10 Best Things To Do in Mauritius Island, Mauritius with Kids

Mark Twain used to say like this about Mauritius: “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

That sounds weird and you can’t understand why? Well then, let start your next trip to Mauritius. There are a million things to do in Mauritius with kids for a family trip. At this tropical island nation country, your kids can see dolphins, walk under the sea, or barefoot on the grass inside the botanic garden. Therefore, making a trip to heaven on the earth – Mauritius is promising a wonderful trip for everyone!

The Republic of Mauritius has the main island is Mauritius Island and several outlying islands. Mauritius Island is the center of travel, economy, and politic of the Mauritius country. The Mauritius Island divides into nine Districts which have a lot of exciting to do for almost tourists. Let’s explore what Mauritius Island has right now!

1. Submarine Adventure (Pamplemousses District)

Submarine Adventure in mauritius
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Sometime people will think that Mauritius Island is just similar to Bohol or Cebu in the Philippines with the coast and white sand beaches among the tropical weather. However, what makes Mauritius Island is the safe haven on the earth where everyone would like to visit at least once in a lifetime?

Besides many luxury hotels along the sandy beaches, Mauritius Island has many activities to do for everyone, and Submarine Adventure is one of the must thing to try. This is a unique experience that listed in things to do in Mauritius Island with kids for most of the family. Most of the kids always curious about sea life and would like to see everything in real without dive or snorkeling. Hence, this experience is really a good way for them to enjoy the marine life without the hassle.

2. Casela Nature & Leisure Park (Rivière Noire District)

a girl rides segway and feeding for a zebra
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As mentioned above, Mauritius Island does not only have a long beach with luxury hotels or resorts, they have more than this for the best experience on your holiday. The tropical weather is one of the most factors to help Mauritius create the wildlife habitat at Casela Nature and Leisure Park.

Visiting this abundant flora and fauna ecosystem is one of the best things to do with kids in Mauritius Island. At this place, your kids can walk with a lion, meet and greet the park’s zebras, deer, and giant tortoises on the open grounds of the park.

Besides that, inside the park, visitors can try to ride a quadbike or segway to go around the park and visit everything you want as your way. Therefore, this is quite family-friendly for all members when you want to enjoy it with your loved ones.

3. Solar Undersea Walk (Rivière du Rempart District)

2 people walk under the sea in Mauritius
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Your kids may be surprised when you tell them that they can walk under the sea without swimming skills requests. This experience is really the must-things to do with kids in Mauritius Island.

They will provide you a special helmet that can help you to breathe as normal and let you see everything outside. However, the best part of this experience is you can walk under the sea and touch anything you see near your place. It’s really lively! This experience will operate in 1.5 hours with 25 minutes walk under the sea.

Firstly, the guide will brief you on how to use and all safety instructions. After that, you can start your experience with your kids and enjoy 25 minutes walk to see the marine life. This activity is only suitable for the kids from 7 years old above, you should take note of this condition to prepare your trip better.

4. Blue Bay Boating & Snorkeling (Grand Port District)

glass bottom boat blue bay mauritius
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Besides diving or walking under the sea, if your kids are too small but still want to see the marine life, you can bring them to join-in the glass-bottom boat at Blue Bay Marine Park – South East of Mauritius Island. At this boat, the kids can see everything happen under the sea through the glass bottom boat while you enjoy your snorkeling experience (if you are able to do this). That sounds a great trip with the sea for the whole family!

Hop on board a glass-bottom boat for beautiful blue views of the ocean underneath is one of the best things to do with kids in Mauritius Island. Besides over 50 pieces of coral, your kids also can see Trumpetfish, Butterflyfish, Damselfish in real through the glass bottom.

5. Catamaran Dolphin Cruise (Rivière Noire District)

a dolphin at Mauritius sea
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The tropical weather plus the crystal water sea bringing to Mauritius Island the best experience with dolphins. Therefore, sailing a catamaran with dolphins is one of the best things to do in Mauritius Island with kids on a family trip!

Your family will be floating on the sea while the dolphins free to swim around your catamaran as normal. Hence, your kids can see these adorable animals in a near distance. Besides that, this trip will be sailing out to Tamarin Bay where you can swim, snorkeling, or take a dip in the crystal clear waters. This is one of a chance that you can swim next to the dolphins (if you are lucky).

