10 Best Things To Do in Dublin, Ireland with Kids

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. This is an old city located on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. Dublin create a vintage feeling for everyone when step on here. If you are looking for things to do with your kids in Dublin, you can refer to the below recommendations. Absolutely, Dublin will be the best choice at this time for your family.

1. EPIC The Irish Emigration

kids are playing with mom at EPIC The Irish Emigration dublin
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The first thing to do with your kids in Auckland should learn about their history and culture. Therefore, a visit to The Irish Emigration Museum is the must-thing to do for your family. In the museum, the story about the country’s history was displayed vividly to help everyone understand the past. Whatever your age, the museum is quite excited for both adults and kids.

This is really a good chance for your kids to explore new things with motion sensor quizzes. Although the kids are interested in the story of a museum or not, they definitely will be attracted by the technology of the exhibitions.

Meanwhile, there are museum’s app provides free audio guides that are available in English, Irish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish, and Chinese. Besides that, you also can rent audio guides at the ticket desk with EUR2 each with English, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Mandarin, and Spanish.

2. Afternoon Tea Vintage Bus Tour

Afternoon Tea Vintage Bus in Dublin
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One of the best things to do in Dublin with kids enjoys an afternoon tea on a bus. This experience is one of the wonderful things should be on your list. Absolutely, your kids are so excited when they can see how beautiful the table set on a bus.

Meanwhile, the tea and the sweet cake is really delicious. You can enjoy your tea time when the bus pass through some of Dublin’s major landmarks, including the Georgian Dublin, Merrion Square, and St. Stephen’s Green.

Not only that, but your family also can grab some photos in front of the vintage 1960s Routemaster double-decker bus. Let’s enjoy your tea break in the soothing 1950s jazz and see the beautiful city with your loved ones.

3. Malahide Castle

a family sit on the grass in front of Malahide Castle
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If you are looking for some good things to do in the Dublin suburb with kids. That should be an adventure to the North Coast of Ireland to explore Malahide Castle. Malahide Castle contributed a significant part in Irish history. Therefore, if your family has a passion to discover Irish culture, you will feel so excited about this tour.

Besides that, you also can admire the picturesque Talbot Botanic Gardens. Don’t forget to prepare your camera to grab some family photos for your album. On the other hand, there are 2 slots of time that you can choose is a morning tour and an afternoon tour. Morning tour with the sun bright for the nice view of the castle’s garden. Whilst the afternoon tour with the sunset for the wonderful view of the sea on the way.

4. Dublin Glendalough & Powerscourt Gardens

exquisite gardens of the Powerscourt Estate
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It is an omission when you are in Dublin but haven’t visited Glendalough Valley. This is one of another thing to do with kids in Dublin. Most people will book this tour since there is no public transportation to there. However, you will be surprised by the stunning view of the picturesque Glendalough Valley in County Wicklow.

Besides that, you should stroll around to see idyllic beauty and serenity of a monastery founded by Saint Kevin. After that, your kids may admire the breathtaking of the Powerscourt Estate. The garden was designed in a royal style that the kids could ever be seen in the fairy tale story. Therefore, don’t miss out on this chance to take more photos for your little ones to keep them in your family album. Besides that, there is a small museum called the Little Museum of Dublin, you can pass by there and see some exciting things.

5. Discover Dublin By Boat

Discover Dublin By Boat
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Dublin located next to the Liffey river with all the city’s history was connected with the river. Then, why don’t you do an amazing thing with your kids on the Liffey river? Sailing on a boat along the Liffey river for a trip to see all the iconic of the city.

When you are join-in this tour, you will know more information about the history of Dublin from the Vikings to modern-day redevelopments. Meanwhile, your kids can sit on the boat and marvel at all the sightseeing along the way on the water’s face. The duration time of this tour is 45 minutes and depend on the tidal, the time may change a little bit. Therefore, to be safe for your kids, you should check the weather on the date you want to join-in.

6. Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle
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One of the amazing things to do in Dublin with kids to bring them to see all of the castles in the city. Almost kids dream about the castle and would like to be there someday. Therefore, making a trip to Blarney Castle should be on your list. Blarney Castle located in County Cork distance only one hour by car from Dublin.

Besides the Blarney Castle, you may immerse yourself in the beauty of a panoramic scene from the garden around the castle. Not only that, but you should also come and see the legendary Blarney Stone in real. Most people said that if you kiss the stone you will receive the “gift of the gab” for 7 years! While your kids have time to enjoy the wonderful view of the castle, you also can relax and stroll around to breathe in the fresh air.

7. Cliffs of Moher

tourist walk along in Cliffs of Moher dublin
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If you or your kids are Harry Potter’s fans, a trip to Cliffs of Moher should be is the thing to do with kids in Dublin. Because these cliffs have been featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That sounds great!

To visit this place, better should book a tour if you are traveling with kids. By this tour, your kids will have a chance to stand on the top of the Cliffs of Moher and see the gorgeous of the azure sea. Besides that, when you walk along the cliff, you may see the Moher Hill Open Farm, Hag’s Head, the Branaunmore sea stack, and O’Brien’s Tower. Don’t worry too much, this tour is kids-friendly with child tickets from 3-13 years old. Meanwhile, the infants from 0-2 years old can join in for free.

8. Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park
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Wicklow Mountains National Park located in County Wicklow – famous for its lush green landscape. Therefore, the list of the things to do in the Dublin suburb with kids should not miss out on this place. It takes over one hour from Dublin to here by car. However, the National Park with breathtaking views does not make you disappointed with the gorgeous of vast vegetation.

Meanwhile, your kids may enjoy running toward the meadows and mountain ranges in the tranquil atmosphere. Besides that, you also can pass by to visit the monastery founded by Saint Kevin on the way. Either you can combine the trip to the Wicklow Mountains National Park and a visit to the monastery too.

9. Newgrange and Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara
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Making a trip to Hill of Tara is an amazing thing to do with kids in Dublin. This trip is really excited for everyone who would like to explore the Irish High Kings either Irish royalty. On the way to Hill of Tara, your kids can see the gorgeous River Boyne in the tranquil atmosphere.

Besides the hill, you may visit the prehistoric monuments such as Newgrange passage tomb. The oldest ruin in the world, even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Meanwhile, you and your kids can enter this tomb and observe inscriptions engraved in stone. It is quite suitable for history and nature lovers. However, if your kids don’t want to enter inside, you can walk along on the garden outside to enjoy the stunning view of the sky.

10. Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse
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One of the cool things to do in Dublin with kids that they can enjoy with parents is visiting Guinness Storehouse. This is a 7 story building to tell you about the beer-making process. However, they allow kids to join-in if kids accompany their parents.

Besides the journey to discover beer-making, all the interaction exhibition is the wonderful things to make your kids interested in. Although, kids can’t taste the beer, but they all can marvel the process to produce beer in may digital show. Definitely, your family will have a great time in this showcasing.

When you are traveling to Dublin with kids, you concern that there are some places that are not suitable for kids. In order to help you plan your trip better, we recommend some places that kids can join-in with adults. There are many things to do in Dublin with kids. Therefore, you can refer and decide which one is suitable for your family. Let making a wonderful trip with your love ones!