10 Best Things To Do in Subic and Clark, Philippines with Kids

When we mentioned about traveling to the Philippines with kids, most of the people will think about Manila, Cebu or Boracay. However, there are 2 places in the Philippines that just recently being one of the top vacations places – Subic and Clark. If you concern about where to go and what to do with your kids in Subic and Clark, just read this list below to have some idea for your family trip at this time.
Subic and Clark are not the same. They are two different areas but used to be the former US military. However, both have been converted to massive business and recreation centers. Subic is a town in the province of Zambales. Subic Bay is a bay on the west coast of the island of Luzon in the Philippines, about 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Manila Bay. There are many ways to go between Subic and Clark: by bus, taxi or by car. The distance from Subic to Clark is 47 km, if you want to drive, it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes for 80.8 km for the road distance.

1. Zoobic Safari in Subic

Zoobic Safari in Subic
From https://www.carousell.ph/
Zoobic Safari is the Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines located in the heart of the forest of Subic Bay Freeport Zone. As their name, this safari helps the kids to see the King of Animals at a close distance in their habitat. However, beyond the conventional zoo, Zoobic gives you a chance to meet diverse animals like deer, ostriches, an albino caribou, a bear, monkeys, an eagle, miniature horses, and many more to learn about their species thru education/information given by tour guides on site. Besides that, if your kids are really interested in animal shows, they also can touch or get a chance to hold exotic animals! You should let them try if you want to train their brave.

2. Zoobic Night Safari in Subic

Zoobic Night Safari in Subic
From https://www.zoomanity.com.ph/
If visiting the Zoobic Safari in the daytime is not excited enough for your family, why don’t you try to visit at night with Zoobic Night Safari? At night also the great time for the activities of predators like tigers. By the way, this is a chance for your kids to watch exhilarating fire shows, ethnic dances, and performances by many of the zoo’s animals. There is also a wide range of special attractions in the zoo with many different activities for guests to give you the best experience ever. This is definitely a must-visit zoo for animal lovers. The tickets are free of charge for kids’ height from 0-3ft.

3. Ocean Adventure in Subic

Ocean Adventure in Subic
From https://tribune.net.ph/
You must have been to many aquarium but haven’t visited the marine theme park before? Well then, in Subic has Ocean Adventure, the first open-water marine theme park in Southeast Asia! You should come here with your family, especially with your kids. Encounter creatures and discover how smart the sea animals when you play with dolphins and sea lions and experience the ride of your life. By the end of the day, you might even get to hug them too! After that, you can relax and watch the Dolphin Tales, a showcase of cunning intelligence, discipline, and skill from some of the friendliest animals of the deep blue sea! The world is filled with millions of species, so take time to explore the Wild World as well. The schedule of shows varies daily. If you wish to watch them all, you should arrive at Ocean Adventure before 2:00 pm.

4. Inflatable Island in Subic

Inflatable Island in Subic
From https://www.trip.com/
Most of the kids like to take bath with the rubber duck or interested in cute characters like unicorns, Hello Kitty, Gudetama… Well, this will be so wonderful if they really can see all of this in a giant size and play with them at Inflatable Island. This is really a great experience for the kids, they definitely will like this place. This floating beachside course covers an area of 3,400sqm – that’s around 8 basketball courts put together! – and is scattered with slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings, and more. Adrenaline junkies would definitely have the time of their lives climbing, jumping, rolling, and wobbling around the giant playground. The most wonderful thing here that parents can enjoy with their kids, so this promises to bring a booming fun day for your whole family.

5. Adventure Beach Waterpark in Subic

Adventure Beach Waterpark in Subic
From http://www.camayanbeachresort.ph/
Adventure Beach Waterpark is the waterpark at the seaside. You will have a different feeling here compared to the other waterpark that you ever come. The first glance will make your kids like this place is their color, can say that quite colorful for a waterpark, the second thing is they can test the waters at the River Bend where you can go on a thrilling ride down the rapids on custom-designed inflatables. Ride the rush and go a level higher at the Twin Twister Slide! The 3-story high tower features two twisting and turning giant slides that will definitely result in a massive splash in the pool below! While your kids are busy with the splash or slide, you can rent a cabana, tables, chairs, and other park amenities to relax by the seaside and enjoy the sunbath.

