10 Best Thing to Do in Sydney, Australia with Kids

There is an interesting secret about Sydney as many people mistakenly think this city is the capital of Australia, but not, the capital of Australia is the city name Canberra. However, Sydney is a modern, famous, civilized city, with many tourist attractions and the highest urbanized living standard in Australia. Therefore, a trip to Sydney is a meaningful gift that you can give to your children. But, as there are so many things to experience, so what to do in Sydney, especially activities for your little ones? Don’t worry, check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Sydney below so you can arrange a perfect trip for your whole family.

“If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.” – Baz Luhrmann

1. Opera Sydney

Opera Sydney

Let start your adventure with your kids to Sydney by joining the Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour. Located in the famous Sydney harbor, the Sydney Opera House is famous for being one of the world’s most unique buildings in the shape of a scallop or a sail sailed into the sea. This theater is a famous performing arts venue across five continents and becomes a unique image for Australia.

With this tour, you can take your kids inside the sails and explore this creative Sydney Opera House with its stories, courtesy, and magic. And you also can experience with your kids the concert performing the most famous opera hits at the Sydney Opera House, for children, the music will stimulate the brain to develop and be smarter. And so this will be an ideal destination for your family on this trip to Sydney.


2. Camden Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight

Ballon Flight

Any child will have the dream that they can fly to the sky. Perfectly when you come to Sydney, you will have the opportunity to make your children’s dreams come true with the Camden Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight Tour. With this tour, you can take a balloon ride over the beautiful and epic Macarthur region outside of Sydney and enjoy the beautiful view. And if you choose the right time, you can watch the whole sunrise when the sun shines over an area or a romantic sunset on the Camden Valley. This will probably be a wonderful experience that your kids will never forget.


3. Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden

If you’ve been to Sydney, don’t be a miss visiting the Mayfield Garden, where is about 2 hours away from Sydney, a popular attractive place for those who want to walk in the beauty of nature. This is a natural attraction suitable for both summer and winter. The children will be extremely excited to explore the idyllic wonderland here, get lost in the mysterious maze, or participate in fantasy games to stimulate brain development and creativity like giant chess. And this will certainly be a day full of joy and laughter and beautiful memories.


4. Madame Tussauds Sydney

Madame Tussauds Sydney

Taking photos with a favorite idol is always a dream of all the children in the world. Then when you visit a city where museums are lined with wax figures of celebrities, don’t miss the chance to help your little ones realize their little dreams. So Madame Tussauds Sydney is a must-visit place when you are traveling in Sydney. Let take a picture with singer Taylor Swift or the friendly US President Obama and have a great experience with your little ones here.


5. Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Let together with the kids explore and discover the largest collection of native Australian animals in the authentic bush environment at Featherdale Wildlife Park. You will have the chance to meet native birds, reptiles, marsupials, mammals and of course, iconic Australian creatures like koalas, kangaroos, dingo and more! Then you can enjoy the presentations about pelicans, penguins, platypuses, crocodiles, ground mice, devil tassies, flying foxes and the like all day long. This will definitely be a useful nature lesson for your children. A trip combining play and learning will help children both have moments of fun, relaxation, and accumulate more knowledge about the surrounding life.


6. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

The ocean world always has a magical attraction for everyone, especially for little friends. So, don‘t be hesitate to take your children to the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to learn about the lives of over 700 different species of marine life, specially arranged in 14 areas, which are designed by 14 interesting and unique topics. A whole colorful world will exist right before your eyes. Children will have the opportunity to face their fears and overcome the syndrome in Shark Walk and Valley and watch gray sharks and lemon sharks glide over their heads. Waving “hi” to two friendly dolphins Pig and Wuru, two of the six dugongs exhibited worldwide. And explore the areas displaying unique and beautiful corals.


7. Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney

To bring the kids to a place that combines many types of games for them to have fun, there’s no better place than a classic amusement park. And Luna Park Sydney is the best choice for your little friend when traveling to Sydney as they can have fun with roller coasters and take part in traditional fair games.

First, when you walk to the gate, you will immediately see the image of Martin Clown with a large friendly smile, the image has become very familiar to many children. And the kids will have a day to join the exciting games like The Wild Mouse and Hair Raiser. In the evening, the whole family will sit on the Ferris Wheel overlooking Sydney Harbor and the beautiful Sydney Opera House.


8. Blue Mountains Day Tour with Parramatta River Cruise

Blue Mountains Day Tour with Parramatta River Cruise

Blue Mountain is one of the famous places that you cannot miss when you come to this beautiful country Australia. So, you should spend 1 day from Sydney to take the Blue Mountains Day Tour with Parramatta River Cruise. Your kids will have the opportunity to interact with kangaroos and koalas here! Then you’ll visit Scenic World, where you can take the rails tilting down the hidden valley – and then go back through the cable car to enjoy the beautiful panorama! Especially when coming back in town, you can choose to take a relaxing boat ride on the Parramatta River, admire the riverside suburbs and the wonderful scenery along the way. Guaranteed, this will be a new and exciting experience for the kids.


9. Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park

Besides amusement parks, realistic interactive parks are also an ideal destination for children. And one of the parks that need to take children to explore in Sydney is the Australian Reptile Park. Here, our little friends will have a chance to see colorful creatures, with different shapes and sizes, not only for reptiles but also for precious birds of diverse color shapes, or types and other rare animals. Children could be safely photographed with their favorite animals under the slaughter of trainers. And thanks to the fun activities here, your kids will have more useful and extensive knowledge about the animal world.


10. Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Wild Life Sydney

If your kids have met beautiful sea creatures, reptiles who look fierce but friendly during your journey, do not miss the opportunity to meet the cute koalas at Koala’s attic at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. And also at this park, the children will also have the opportunity to meet the adorable and cute kangaroos. From practical activities, interacting with nature like this, the children will be forged more creative, intellectual development

Sydney harbour at night

The weather in Australia is divided into 4 distinct seasons and each season has its own beauty, so visitors can come here at any time of the year. Only one problem you have to know that because this country is located in the southern hemisphere, the four seasons in Australia will be different from ours, most countries are concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere. Especially for children, the sudden change of weather from summer to winter will easily affect the health of children, you need to pay attention to clothes, food, drinks and medicine to have fun, memorize and healthy trip with your beloved kids.