Not only that, but you may also visit Le Morne Crystal Rock, setting among the ocean with the gorgeous views of Rempart Mountain and Black River along the way. This is a private trip with only your family on a cruise. Hence, it’s quite ideal for your family with the best moment of enjoying with your loved ones.

6. World of Seashells (Savanne District)

World of Seashells in Mauritius
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After spending time on water activity, your family may prefer to have a break and visit around on land. Well then, you can bring them to World of Seashells for a short visit. This place simply just the same as their name, they present 8,000 types of seashells from around the world.

Hence, you can call this place is a seashell museum or just a gallery that your kids will marvel at the great art of seashells. Besides that, your family shouldn’t miss the mini-laboratory with some fun activities are waiting inside. This also a good chance for your kids to learn more about these small adorable creatures at their homes.

7. Ride Quad Bike at Heritage Nature Reserve

a couple ride a quad bike at Heritage Nature Reserve
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Mauritius Island does not only have the activity with the sea but it also has some amazing activities on land that is quite suitable for a family or friend group. You and your kids can go for a quad bike at Heritage Nature Reserve where you can enjoy the fresh air from nature.

While your kids are playing surroundings, you can swim in the waterfall pool, or simply relax in the hammock. Not only that, but you also can enjoy a bumpy ride through a pristine environment close to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The duration time is only 2 hours include the time for driving too! Therefore, your family can go on this trip in a day and take a rest after a few days of conquering the sea at Mauritius Island.

8. Grand Bassin (Savanne District)

Grand Bassin in Mauritius
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Grand Bassin (also was known as Ganga Talao) is one of the most sacred Hindu places in Mauritius. It will be an omission when you are traveling to Mauritius and haven’t visited this place. Most people listed this place in the best things to do in Mauritius Island with kids.

Grand Bassin is a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius Island. Therefore, you need a guide or follow a tour if you want to visit this place. There is quite crowded from the end of February to March with devotees making their pilgrimage. Otherwise, the other time is quiet with some small group to visit for a while. However, since this is a sacred place, your family should dress appropriately in observance of religious norms (shouldn’t wear short skirts, trousers, or t-shirts).

9. 7 Coloured Earth Geopark (Rivière Noire District)

two kids are visiting 7 Coloured Earth Geopark Mauritius
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Besides the coast with white sand on beaches and the luxury hotels or resort, Mauritius has many things are waiting for you to explore. The best sightseeing in Mauritius Island that you should list in your plan is 7 Coloured Earth. This is the original and beautiful Geopark to give you a chance to witness a rare and impressive geological phenomenon.

There are spectacular sand dunes that have the shape and color look like a rainbow located in the middle of lush green vegetation. Don’t miss this chance to take more photos of this rare geological phenomenon. Besides that, you also can access the Chamarel Waterfall the tallest single-drop waterfall in Mauritius Island stayed inside this Geopark.

Also, let your kids visit the six tortoises originally from Aldabra in Seychelles, the species can reach up to 1 meter in length with an average lifespan of more than 150 years. That is really suitable for the best things to do in Mauritius Island with kids.

10. Pamplemousses botanical garden (Pamplemousse District)

giant lotus leaf at Pamplemousses botanical garden
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If you stay at the North of Mauritius Island and want to find a place for some outdoor activities with your kids, Pamplemousses botanical garden is the best place for your family. You can book a tour for more convenience or rent a car to this place.

There are so many different species of plants and trees, including giant water lilies, sugar cane, and spice plants at this place. Besides that, don’t forget to take a photo with the giant lotus leaf here – the most iconic image of this botanical garden.

If you have more time, you can pass by the Port-Louis on the way where is the capital of Mauritius. Then, take this chance and take photos on this bustling port and have a glimpse of the Mauritian culture.

Mauritius is not only a romantic place for a couple but also a good place for a family trip with many amazing things to do. From some sea activities that could make you thrilling and cheer up with your kids to nature activities to give your family the best moment together. There plenty of things to do in Mauritius Island with kids are waiting for you to explore! Let’s pack your luggage and conquer Mauritius Island on your next trip.