6. Dinosaurs Island in Clark

Dinosaurs Island Clark
From https://philnews.ph/
Your kids are an expert about dinosaur species? Or you want them to discover these vast animals with many mysteries? You can bring them to a trip back to the era of the dinosaurs with fun and educational family day at Dinosaurs Island Clark! Let’s your children learn about Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, Triceratops, and other dinosaur species or their role in nature as your kids tune in to the animatronics play. Last but not least is the Wonders of the World. This museum grants visitors a chance to look up faraway destinations. Park admission is valid for an entire day. You can even leave and re-enter, but be sure to show your ticket upon your return. And, just remember there are some separate fee will be required for Jurassic Jungle Safari, 7D Super Screen, Feeding the Dino, Unearth Museum, Zipline, and Rappel, payable in cash and in credit card on site.

7. Zoocobia in Clark

Zoocobia in Clark
From https://www.zoomanity.com.ph/
If you want to try some fun games in Clark, you should come to Zoocobia with your kids. This is a safari adventure in Clark, they have Birds of Paradise with a few kinds of bird’s species. Discover around the spacious area and be in awe of the Garden Maze, which features various animal topiaries – a thrill-seeker for those who want to lose themselves in a labyrinth. But the ticket is not included for some rides inside the park, you should pay on-site for some attraction such as the zip ride (valued at PHP200 per person), Clarkzilla 4×4 ride (valued at PHP250 per person), camel ride (valued at PHP200 per person), Gravity Car Ride (valued at PHP100 per person) and Zing Ride (valued at PHP50 per person).

8. Aqua Planet Waterpark in Clark

Aqua Planet Waterpark in Clark
From https://www.projectlupad.com/
If you think that some of the activities in the sea are not safe for your kids, then you can go to Aqua Planet Waterpark with them. Located in Clark and it takes 2 hours away from Metro Manila, Aqua Planet is a world-class water theme park fit for all ages! They have over 38 slides and water attractions fit for both kids and adults. Therefore, you and your kids can spend one fun day in here. One thing to be noted that Aqua Planet is a cashless facility. All purchases inside the park will be made with the Planet Band, an RFID Wristband that serves both as an entry/exit pass and e-wallet for the convenience of all guests. You can load your Planet Bands at the Refill/Refund station near the main entrance area. There are also Refill stations around the park, and you can get a refund before out of the park.

9. Samba Thrilla Aqua Park in Clark

Samba Thrilla Aqua Park in Clark
From https://www.klook.com
If you are too busy and just have time to let your kids pass to the beach around 2 or 4 hours, then Samba Thrilla Aqua Park is quite suitable for you. It can’t be said this is an amazing park but it really suitable for a short trip to Clark and the kids need a bit of time to exercise. They have 2 kinds of pass: 2 hours and 4 hours, just choose which pass you need and enjoy Samba Thrilla’s inflatable obstacle courses that include a humongous 40ft water slide! Once you’re done enjoying the inflatable park, you can go to Samba’s beach and swim all you want, try their many water activities, or just perfect your tan at the beach. Therefore, if your family only has 1 day in Clark and needs to find someplace to take rest, then Samba Thrilla Aqua Park should be on your list.

10. Camayan Beach Resort in Subic

Camayan Beach Resort in Subic
From https://www.yamsafer.com/
At the end of your trip, you just need to lie down under the sun or snorkeling, diving while your kids swim, playing with sand on the beach. You can spend one day at Camayan Beach Resort for relaxing before going back. Step into fresher spaces and enjoy a natural playground encircled by lush rainforests and white, sandy beaches. With an all-day access around the resort, take your time lounging on the beach and plunging in clear, blue waters. Treat yourself more by losing yourself under the skillful hands of massage therapists at the spa. Paradise is what you make it, and there’s no other place like this stunning resort in Subic.
Although most of people know Subic and Clark are US military former base, these places are changed into a massive business and recreation centers. The location quite advantages when just distance around 2 hours by driving the car from Metro Manila, your family can enjoy some attractions in these places and have a fun moment together.

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