New York Times Building. Thus, depending on your plan, you can choose which location is good for your journey at a reasonable price.

2. Holiday Inn Express – Times Square South (middle-range price):

The location of this hotel is excellent, it only 10 minutes walk of Times Square and the Empire State Building. Besides that, the neighborhood of this hotel is really good which is near Manhattan Mall Shopping Center, restaurants, and bars. By the way, this hotel offers a comfortable sleep to their customer. You can try and feel. However, they don’t have more services for kids such as kids buffet or kids’ meals. But you can request from the restaurant for some simple meal. The hotel is extremely suitable for a family with kids from 6 years old above since the room can accommodate up to 4 people.

3. Four Points by Sheraton Midtown – Times Square (luxury):

The first thing to say about this hotel is so American. All the designs and decorations are in American style (at least in my mind). The second thing, this hotel located in a very convenient position. It is so near the New York Times Building, the Madame Tussauds New York, and The Majestic Theatre. Plus, the metro station also around there. You can find anything you need in this neighborhood. By the way, they have all advantages things for a family trip from kids’ meals to kids’ TV channels. Meanwhile, the room can accommodate up to 4 people and allow to bring pets. Though, the room is not so spacious but offers a good view to the city.

4. Citadines Connect Fifth Avenue New York (middle-range price):

The design of this hotel is quite elegant and relaxing with white is a major color. The room is not so spacious but it is fit and suitable. Therein, it can contain up to 4 people in a room. Besides that, the hotel has a very good location, just 15 minutes walk to Times Square and near most of the main metro station. The price is also one of the pluses for this hotel with all these advantages. The rate for the room is reasonable and the parking fee is also cheap if you rent a car on this trip.

5. Homewood Suites Midtown Manhattan Times Square South (luxury):

This is one of the best family hotels in New York. From the location to the facilities, all the things is good for everyone, especially for the kids. Therein, they have good kids buffet, kids’ TV channels, and also pets friendly. Besides that, the location is excellent when it only 805 m from Times Square and 484 m from the Madison Square Garden. There are many supermarkets and restaurants around. It is quite easy to find anything you need. The room is large and they also offer room can accommodate up to 8 people, it is good for a big family.

6. Element Times Square West (middle-range price):

The white color is the major concept in this hotel. That all help you to feel comfortable when you step in. Whereby, the room is so clean and bright with enough facilities as needed. This 3-stars hotel has a really good location which bus terminal, metro station and supermarket. Besides that, this location gives you the short way to most of the iconic landmarks in New York. However, the hotel is more suitable for a family with kids from 6 years old since they can’t provide a free crib and welcome kids from 3 years old. Thus, if your family have an infant, you should consider other accommodation.

If finding the best family hotels in New York is not so easy for a big family. You can consider staying in a condo-hotel or an apartment which helps you to possible to control your big group or family. They offer a room with a kitchen and some services include that is more convenient for those family has kids. Meanwhile, the price is considered more reasonable for a big group with many members. Let check out some recommendations below for you.

7. AKA Times Square (luxury):

This is a luxury condo-hotel for a family trip. If you would like to enjoy a private space and nice decoration. AKA Times Square is the best choice. It only 5 minutes to Times Square and 15 minutes to 49th Street Station. Besides a great location, the neighborhoods are a plus for this condo-hotel. It is quiet, peaceful but convenient. You can request delivery groceries with some extra fees or go shopping at some convenient stores around.

8. Full Apartment near Times Square, Central Park (budget):

This apartment is good for a family with a young kid. It is really suitable for a family with 3 people. The space of this apartment is not so big but sweet and cozy. Besides all the facilities for you, they also can offer a free bed when required. You only need to request the host before your trip for 5 days. One of the best things about this apartment is the location near Broadway Theatre and the 50th Street Station. However, there is no parking lot, thus, if you intend to rent a car, you need to re-consider.

9. The Suite New York (budget):

The Suite New York has a great location that is just 15 minutes walk to the Empire State Building and really near Manhattan Mall Shopping Center. They offer a car parking which is convenient if you want to rent a car. Besides the location, they also can provide a big room that can accommodate up to 6 people at a good price. However, they can’t provide a free crib or extra bed, you should check and book a room that is suitable for your family.

10. Jun New York Midtown (budget):

Regarding the design, this apartment has a colorful decoration and it creates a warm zone. If you don’t like the design, you may change your mind when you see the location. This is really a good deal in this location. Whereby, you can walk to Central Park and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, they don’t have a parking lot but you will easy to find some parking lot around. Either, you can use public transportation when it is near the station.

Overview, the hotels in New York are not so expensive. You can easy to find good ones with all the necessary facilities for a family. Thus, there are many best family hotels in New York with a good location and reasonable price. On the other hand, if you are traveling in a big group of family. You should consider staying in a condo-hotel or rent an apartment for more flexible and private. These types of accommodations offer the service as good as the same with normal hotel to give you a comfy stay.