10 Best Things To Do in Perth, Australia with Kids

Perth is a city located in the West of Australia or someone may know it is the Capital of Western Australia. It is quite different from other cities in Australia like Brisbane, or Cairns. You don’t need to worry to find things to do in Perth with kids. The city has all the exciting things for your whole family.

This is a dynamic city stay by side of the peaceful Swan River where urban life and rural seems not to have the boundary. You can see all the majestic of modern buildings on this side of the Swan River. Thereafter, with just a trip on a boat, you can see the wildlife over the river in Wildlife Park. Therefore, if your next destination is Perth, that should be a great choice.

1. Pinnacles and Swan Valley

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One of the best things to do in Perth with kids is to visit the Pinnacles located inside Nambung National Park, Western Australia. Some people may be a misunderstanding that this is a desert but it is limestone formations. This area contains thousands of weathered limestone pillars above the yellow sand base. Therein, you and your kids can try to play sandboarding when visiting this place. However, you must be careful to gauge your physical capabilities prior to participating.

In the meantime, Swan Valley is one of the typical green towns in Western Australia where you can explore the culture, colorful art, and wide grape gardens. You can choose to enjoy some fresh fruits or taste wine or brewer here when you pass by.

2. Swan River Cruise

a woman sits on the Swan River Twilight Cruise in Perth
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Perth is situated on the Swan River which river in the southwest of Western Australia. The special position of this river is bringing advantages for Perth’s tourism. The river flow through most of the metropolitan area of Perth with a spectacular view from the water surface. Then, why don’t you enjoy a trip on a cruise downstream along the Swan River and see all the iconic sights of Perth?

This is one of the exciting things to do in Perth with kids for a family trip. Therein, the best time to enjoy the cruise is twilight when the city slowly turns from day to night with the magnificent view of the city.

The cruise will start from Barrack Street Jetty and downstream along to the center of Perth, pass through the most iconic sights including Elizabeth Quay, Kings Park, the Old Swan Brewery, the Burswood Peninsula, and Claisebrook Cove.

3. Fremantle Prison

kids and their parent step on a Fremantle Prison tram
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Fremantle Prison used to be a real prison situated in Fremantle City – the historic port city of Fremantle. However, the prison was closed in 1991 and became World Heritage as part of the Australian Convict Sites. Nowadays, the Fremantle Prison has been conserved as a heritage site and attracts a significant tourist yearly.

This place becomes the top of things to do in Perth with kids voted by the parents in many years. Meanwhile, this place is created as a family-friendly place with Fremantle Tram Tour and a tour to visit Fremantle Prison. There is a guide to explain to your family about the meaning from the cell blocks, exercise yards, and punishment methods in the Fremantle Prison tour.

4. Perth Zoo

Mother and kids are seeing a turtle at Perth Zoo
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The special geography position of Perth in Western Australia is bringing to it an amazing flora and fauna. Then, a trip to visit the Perth Zoo is one of the must things to do in Perth with kids on your trip. There are many ways to reach the zoo by train, bus, or ferry. The ferry is the most convenient and amazing way to go to the zoo. It is just 5 minutes from the center of Perth (depart from Barrack Street Jetty) by ferry. You only walk about 500m from the Mends Street Jetty through the shops and restaurants.

This is really a super zoo or can say it is one of the top 10 zoos in the world! Therein, this is home to many typical Australian animals such as polar bears, hippopotamus, butterflies cobras, and platypus – all stay in Perth zoo. Therefore, don’t miss out on Perth zoo on your trip and you should plan to visit this place a day to comfort to explore the zoo.

5. The Aquarium Of Western Australia

Mother and kids are seeing the shark at Aquarium Of Western Australia
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Most of the kids love animals and excited to explore the animals’ world by themselves. Then, if a visit to Perth zoo is not enough with your kids, you can bring them to the Aquarium Of Western Australia in Perth. This is another place on top of things to do in Perth with kids for a family trip.

The aquarium is a place for everyone regardless of ages to explore incredible and diverse marine life. Not only kids, but parents also may like this place with the world’s largest naturally lit coral garden and some of them only found in Western Australia.

