10 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland with Kids

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Switzerland has many beautiful and famous cities. It is difficult to discover all the cities in Switzerland on a single trip. However, if you have to choose the city to visit the most with your little ones, then perhaps Zurich is an indispensable name. This is not only the largest and most populous city of Switzerland but also the top tourist destination in Switzerland. Zurich is famous for many typical European streets, surrounded by hills, green lakes, and with the legendary Alps nearby. Please refer to the list of the best things to do with kids in Zurich below to have a complete and memorable trip with your dear children.

1. Zürich City Tour with Cruise and Chocolate

Nation Museum
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Start your adventure with Zürich City Tour with Cruise and Chocolate while exploring the beautiful city of Zurich, passing many famous attractions such as the National Museum like a castle and the famous Opera House. Then continue the journey by checkin on the cog train up the beautiful Adlisberg hill and admiring the beautiful scenery in the city. What could be better than when the kids get into a cruise and surrounding around peaceful and romantic Lake Zurich. End the tour at one of the dreamlands for most children in the world, which is the chocolate paradise – the world-famous Lindt Chocolate Store and enjoy one of the world’s best chocolates.

2. Sunset Tour and Cheese Fondue Dinner in Zürich

Cheese Fondue
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Besides chocolate, cheese is a favorite food of children. A Sunset tour and cheese fondue dinner in Zurich will be an unforgettable memory for your children. Kids will be taken to the town of Adliswil and a cable car journey to the top of the hill, where have the great restaurant Felsenegg with an interesting dinner for you. Here, the children will see the beautiful Zurich sunset here and your little friends will enjoy a delicious cheese hotpot dinner with 4 dishes, 1 sweet chocolate cake. A happy dinner for your family.

3. Zurich Old Town

Zurich Old Town
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The Zurich Old Town is a popular destination, loved by locals and foreign tourists when traveling to Zurich because this is the center of history, culture, and nightlife of Switzerland. The cobblestone streets winding the narrow alleys, surrounding the beautiful houses, and the unique statues scattered on the streets are the special features of this place. Therefore, walking around the streets is the best way for children to feel the charm of Zurich Old Town. After walking around the neighborhood, you should stop at the cafes and restaurants on the roadside to rest and relax. In addition, the Zurich Old Town is also home to important architectural works like Notre Dame Cathedral, Lindenhof and the Swiss National Museum. Lindenhof is a Roman castle, attracting tourists to visit thanks to its magnificent and magnificent beauty. In addition to the medieval architecture, the Old Town has a lot of bars and nightclubs, turning it into a nightlife center. So, do not miss the opportunity to explore, walk around the old town and with the children to take the best memories in Zurich.

4. Zurich E-Tuk Tuk

E Tuk Tuk
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Sitting in strange cars will increase the child’s interest in the trip. Therefore, visiting Zurich by E – Tuk Tuk is an activity that you cannot miss when visiting Zurich. Your children will have the chance to stroll through the city’s old town and pass by the squares and small streets of the city on a fun E Tuk Tuk. See the business shopping around the Bahnhofstrasse area. You’ll also come across Zurich’s nightlife district, Langstrasse, Zurich National Museum, the Zurich Opera House, Sechseläutenplatz, Zurich Art House, and many other places in beautiful Zurich.

5. Lucerne City and Yacht Cruise from Zürich

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Located right next to the Lucerne river surrounded by sprawling mountains, Lucerne stands out in a colorful panorama. Unsurprisingly, tourists are mesmerized by the scenery, watching the mist on the lake in the early morning, watching the mountains and the Chapel wooden bridge from the middle ages. Not only that, but Lucerne also has churches with Baroque architecture, charm from the old town. Definitely, a must-see for everyone on their journey to Switzerland, and Lucerne is only an hour away by train from Zurich, so don’t miss the chance to visit Lucerne with the kids. And especially, in Lucerne, you will be on a luxury yacht called “Saphir” and start a comfortable, romantic boat ride in one hour around Lake Lucerne. Admire the beautiful scenery of the lake as you immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere thanks to the sound of the lake’s water. This is definitely a great tour for the kids and their parents.

