10 Best Things To Do in Seville, Spain with Kids

Seville is situated in the South of Spain and is the largest city in Andalusia. This city is next to the River Guadalquivir and quite famous with many structures was build in medieval. If Seville is your next destination, you may want to search for some things to do here. From the attractions to some sightseeing places, Seville will make you love it after this trip. Whatever your ages, there are many amazing things to do in Seville with kids and parents. Therefore, you can refer to some recommendation things below to plan your trip better.

1. Seville’s Alcázar

the garden in Alcázar, Seville
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When people ask which places should visit in Seville, the top answer always is Alcázar. Alcázar was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of the mix of different architectural types including Islamic and Mudéjar architecture.

Besides that, this place was known well because of the filming place for Game of Thrones Season 5. If you are a fan of this series, you shouldn’t miss out on this place. Alcázar is the best things to do in Seville with kids. You can visit the beautiful spaces such as the Patio de las Doncellas and Palacio Gótico.

Not only the gorgeous architecture but Alcázar also has the wonderful gardens and the mystery maze which is planted a hundred of orange-trees. Your kids may prefer to run around the garden with plenty of orange-smell in the air.

2. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

A family are sitting on a Horse-Drawn Carriage in seville
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Ancient Europe with the horse-drawn carriage is a beautiful image and charming. Nowadays, Seville still keeps this traditional transport but only use for tourism. Therefore, sitting on a carriage to go around the city is one of the must things to do in Seville with kids.

This charming transport will send you to pass by the old quarter of Seville and explore the history of the Andalusian capital. Besides that, you also have a chance to contemplate important monuments such as the Statue of Bécquer, the Lope de Vega Theater or the monument El Cid Campeador.

The duration of this tour is 45 minutes and one horse-drawn carriage can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Therefore, your family can book one carriage to enjoy the stunning view of Seville.

3. Seville Aquarium

kids are seeing the shark at Seville Aquarium
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One of the best things to do in Seville with kids is visiting the aquarium. Seville Aquarium (of the name in Spanish is Acuario de Sevilla) was designed from the inspiration of Magellan’s 16th-century voyage.

Besides that, there are many wonderful marine creatures lives in Seville Aquarium. They come from the Guadalquivir River, the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River, and the Pacific Ocean with more than 400 different species. Not only that, when the kids walk through any areas, they also can learn about the habitat with the information on an LCD panel.

Especially, the star of this aquarium is sharks. There is an area only for this fish called Oceanario, which contains 2 million liters of water and is nearly 9 meters high. It is one of the deepest shark aquariums in Spain. Therefore, your family shouldn’t miss out on this zone to explore more about the great diversity of marine life.

4. Flamenco Show at El Palacio Andaluz

A lady dancer perform flamenco at El Palacio Andaluz
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It will be an omission when you are traveling to Spain but haven’t enjoyed their Flamenco show at least one time. This is one of the must things to do in Seville too! Flamenco is a part of Spain history and culture. This dance becomes famous in the world and quite feature in this Mediterranean country.

Meanwhile, Flamenco Show at El Palacio Andaluz is a well-known show for almost tourists in Seville. Hence, you should book a ticket for your family to enjoy this show. The show is quite family-friendly when they include the meal for you to choose: tapas or dinner. Because the show operates at night, so it is more convenient when you can end your day with this show and dinner.

That sounds great! Let’s enjoy your dinner while immersing the charming of a flamenco show.

5. The Flamenco Dance Museum

Inside the flamenco dance museum seville
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Almost all people in the world will think about flamenco when mentioning about Spain. This dance becomes one of the culture iconic of Spain.

Therefore, if your family traveling to Seville, you should visit The Flamenco Dance Museum at least one time. Besides the flamenco show, this is one of a way to explore more about this dance – an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. While you are traveling with your kids, this museum will be the exciting things to do in Seville with them.