Therefore, the aquarium is the best choice for those who love to discover Australia’s marine life without diving or snorkeling. Don’t forget to enjoy the real touch at the touch pool with some starfish and let your kids ask the staff if they need to learn more about the ocean!

6. Watch Dolphin

father and kids watch dolphins in Perth
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The nature of Australia is really amazing and you could not imagine that you can see the dolphin quite easily only by a cruise. That right! You can enjoy a cruise along the famous canals of Mandurah and see some species that you thought only have in the zoo.

The major target of the cruise is bringing you to marvel at the region’s natural wonders, see pelicans, ospreys, and even North Asian migratory birds. However, the special part here is to look at the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins since this is an area they gather.

Hence, this activity is quite suitable for a family adventure and become a fantastic thing to do in Perth with kids. You should list out this thing in your list of the wonderful opportunity to be done with your little ones.

7. Kings Park Botanic Garden

Kings Park Botanic Garden
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It can say that Kings Park Botanic Garden is a lung of Perth in many years where is a significant place to filter the air for the whole city. Kings Park even bigger than the world-famous Central Park in New York with 400.6-hectare.

There are many things to do in Kings Park Botanic Garden for your family trip. You can be with your kids enjoy the park with segway, ride a bike along the trail inside the park, or simply just a small picnic in the afternoon. Besides the Botanical Gardens, you also can wander along the park to visit Kings Park Federation Walk or Kings Park War Memorials and Statues. It depends on how much you can walk with your kids in this huge park.

However, if you walk around Kings Park, it takes approximately one hour on foot and that is just outbound side the park. Therefore, most people prefer to rent a bike or join-in a tour with the vehicle then they can explore more the park and see the picturesque views of natural bush trails.

8. Perth Mint

the facade of Perth Mint
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Basically, Perth Mint is a gold refining facility that still operation until today managed by the Government of Western Australia. This place produces coins of the Australian dollar for circulation and sometimes produces coins for their neighboring countries. If you are curious about how the coins or gold was produced, you can come here for a short visit.

This is the only well-known factory still open for visiting at this present. Therein, the best part of this trip is a glimpse at the largest coin ever made in the country alongside the biggest natural nugget collection! Don’t miss out on this place on your Perth trip.

9. iFLY Indoor Skydiving

father and daughter are playing iFly indoor in Perth
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If you are looking for some amazing things to be done with your kids besides sightseeing? You can consider joining in iFLY Indoor Skydiving. This is quite safe and fun for your whole family that everyone can attend regardless of age. Whereby, the best thing about this activity is to create the feeling as same when you try to jump off a plane or from the top of buildings without any risk.

Regarding the safety gear, it all the same as the real experience when you will have safety gear, helmet, suit, and goggles. Therefore, it is quite good for those who love the thrilling game but can’t attend because your kids are too small. Let prepare for them and enjoy it with your loved ones.

10. Bell Tower and Caversham Wildlife Park

Bell Tower in Perth
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Most of the big city always has its iconic tower for sightseeing the overview of the city. Perth also has the Bell Tower that allows you to see the stunning view of the city from the height of 82.5-meter-high. Besides that, you also can hear the thunderous ring of the impressive Swan Bells when visiting this tower. You can add this destination into your list of things to do in Perth with kids.

Meanwhile, if you would like to explore the beyond of Perth, you can buy the Perth Attraction Combo ticket that allows you to enter not only Bell Tower but also can enter Caversham Wildlife Park and Perth Mint. It is saver compare to buy one by one at the venue and you can avoid the line queue up before the ticket booth.

Caversham Wildlife Park is Australia’s native animals situated in Whiteman Park in Western Australia. The park is home to koalas, wombats, and many rare species in Australia. You can reach here by bus number 955 or 956 that depart from Bassendean Station to Ellenbrook and get off at the Whiteman Park entrance on Lord Street.

There are many amazing things to do in Perth with kids that are waiting for your family. It is quite easy to plan a family trip to Perth. Therefore, you need to arrange at least 5 days if you don’t want to miss out on some exciting places. Plus, the weather in Perth is ideal for everyone, you don’t need to worry about it. Just plan your trip and ready to explore!