6. Rhine Falls 

Rhine Falls
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And of course, the majestic Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe will be a place not to be missed when traveling to Zurich. From Zurich, to reach the Rhine Falls, you will be traveling along with the picturesque scenery with long vineyards and peaceful villages. In addition, you also visit the beautiful Laufen castle before coming to the majestic Rhine waterfall. In particular, you can take a panoramic lift to explore and see the operation of the waterfall. A new experience for children. On the way back to Zurich, pass through the German village of Schaffhausen, famous for Munot The fortress from the 16th century. A picturesque trip as well as helping the little ones learn more about the wildlife as well as ancient European architecture.

7. Jungfraujoch Day Tour from Zurich

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Let your children enjoy the wonderful feeling of being on the top of the world – Jungfraujoch. Millions of years ago, nature created Jungfrau (4,158m) to become the highest mountain in Europe (in the legendary Alps of the Berne region, Switzerland). In 1911, the Meyer brothers became the first people to successfully conquer the mountain. In 1896, a railway was built to bring people up, but 16 years later it was completed. Jungfraujoch Station officially holds the title of World’s Highest Station with an altitude of 3,450 m. On the train journey to Jungfraujoch, the kids will admire the world-famous landscape of the surrounding mountains. You will see firsthand the Sphinx observation deck, 3,572 m high, glaciers and the roof of Europe. On top of the mountain, the children will experience the ice castle, the restaurants with great views. And besides, on the journey back to Zurich, you will discover the charming and beautiful Lauterbrunnen village. An exciting experience for your family.

8. Day Trip to Grindelwald and Interlaken from Zürich

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From Zurich, you can consider visiting Grindelwald and Interlaken. In it, Grindelwald is the filming site of the famous movie “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” and the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. And at Interlaken, you will see beautiful handicrafts as well as a happy shopping day.

9. Mount Stanserhorn with CabriO Open Top Cable Car

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For nature lovers, take a day to explore and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery at the top of Stanserhorn. And especially, you can also visit by the first convertible cable car in the world CabriO. Enjoy the fresh air among the majestic mountains and take the cable car up to the summit of Mt.Stanserhorn with the height of 1900, where the natural panorama will attract young eyes with 10 lakes below, the mountain range. 100km long and the landscape of neighboring European countries. A journey is full of interesting experiences that you can not miss.

10. Heidiland & Liechtenstein Day Tour from Zurich

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If the trip is a long day’s stay, you can consider beautiful famous places around Switzerland such as the beautiful small city of Heidiland or the small country of nearby Liechtenstein. With Heidiland, Switzerland is a romantic, peaceful destination for visitors. Arriving in Heidiland, you will be immersed in the splendid meadows and snow-capped peaks. If you are tired after a hiking trip, the nearby town of Bad Ragaz always offers hot springs to help travelers relax. Liechtenstein is also a very small country, adjacent to Switzerland in the West and Austria in the East. Although only a small area, there are “small but quality”, in Liechtenstein has its own characteristics that are not sure other powers have made. In particular, when coming to Liechtenstein, the children also learn, discover a new culture of a European country, a rewarding experience for children.
Lake Zurich
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The climate Zurich is divided into 4 distinct seasons and the surrounding weather is pleasant, not too harsh. Traveling to Zurich in spring, you will be immersed in beautiful nature with lots of flowers. Or you can also make the trip in the fall to enjoy the natural beauty of this place is also ideal. And you should refrain from bringing children to travel here in the summer, because this time the evening is often subject to heavy storms, will greatly affect your trip there. In Zurich, the cost is almost expensive, so you need to prepare a journey carefully to avoid spending deficit as well as having fun moments together here.