10 Best Things To Do In Hualien, Taiwan with Kids

Hualien, “where the sun rises after the mountain” is one of the most majestic nature cities in Taiwan, amidst mountains of mountains, weaving underground water lines connecting the sea with the extremely majestic and pristine nature. But because of its isolated geography, getting there is not as common and easy as going to other provinces, so if you want to plan a beautiful Hualien nature adventure with your kids, please refer to the list of 10 best things to do in Hualien with kids below. The activities and places to visit below are ideal for your beloved children not to be missed in Hualien.

“There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” – Dave Willis

1. Cultural East Coast

Hualien cultural creative park
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During the Japanese occupation, the influx of immigrants massively reached Hualien creating a period of history that holds a great deal of evidence to this day. Therefore a trip to the Hualien Cultural East Coast will help children have a fun experience and gain more knowledge about this beautiful city. Begin your journey at Jian Chinxiu Temple, a Japanese traditional Takano temple. This temple is built for the majority of Japanese in the area in 1917. Then coming to Liyu Lake on a sunny day, your kids will see pictures reflections of Liyu Mountain and floating clouds in the sky make for a beautiful view. A stop at Hualien Creative Cultural Park will take your little friends to visit an old Japanese winery. Where are showcasing contemporary collections, galleries, antique shops, teahouses and living quarters of artists showing Taiwan’s artistic beauty and creativity in restoring modern factories.

2. Taroko Gorge, Swallow Grotto, & Seven Star Lake

Taroko Gorge
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Taiwan’s beautiful east coast will be one of the must-visit places when taking your child to the Hualien including Taroko Gorge, Swallow Grotto, & Seven. Star Lake. The first discovery point is Taroko Gorge, which is famous for its charming scenery, majestic with vertical canyons and cliffs, and poetic with the Liwu River. Not only that, the fauna and flora system is also very diverse with up to 90 species of birds, 50 species of butterflies and other mammals. Next to it is the beauty of Swallow Grotto with alternating tunnels. At Seven Star Lake, you will be able to see the three distinct tones that make up the Pacific Ocean on the Qingshui Cliff. A day completely immersed in nature full of fun for children.

3. Hualien Whale Watching

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Whale Watching in Hualien is one of the best things to do in Hualien with kids when traveling here. Here, the kids will see more than 29 types of marine life (especially dolphins and whales). Then listen to local fishermen introducing the famous dolphin history. Especially they will be interacting with the friendly dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. And have the opportunity to see Chinese white dolphins. A whole new but exciting experience for the kids.

4. Farglory Ocean Park

Farglory Ocean Park is the first nature park in Taiwan, only 10km from the city center. It is a live portrayal of various aspects of the ocean and marine life. Here, the children can enjoy sailing, enjoying spectacular dolphin performances or windsurfing. Playing many thrilling games such as roller coasters, mountain climbing, and ocean views. This is definitely a great option for your child. The park is not only a place for entertainment but also gives your child the opportunity to reach out and learn more about marine life, along with performances from sea lions and dolphins. Make sure the kids will be extremely excited, smile always and fully enjoy relaxing moments!

5. Taiwanese Aboriginal Cooking Class in Hualien

Taiwanese Aboriginal Cooking Class in Hualien
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In addition to fun activities, discoveries, visiting and learning how to Cook typical dishes of Hualien is also an experience that your child cannot miss. Under the guidance of the organizer, your children will learn more about the most typical dishes of Hualien. And when cooking, the kids will be picking and buying ingredients from the traditional Amis garden.Then exploring the local farmer’s market around here. And especially after cooking, the children will enjoy the food that they make.

6. Nighttime Shrimp Picking with Dinner Experience in Hualien

Shrimp Picking
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An evening of Shrimp Picking experience, this one of the best things to do in Hualien with kids. In particular, your kids will discover the wild beauty of the Hualien countryside on the Baibao River. Have a night of shrimp fishing under the starry sky and then, enjoying a delicious dinner with hotpot and BBQ, will help the children eat well. A memorable evening for your family.

7. Xinshe Rice Terrace

Xinshe Rice Terrace
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From Hualien, you can explore the wonderful nature of Xinshe Rice Terrace. In addition to learning about farming on the terraces of the farmers, the children also discover Aboriginal art at Baqi Gazebo. And especially visiting Shihtiping Beach will give your kids a lesson in geology as they wander through rocky steps created by sea erosion.

8. East Rift Valley

East Rift Valley
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East Rift Valley has a rich and beautiful with vast rice fields, green grasses and cows grazing leisurely. Standing at the highest point of the valley, looking towards the faraway place, visitors will feel the most simple things. The beauty still is hidden deep inside the beautiful place that attracts this person. East Rift Valley is a place not much developed in terms of tourism services, but the rustic and pristine nature has become a highlight for this famous place. If anyone asks about the beauty of the East Rift Valley, it is impossible not to mention the traditional beauty of aboriginal tribes. It is said to be the most diverse ethnic culture area with 6 tribes still living through generations. So do not miss the opportunity for your children to explore nature and learn more about the culture of Hualien tribes at the same time in this valley.

9. Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Eco-Resort

Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Eco-Resort Farm
From: https://www.erv-nsa.gov.tw
Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Eco-Resort Farm is an ideal outdoor day for families – and it’s great to give children environmental education. This wonderful eco-park is located in the center of Hualien city and surrounded by majestic mountains, full of recreational activities. Take a stroll through the European-style gardens or visit the Dutch windmills and flower gardens. Wander over 70 hectares of wide grasslands and greet calves at cow farms. Feed the cubs, rabbits or hang around with the birds in the bird’s paradise and relax in the hot springs, helping the kids have a fun and learning day.

10.Hsiukuluan River Rafting

Hsiukuluan River Rafting
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Last but not least is the Hsiukuluan River Rafting. But this activity is not suitable for children under 5 years old. You will be able to choose the type of raft that is right for you: the latest self-draining type or a flip raft. And be instructed to paddle down the river downstream and have fun in the beautiful countryside and coast. Then enjoy the natural beauty of the falls and end your journey on the Pacific coast. An exciting experience for kids who love adventure.


Hua Lien Farmers
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Hualien has a subtropical climate quite similar to other areas in Taiwan. Summers are usually hot and humid with an average temperature of about 29 degrees Celsius. Spring is the time when flowers bloom in abundance, with the average temperature now around 20 degrees Celsius, with occasional rain. This is the right time to see pink cherry blossoms in a corner of Hualien sky. But, Hualien is the most vibrant and crowded in autumn, when nature changes its leaves, changing the brilliant, warm yellow. The temperature of only 23 degrees Celsius, along with cool, pleasant weather. So it will make your journey with your child more convenient.