10 Best Things To Do in Darwin, Australia with Kids

Darwin is an Australia city located in the Northern Territory. Although Darwin is not as big as Sydney or Melbourne, this city has the central role of the Top End area. Base on the position, it is quite near Southeast Asia. Darwin has the most important in the relationship between Australia and some countries in Asia, especially is the travel industry.

The city is quite famous for wildlife with many nature park and the safari that is covered around by swamp. If your family plans to visit Darwin on your next trip, that should be a great choice for nature lovers. There are plenty of adventures and things to do in Darwin with kids. To help your trip more attractive, you can refer to some recommendations below to list out the things to do for your kids in Darwin.

1. Crocosaurus Cove

2 kids are fishing the crocodiles
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What is Darwin’s city famous for? The answer will be wildlife. There are vast flora and fauna waiting for your family to come to discover! Firstly, you can visit Crocosaurus Cove, it can call this is a home of over 70 reptile species. Besides that, the most famous animal inside this Crocosaurus Cove is the largest saltwater crocodiles.

Most of the parents listed this place on the top of things to do in Darwin with kids. There are some activities that the visitors could test their brave with these crocodiles such as feed them or swim in the pool with them. Not only that, but they also have the 200,000-litre freshwater aquarium, home to different fish species. Your kids can see, touch, and learn more about their habitat by visiting Crocosaurus Cove. Don’t miss out on shows to witness how they feed the crocodiles or some visitors can fish the crocodiles right in front of your eyes.

2. Litchfield National Park Waterfalls

a senior couple stand in front of Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park
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The second of the top things to do in Darwin with kids is visiting the Litchfield National Park. It will be an omission when your family travels to Darwin without visiting this place at least one time. When you come here, the first impression of the tranquil landscape of Litchfield National Park will bring you a different feeling compared to the bustling city.

It takes only 2 hours by car to marvel the amazing of the incredible architectural works of termites at the Termite Mounds. Either, you can see the gorgeous of Florence Falls, a majestic double waterfall, and the Tolmer Falls. Don’t forget to bring your camera to catch up on the picturesque scenes of this national park.

3. Tropical Light Art Exhibition

Bruce Munro’s Tropical Light exhibition lights up Darwin
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Besides the wildlife with vast flora and fauna, Darwin also famous with the Tropical Light Art Exhibition by the famous artist Bruno Munro. With a lot of lively colors, the artworks of Bruno Munro definitely will bring to your kids an exciting to marvel around the streets. Therefore, Bruno Munro’s first citywide exhibition in Australia become the most things to do in Darwin with kids for a family trip. Plus, don’t forget to explore the artworks on the street murals adorn walls of city buildings in the back lanes of the Central Business District.

Meanwhile, the tour duration only 2 hours and you will have a guide come to pick up at your hotel. You simply just follow the guide and listen to some information about Aboriginal heritage, and the significance of the Banyan Tree from him. Let’s your kids to walk around the streets in a colorful day!

4. Corroboree Billabong Wildlife & Nature Cruises

a bird that can see on wetland cruise
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If you assume that exploring wildlife must be done at the real habitat where you can witness the life of most of the animals. Well then, you should spend the time to visit Corroboree Billabong Wildlife & Nature – a nature lover’s paradise. Let’s your kids to experience the wetland on the cruise to see the abundance of wildlife in their natural environment.

Corroboree Billabong is part of the beautiful Mary River Wetlands and one of the stunning waterways in this system. In many years, this experience becomes the must-things to do in Darwin with kids voted by most parents in Australia. Meanwhile, the wildlife at Corroboree Billabong is real diversity with a lot of species of birds are flying around while the saltwater crocodiles still live in their wetland as normal. This trip looks like an adventure in some discovery film that your kids may know from the movie.

5. Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility

2 kids are sitting inside the plane at The RFDS Darwin Tourist Facility
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Australia is world-renowned with the service of RFDS or the full name is The Royal Flying Doctor Service. This medical service helps Australian citizens from remote areas or help to transfer the doctors to the patient as soon as possible. This service is the biggest medical group in the world that was established since 1928. Therefore, in order to open your curious mind, you shouldn’t miss a trip to visit The Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility in Darwin.

