10 Best Things To Do in York, UK with Kids

The United Kingdom is really an amazing country with many cities in their own imprint. While London is famous for its dynamic or Oxford is known as a university city. Well then, York should be well-known as a cathedral city in North Yorkshire, England. Furthermore, York is quite suitable for a family trip with some historical landmarks to visit. There are other things to do in York with kids for a wonderful family trip. If you are curious about this city, let explore it right now!

1. York Minster

the hall insides York Minster
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One of the top things to do in York with kids is to visit the York Minster – the center of Christianity in the north of England. The cathedral was built in the 7th century and becomes one of the world’s most magnificent churches. This place attracts many people from over the world to visit every year for more than a thousand-year.

Not only the architecture of the building but also the material that was used for decoration inside the cathedral. From the handcrafted stone to the unrivaled collection of medieval stained glass – all contribute to telling everyone the story of Jesus Christ.

2. Castle Howard

Castle Howard
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Castle Howard is the non-National Trust property and it opens for everyone to come to visit. It is located in the North of England in North Yorkshire and you can easy to reach there by car, bus, or train. Besides that, there is a direct bus service, CastleLine runs from York to Castle Howard. This castle is iconic Britain’s finest stately homes with a magnificent landscape garden with 145 rooms and over 300 years old.

This is one of the most things to do in York with kids to explore how the mystery of this city. Whereby, the garden of the castle is the most impressive landscape that will surprise you at first glance. Thereafter, let step inside the castle to explore some interesting exhibitions with the stunning art collections. There are a lot of paintings on display from the Italian masters alongside works by English artists including Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough.

3. York’s Chocolate Story

a family enjoys inside York's Chocolate Story
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Although the chocolate first arrives in London in the mid-17th century, York is more famous about chocolate than with the name ‘City of Chocolate’. The reason York has the reputation of chocolate due to many chocolate factories were built in this city. Therein, the largest chocolate factory belongs to Rowntree’s and Terry’s that most people knew about them with name Nestle and the popular product Kit Kat in the 20th century.

Whereby, York’s Chocolate Story was established to telling people about the history of chocolate making in York. This is the sweetest thing to do in York with kids that attract everyone regardless of their ages. Meanwhile, York’s Chocolate Story is like a museum with many things to explore from the process of the products. Your family can learn about 300-year-old chocolate-making traditions and taste some samples of that. Don’t forget to buy some sweet gifts in the shop to bring home!

4. York Cruise

York Cruise for sightseeing
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The geography position of York is creating so many amazing things to explore for everyone. York has the romantic River Ouse where you can sit on a cruise and go around the city on the water surface. This is one of the special things to do in York with kids that your family can’t miss out on!

During your experience, you can learn more about the history of Roman origins and Viking past which connects rich and varied cultures in York. Besides that, this is a chance to see York from an entirely new perspective to admire the city’s medieval architecture.

Therein, the journey will go upstream to the Clifton Bridge on the northern outskirts of the city and go far away to the Millennium Bridge on the southern outskirts then turn back to your departure point. Therefore, you should prepare your camera ready to conquer the stunning view of both sides at the Ouse river.

5. Dinning in York Cruise

Afternoon Tea in York Cruise
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If sitting down and enjoy the beautiful scenes along the Ouse river is not really satisfied you. You can upgrade your experience with different options on the cruise such as dining when sightseeing with your beloved. The experience is created with lunch where you can enjoy the meal and the stunning view at the same moment. Definitely, your kids will love this activity more than sightseeing with delicious foods to calm them when you’re engrossed in taking pictures.

However, if you don’t need much as lunch, you can enjoy a tea break with afternoon tea on the cruise. Whereby, the journey is designed in the afternoon with some snacks such as cake, sandwiches, or British tea. It is quite suitable for a family trip with kids or simply just help your sightseeing is more perfect!

6. Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales
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It would be regretful if your family traveling to York without passing by Yorkshire Dales – a wonderland with many poetic scenes as in the postcards. This should be list in your top of things to do in York with kids. Whereby, Yorkshire Dales located in the North of England distance 62.6 miles by road. You can take a bus, train there or simply book a day tour to Yorkshire Dales for more convenience and easy.

This is a great place with many things to do for a family trip. Therein, you can let your kids explore the stunning view of this rural gem like a village that comes from fairy tales. Besides that, the picturesque views of some towns in Yorkshire Dales including Hawes also worth visiting with outstanding scenery, unspoiled countryside.

7. North York Moors and Whitby

North York Moors National Park
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In the same regional Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors Natural Park is the largest expanses of heather moorland in the UK. The geography position of North York Moors Natural Park is bringing to its vast vegetation with a moorland plateau and deep valleys. Hence, the scenery here is really worth to enjoy with your family by chance. Let bring your kids to explore the gorgeous landscape of Heather moorland, wander along the road, and surprising with the charming view.

Alongside with that, when you are in North York Moors, you shouldn’t miss out on the seaside town Whitby. The most famous place in Whitby is Whitby Abbey. One of the most important religious centers in the Anglo-Saxon world. This is the first place that inspired Bram Stoker – the father of classic horror story ‘Dracula’. If you are fans of vampire or Dracula, this place is really the must-visit for you.

8. SEA LIFE Scarborough Aquarium in North Yorkshire

a girl is standing under the sea tunnel at SEA LIFE Scarborough Aquarium
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After a few days to discover the beautiful landscape. You may want to bring your kids to enjoy a slight sea air with some adorable creature. SEA LIFE Scarborough Aquarium would be a great choice for you! Step in a fantastic place with the 20 playful Humboldt penguins of Penguin Island or visiting 50 rescued seal pups. Besides that, let your kids free to explore and learn about the habitat of the marine creature with vivid visual interaction. Don’t miss the feeding show or real touch with the starfish to feel their skin. That sounds fun!

9. National Railway Museum York

mom and daughter at National Railway Museum York
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When you back to York, you can make a trip to visit the National Railway Museum in York. This is free but it quite attractive for those who love history or simply just curious about rail and train. You can bring your kids here to marvel at so many models of the train over the years. There are many amazing types of the train is displayed in this museum from the steam train to the electric locomotive. Plus, the best thing in this museum is Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express scene that was made in this museum. Your family should walk around and take more photos as you can.

10. The York Dungeon

The York Dungeon and kids
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If your family is a fan of a horror movie or want to take some horror challenges, The York Dungeon is really the best place to visit. It’s hard to describe this place is a show or an attraction since you can enjoy the thrilling attraction with 10 live shows in 75 minutes. During the journey, you also can learn about the history of York over 2000 years. Besides that, most of the stories are created for this place is base on the horrible characters in the past and it let you immerse in the exciting walk by all your senses.

York is not a large city in the UK but it has its own imprint that attracts everyone! Furthermore, there are many exciting things to do in York with kids on a family trip. It is quite easy to find somewhere in York to enjoy a trip with your beloved in 3-5 days. You can check the list above to plan your trip better in this small city.