10 Best Things To Do in Cambridge, UK with Kids

As the same with Oxford, Cambridge is also a university city of Cambridgeshire, England. This is one of the famous universities in the world. However, don’t think that this is not a great place for travelers. On the contrary, the geographical position of Cambridge creates a wonderful place for a trip that you can spend at least 3 days to enjoy. If your family concerns about what you can do in Cambridge. It should be fine since there are many things to do in Cambridge with kids that you couldn’t imagine it. Let start to explore the city stay next to the River Cam and see what Cambridge can offer to your family.

1. The Fitzwilliam Museum

the gallery insides the The Fitzwilliam Museum
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One of Cambridge’s most impressive landmarks that you couldn’t miss out is The Fitzwilliam Museum! This is always staying at the top of things to do in Cambridge with kids voted by most parents. Almost kids in this generation like to visit the theme park or some digital entertainment places. Sometimes, they forget some interesting things behind famous landmarks. This is a chance to help your kids explore how amazing of the museum and learn more history through a trip.

Because the Fitzwilliam Museum located inside one of the famous university campuses in the world. There are many collections that are quite attractive to display here. Therein, it includes many objects about all world history and art. All were shown through ancient manuscripts, oriental art, pottery, porcelain, and medieval coins. Besides the exhibition, the architecture of the museum is also extremely glamorous! Don’t forget to take some photos inside the museum.

2. King’s College

King College Chapel
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King’s College is one of the most iconic Colleges in the group of 31 Colleges belong to the University of Cambridge. This College was found by King Henry VI in 1441 and remains the best place to visit together with the famous Queens’ College.

The best thing to do in Cambridge with kids when visiting King’s College is to explore the storied halls. Plus, take a glimpse at the magnificent King’s College Chapel. Not only that, but you also can hear some stories about the time almost 100 years spanning 5 monarchs to complete the Chapel of this College.

Therein, you will be fascinated when strolling down to the garden outside and enthralling with the classical design inside the Archive Centre or the library. This is a great chance to enjoy the royal air with your kids!

3. Punting Cambridge

kids enjoy punting in Cambridge
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Follow the road toward St John street is a way to the riverside. That is River Cam with the iconic Cambridge punting traditional boat. This is one of the must things to do in Cambridge with kids on a nice weather day. Therein, “punt” is a flat-bottom boat and the “punter” will use a special pole to push the vessel to the river through the shallow waters.

It should be a “lazy” experience! You just sit down and “float” yourself downstream the Cambridge river through the ancient buildings both sides. The journey will pass by the most iconic building in Cambridge. Including King’s College Chapel, Clare College Gardens, the Bridge of Sighs, the Wedding Cake Building, and more.

4. Ely Cathedral

people are sitting in the garden in font of Ely Cathedral
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Ely Cathedral is quite popular in Cambridge and welcomes over 250,000 visitors per year. From the beyond, you can see the West Tower and the most notable feature is the central octagonal tower. This is the region’s major attractions that you couldn’t miss out on when traveling to Cambridge.

Ely Cathedral is known for a rich history and the journey of rebuilt with many changes in the past. The major style in the cathedral is a monumental Romanesque style and after that the decorated Gothic for the lady chapel and choir. Therein, the best part of this place is Ely’s magnificent towers that you can go on top to see the magnificent view, medieval city, and the Cambridgeshire landscape.

5. Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs in Cambridge
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If you decide to wander around the area of St. John’s College, you shouldn’t miss out on the Bridge of Sighs. One of the iconic landmarks of Cambridge was built in the 19th century. The bridge connected New Court with Third Court along the sides of River Cam.

However, the bridge isn’t open to visitors, you only can see this bridge when joining a tour with a local guide. Either, you can see it when downstream along the River Cam on a punt boat to see it up close. By the way, if you would like to listen to some funny stories about this bridge, a local guide also can tell you about it.

6. Cambridge University

Cambridge University
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If you don’t have more time to explore the whole of Cambridge University in one by one. You can consider a Cambridge University tour with a graduate student guide. Whereby, the tour will bring you to walk around most of the iconic buildings and landmarks inside the campus of this University and bonus some stories about it. This is the best way to complete all the things to do in Cambridge with kids in one day.

By the way, this also a good chance to let your kids have a glimpse at each famous corner at Cambridge University such as Clare College and Trinity College. However, there is a thing is more excited than sightseeing is the stories about Prince Charles, Sir Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking during your visit. That should be some stories that you haven’t known before. Let’s explore and satisfy your curiosity with this visit!

7. Cambridge Science Centre Museum

kids at Cambridge Science Centre Museum
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Cambridge Science Centre is the first interactive museum in Cambridge where most young people come to discover science in life. Therefore, if you are traveling with your kids, this is the most things to do in Cambridge with kids.

Therein, the museum has many things to explore and it is quite attractive regardless of age. From the wonderful world of flora and fauna to many lessons of physics or chemistry that you already knew. However, the Cambridge Science Centre has many ways that are created for everyone to approach everything easier and more interesting! The museum is located on Clifton Road, you can reach there easily by bus or cab.

8. Kettle’s Yard

Kettle's Yard
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Kettle’s Yard actually is an art and gallery house located inside the University of Cambridge. It has been many years, this gallery house always is the best things to do in Cambridge with kids or adults regardless of age. Especially, the fantastic thing here is free of charge. That’s right! You can visit this place free and immerse yourself in the art world of this house.

Kettle’s Yard was originally the home of Helen and Helen Ede. Because of her wide relationship and friendship, Helen gathered a remarkable collection and displayed them inside the house. In 1966, Helen gave the house and its contents to the University of Cambridge before she retired to Edinburgh. Starting from that, the house becomes one of the best places in the heart of everyone at Cambridge University regardless of students or teachers.

9. Parker’s Piece

Parker's Piece in Cambridge
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Parker’s Piece is a public area located near the center of Cambridge. It looks like a park but it is quite huge with the acreage up to 25-acre (100,000 m2) flat and roughly square green. Besides that, Parker’s Piece is known as a special place in the history of modern football games.

Nowadays, people love to come here for a light picnic with their family, friend, or simply just a wander to see a small football match. When your family visits Cambridge University, you will easy to see Parker’s Piece in the center, and don’t forget to have a seat to enjoy the wide view toward Gonville Place and Regent Terrace.

10. Cambridge Market Square

Cambridge Market Square
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One of the best ways to enjoy the local culture at Cambridge is to go to Cambridge Market Square. This is a market with many stalls selling a wide range of goods open from Monday to Saturday (10:00 am – 4:00 pm). Therefore, you can find any exciting things here besides the foods or some grocery goods.

Therein, they are selling mobile phones and accessories, books, and sometimes they also have second-hand bikes too. If your family just come here for a short trip, you can enjoy some fruits or buy some souvenirs like jewelry and bags to bring home.

Although Cambridge is not a big city with many amazing things for everyone. However, if your family really want to explore this city. There are some exciting things to do in Cambridge with kids that you can list to visit. It is good for 3 days trip to Cambridge if you really want to enjoy all destination here. Therefore, you can refer to some tips above and plan your trip better!