Most people love to visit this facility on their trip to Darwin. Meanwhile, this visit will provide you many stories about the history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Bombing of Darwin Harbour. Besides that, don’t forget to enjoy the interactive VR experiences with your kids to help them learn everything easier. Let add-in this place into your list of things to do in Darwin with kids!

6. Darwin Aviation Museum

aircraft airp71 at Darwin Aviation Museum
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If your family is an aviation lover, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the Darwin Aviation Museum with a lot of realistic civil and military airplanes. This museum is quite attractive for both adults and kids who love the history of aviation. Besides that, you also can listen to some stories about the War while admiring 18 civil and military aircraft on display. Plus, there is a souvenir store inside the museum that you can find some paradigm aircraft to bring home.

7. Heritage tour in Darwin

people stand in front of Bombing Of Darwin WWII
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Heritage tour is designed for everyone who loves to discover the culture, history, and legend of the city – Darwin. Hence, if you like this style of the walking tour, you can consider letting your kids attend together.

The tour duration is only 2 hours and it quite friendly to everyone even the kids. You can explore the story with a visit to World War II bombings and see what happened in Feb 1942 with a single attack on Australia. Either, visiting some old buildings such as police station, Brown’s Mart theater, and the Palmerston Town Hall ruins.

Under the instruction of the guide, your family can see almost the hidden places and some mystery stories that you haven’t heard before. Don’t hesitate to bring your kids, this is also a good chance for them to see and learn more about history.

8. Kakadu National Park

a family at Kakadu National Park
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Kakadu National Park is the largest National Park in Australia. If you would like to enjoy the spacious habitat with vast flora and fauna, this national park is waiting for you. There is a cruise that will send you around to explore more than 19,800 square km of fringed coastal areas, lowland hills, and forest habitats.

As the same with Corroboree Billabong Wildlife & Nature, Kakadu National Park also has saltwater crocodiles and 60 species of colorful birds – one of the most special things in Australia. However, the trip to Kakadu National Park will lead you to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre to explore the traditions of Kakadu Aboriginal culture. Therefore, the tour is friendly with nature and culture lovers. Plus, don’t forget to marvel at some of the rock art paintings. If you can’t see it, just ask your guide about it.

9. Territory Wildlife Park

people are touching a fish at territory wildlife park
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Territory Wildlife Park is really a typical Northern Australian wildlife. When you visit this place, you couldn’t imagine that everything you see is real. Because most of the animals are living in their own habitat. Therefore, people said that the trip here like an adventure to discover the diversity of the Northern animal world. If your kids are animal lovers, you should list this place on the top of things to do in Darwin with kids.

At this park, your kids will have a chance to meet and interact with Australian Pelican, Emu, Northern Long Neck Turtle, or Blue-Winged Kookaburra,… However, the way to this park is not easy by the car when you traveling with kids. Hence, the best way for the convenience of the family trip is to book a shuttle bus to Territory Wildlife Park. This is a round trip bus that is quite suitable for the family with two kids above.

10. Charles Darwin Dinner Cruise

people are sitting on the sundeck of Charles Darwin Dinner Cruise
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Do you know that Darwin has the most beautiful port in Northern Australia called Port Darwin? It will be the best experience when you can have dinner on a cruise downstream along with Port Darwin. Well then, savor the dinner at Charles Darwin Dinner Cruise to end of your day perfectly with your loved ones.

The cruise will offer 3 courses of the meal that is designed by the buffet style. It is quite easy for a family with kids that you don’t need to worry about preparing the meal for kids. Besides the meal, your family will have a great time enjoying the spectacular waterfront views of Darwin’s most celebrated landmarks.

Darwin is the largest city in Northern Australia and also the furthest capital toward the North of Australia. Besides that, the most famous of Darwin is about wildlife and this is a paradise for those who love nature and animals. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Darwin with kids on a family trip. You can refer to some tips above to create a wonderful trip for your whole family.