Your kids will immerse themselves in the magical world of flamenco when visiting this museum. From the color of costumes to the interactive exhibits, everything is attractive to everyone inside the museum.

6. Flamenco Dance Lesson

boy learns flamenco with lady teacher in Seville
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If you think that watching a flamenco show is not really satisfied with your family. Then, why don’t you try a Flamenco Dance Lesson in Seville? While you are traveling with kids, this is the exciting thing that your kids may prefer to join with you.

The class duration is 60 minutes which will bring you and your kids a lot of fun and interest. Most of the parents choose this thing to do in Seville with their kids on the trip. Meanwhile, in this class, you will learn about Flamenco music and basic dance steps. You will know how to clicking your heels and clapping your hands with an expert.

Although, you may not prompt to familiar the dance like an expert but you can feel all the movement of your hand and body follow the melody. Besides the class, you also can wait to enjoy the flamenco show to understand more about what you have learned with some extra fees.

7. Seville Kayaking Tour

kids and parents play kayak in Seville Guadalquivir River
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If your family is a fan of some thrilling activities or water sport, you may be interested in a kayak tour on the Guadalquivir river. This kayak tour runs in 2 hours with approximately 2 nautical miles on the river.

While you are riding a kayak, you will pass through the Triana district, and see the stunning views of some monuments in Seville. Besides that, you also can admire the beauty of iconic Puente de Triana (Triana Bridge) – built during the reign of Isabella II of Spain. Meanwhile, the medieval Torre del Oro and the Cathedral of Saint Mary will be so different when you can see them from the water surface.

Although you are a beginner, you also can join this activity since they will give you a short safety briefing before starting your experience. Kids also can join this tour if they accompany you during experience time.

8. Paddle Surf Class

people are surfing paddle on Guadalquivir river
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Paddle surf is one of the water sport that you should try when visiting Seville. If your kids haven’t tried this sport before, you can book a paddle surf class to learn and try this sport after the class. While you ride a paddle surf along the Guadalquivir river, you can enjoy the stunning view of Seville.

The class duration in two 2 hours and it’s quite perfect for the beginners. Besides that, the professional guide will give you plenty of practice boards and knowledgeable guides. You and your kids can learn and exercise together in no time.

Not only that, but your family also can surf the paddle downstream of the river and see the charming Barrio de Triana neighborhood. In addition, a short video will be recorded and give to you as a souvenir to save this fantastic moment of your family.

9. Cathedral in Seville

La Giralda in Seville
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Visiting the Cathedral is one of the must things to do in Seville. It will be an omission if you travel to Seville without making a trip to explore the classic architecture of the cathedral here. Therefore, this is a chance for you to learn more about the rich and fascinating history of Seville.

Since you are traveling with kids, you should prepare the sports shoes and properly costume for them. The Cathedral is a sacred place, you should wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders when visiting this place. Besides that, there are some audio guides with a few languages onsite, you can consider renting one if you want.

10. Guadalquivir 1-Hour Cruise

a woman looks toward the Guadalquivir Cruise
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Seville located next to the River Guadalquivir – the second-largest rivers in Spain. You should find some things to do in Seville on the Guadalquivir river at least one time. Actually, there are many activities that you can do on this river. Besides some water sports for those who can swim, you can sit on a cruise and downstream the river in one hour.

This tour will send you to go under historic bridges and admire the towers of Plaza de España. The cruise run frequency 30 minutes per ride from the Dock of the Marqués del Contadero. Therefore, you can just book a slot that is suitable for your schedule and enjoy 1 hour on the cruise to explore the stunning view of Seville.

There are many things to do in Seville for a family in 3-5 days. If you are searching for some recommendations in Seville, you can refer to the activities above. Actually, Seville is quite suitable for a family trip with some sightseeing around the center of the city. Most kids will like to stroll down around and explore the strange things that they haven’t seen before. Therefore, the trip to Seville may be a great trip for them!