10 Best Things To Do in Miami, US with Kids

When we mentioned about The US for a trip, most people often think about the bustling city San Francisco or the family city Chicago. However, Miami also a name that you should list into your list of the city to traveling to America too.

Miami is the largest city in the metropolitan of South Florida state of the US. The city has long beaches under the great sunlight. Plus, the weather with an average temperature yearly approximate 24 degrees is the most advantageous for the city to become the best destination for travel. Meanwhile, Miami always is used as a great inspiration for numerous films and television shows, or even video games. Therefore, if you plan to visit Miami on your next trip with your family. That should be a great idea! Let explore some things to do in Miami with kids right now.

1. Miami Seaquarium

swimming with dolphin at Miami Seaquarium
From: https://www.miamiherald.com/

On the top of things to do in Miami with kids, you couldn’t miss out on Miami Seaquarium. This is the world-class marine entertainment park with many educational shows, entertainment, and exciting things. Stars in this marine park are whale, dolphins, and sea lions with eight different shows for your kids to explore.

Alongside this, most of the lessons and knowledge about the routine and habitat of the animals will be add-in each show to educate for kids easy to get it. Besides that, don’t forget to explore the seaquarium with sea turtles, penguins, and others. Almost the families love to come here with their kids on the weekend or on a family trip. Therefore, if you don’t like crowded, you can visit on a weekday.

2. Miami Tubing Experience

people enjoy tubing experience in Miami
From: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/

When you are in Miami, a city with long beaches under the sun makes you want to try some thrilling activities with the sea? There is an exciting thing to do in Miami with kids that meet your expectation. Let join in the tubing experience – a fun thing for the whole family. This activity is quite safe for everyone and suitable for a family trip. Because one tube can contain a maximum of 4 people and your whole family can enjoy it together. There is a short brief of safety before your experience, after that, you just sit and surf on the surface of the water in 15 minutes.

3. Miami Jungle Island

father and son feed for a tiger baby at Jungle Island
From: https://www.mommynearest.com/

Base on the advantages of weather, Miami has a place as the home of wildlife animals called Jungle Island. Therefore, visiting this place becomes the must-things to do in Miami with kids. When you come here, you can meet and see many exotic animals such as cockatoos, macaws, emus, baboons, and many other species of animals up close. Besides that, your kids also can attend the animals’ shows that could help them to learn more about the animal’s world.

However, the best part of this place may be the position. Jungle Island is near the private beach and your family can enjoy water slides after visiting the animals. Don’t forget to prepare for the swimming suit in case your family wants to try some water slides.

4. Everglades National Park Airboat Tour and Wildlife Show

a family on airboat at Everglades National Park
From: https://gatorpark.com/

If Jungle Island is not satisfied you with images about the wildlife, you can make a trip to the suburb of Miami, Everglades. The Everglades is a natural region of tropical wetlands in the south of the U.S. state of Florida. Base on this position, Everglades National Park is established and becomes one of the wonderful conservation in the world.

You can book an Airboat Tour and Wildlife Show on the same ticket. The trip will bring to your kids an experience on the airboat around the wetland to explore the nature of Southern. When your family is sitting on an airboat, you can see alligators or sometimes the birds flying by. Besides that, the alligator show is one of the best parts of this place. You should let your kids know before the show to avoid they are frightened. This is one of the amazing things to do in Miami with kids on a family trip.

5. Speedboat Sightseeing Tour of Miami

visitors sit on yellow speed boat tour miami
From: https://wannadotours.com/

Making an adventure along the beaches of Miami is one of the wonderful things that your family should try at least one time. Meanwhile, there are many ultimate things to do in Miami with kids. Sightseeing Speedboat Tour is one of the things on that list.

This is a speed catamaran that will take you along the Miami Coastline. Not only that, but it also passing by celebrities’ multi-million dollar mansions on Star Island, Fisher Island, and Miami Beach. The boat runs every day from 11:00 am until sunset. Hence, if possible, you should book the boat from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, then, you can enjoy the sunset on the coast too.

6. Miami Biscayne Bay Boat Tour

visitors are on the sundeck of Miami Biscayne Bay Boat Tour
From: https://www.getyourguide.com/

If sightseeing on a speed boat is quite fast and your family prefers to enjoy slower? Well then, you can book a boat tour along Biscayne Bay. The boat will run slower than the speed boat and let your family see the city’s exquisite coastline in 90 minutes. Basically, the route also the same with the speedboat. However, the speed is slower and quite suitable for someone who loves to relax and enjoy the ocean breeze on the upper deck. Besides that, you can admire everything on your way and take photos of the best views of the Downtown Miami skyline.

7. Miami Wynwood Art District

the mural at Miami Wynwood Art District
From: https://thesupermomlife.com/

Miami is an unlimited inspiration for most films, shows, and games. Not only that, but there are also many streets in Miami with over 50 mural graffiti. Hence, if someone calls Miami is a land of art, also it isn’t wrong. Since your family is visiting the land of art, why don’t you make a trip around the mural in Miami?

It has a proper name for this location is Wynwood Art District. Because it has totaled over 50 murals around most of the corner in this district. You should book a tour with a buggy car to easy to explore and visit if you want to see all of them. You kids may be excited about the mural and would like to take more photos. Therefore, prepare your camera with a full battery is the most thing to do before this trip.

8. South Beach Escape Room Experience

visitors at escape room in Miami beaches
From: https://southbeachroomescape.com/

Temporary, you can set aside some outdoor activities on a corner of your list. Let try this indoor activity “South Beach Escape Room” in Miami. This is simply a group game that needs every member of your family to cooperate to find a way to escape the room. If you need an activity that can connect your kids, or just a place to enjoy in one hour. Well then, this place is suitable for your family.

Basically, they will need a group with 4 people and above to lock them in a room with a feature story. Your mission is to find the clues and decrypt the questions in one hour, then find the way to escape the room. The game is really fun and if the time is over one hour but you couldn’t solve the clues, the staff will open the door for you. This game is really suitable for those families to love adventure and brainstorming.

9. Duck Tour of Miami and South Beach

Duck Tour of Miami and South Beach
From: https://enjoymiamibeach.com/

Duck tour is designed for those who want to have an overview of Miami from the sea to the land. It is really fun when your kids can sit on a bus that is running on the land and suddenly jump to sea without prior notice. Yeah! this is the best part of this tour. A bus can operate on both the ground and water will bring to your family a wonderful experience ever. The tour will send you to the most beautiful of Miami’s landmarks. Plus, it also splashdown in Biscayne Bay for a unique look at the Fisher Island, or Millionaire’s Row, and the homes of the celebrities.

10. Parasailing at in Biscayne Bay

dad and kids are playing parasailing
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It is regretful when you are traveling to Miami but haven’t tried parasailing! This experience is quite easy to attend for everyone whatever your ages. Everything you need is brave! Actually, this activity is quite suitable for a family since you can enjoy a maximum of 3 people at the same time. Besides that, if your kids are 5 years old above, they all can attend the parasailing without hassle. Let enjoy the wind and ocean smell when you and your kids fly 400 feet above the water.

All of us may familiar with Miami from the films, the show or news. However, somebody doesn’t know that there are a lot of amazing things to do in Miami with kids. Therefore, if you would like to add Miami into your list for the next trip. You can refer to some things above to plan your trip better.