10 Best Things To Do in Sabah, Malaysia with Kids

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Sabah – Malaysia’s second-largest state located near Borneo, bordering the Philippines and Indonesia has created the advantage of terrain, trade, and tourism for this land. Coming to Sabah, you can not only admire the impressive natural landscapes but also explore the rich flora and witness the rare animals. A trip to Sabah to learn about Malaysian culture while visiting the beautiful natural wonders and swimming in the blue water, enjoying the fresh air here will be a great gift for your children. However, before you want to have a complete journey here, do not forget to refer to the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Sabah below.

1. Kota Kinabalu City

Kota Kinabalu
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The capital of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu has thrived in recent years and places of interest for tourists are getting better. Start your Sabah adventure by visiting this amazing Kota Kinabalu. Visit historic and cultural attractions including the island’s main places of worship, Sabah State Mosque, and Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. In particular, the children will visit the handicraft market with beautiful items made by craftsmen. This will be a cultural learning trip as well as getting acquainted with this beautiful Sabah.

2. Nanamun River Cruise in Sabah

Nanamun River
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Sabah is famous for its long beaches and poetic rivers around the city. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a romantic evening on the Nanamun River with your child. On the cruise trip around the river, the children also witnessed much wildlife on both sides. Then, you will stop at Rampayan beach and wait to watch the magical sunset. And when night falls, you will discover another beauty of the Nanamun River with sparkling fireflies. An extremely interesting experience for children in Sabah.

3. Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring

Rafflesia in Kinabalu Park
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Kinabalu Park has a rich flora and fauna population, with Mount Kinabalu and hundreds of plant species not found anywhere else in the world. The park is Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site, with more than half of the world’s plant species present in the park, including more than 700 species of orchids and the world’s largest flower – rafflesia. While it is rare to see bloom rafflesia, when it reaches adulthood, its flowers can reach up to 1 meter in diameter! At the park, there are also many species of carnivorous pitcher plants, including one that can hold up to 3 liters of water in its kettle. Join with your child to find interesting animals and plants as you explore this park, like the Bornean apes, flying squirrels or leopard cats and listen to more than 300 species of birds sheltering in the area. After exploring and learning about nature at the park, the children will be immersed in a sulfur hot spring at Poring Hot Spring and visit Desa Dairy Cow Farm, Kundasang Vegetable Market. A fun day full of fun.

4. ZEN Borneo Reflexology & Spa Treatment

ZEN Borneo Reflexology & Spa Treatment
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Massage is also one of the activities not to be missed when coming to Sabah. So, spend a relaxing day with your child coming to Zen Borneo Reflexology and enjoy the Relaxation Essential Oil Massage package, a special massage package for children. After the massage is complete, you will be recharged to continue this exciting journey. In particular, this massage is only for children over 6 years old.

5. Kawa Kawa Fireflies Sunset Cruise

Proboscis Monkey
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Kawa Kawa is a charming small village of more than 100km from Kota Kinabalu. So, if you have time, you should spend a day with your child in this small village to visit and discover new things. With plenty of plants and beautiful scenery, this is the favorite place of Malaysia’s famous Proboscis Monkeys. Come here, the children will see this unique monkey in Malaysia. The unspoiled natural oasis is a great place to spot rare wildlife, so hop on a river cruise to take you to the eco-community here and get your camera ready. After a dinner of delicious local food, you will also enjoy a firefly show in the night, watching small fireflies and lighting up the sky.

6. Sapi and Manukan Islands Adventure

Sapi Island
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If you’ve been to Sabah, spend time with your kids to explore Malaysia’s two most beautiful islands called Sapi and Manuka. First, stop at Manuka Island, the island is located amidst the clear turquoise sea. Here, the children will be camping picnic at the picnic area, having BBQs with their families. After a morning of camping and lunch, you will continue the journey to Sapi Island, which spends a lot of time for water sports activities such as kayaking, banana boat. A meaningful trip for the whole family.

7. Weston Wetlands Monkey, Sunset & Fireflies Cruise

Weston Wetlands
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Weston Wetlands is one of the most natural and beautiful areas in Sabah with wonderful landscapes, beautiful sunsets, and abundant wildlife. Here, you and your children will have a chance to hop on the cruise travel around the river and see wildlife including Proboscis Monkeys and enjoy the beautiful sunsets here. Especially, your family will have a romantic dinner with firefly performance in the sky of Sabah.

8. Mari Mari Cultural Village

Mari Mari Village
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Located about 30 minutes drive from downtown Kota Kinabalu, Mari Mari is a village but considered a museum of ethnic minorities with valuable knowledge, history, culture and traditions of 5 ethnic minorities. Coming to Mari Mari, you can explore, experience culture and live like true ethnic people through activities of creating fire, cooking, hunting. A new experience for children.

9. Survivor Island Day Tour

mud bath
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Let the kids discover Survivor Island, one of the famous islands in the reality TV series “Survivor,” and enjoy the beautiful view of the island! What is a relaxing mud bath experience in Pulau Tiga Park! Go scuba diving and explore the beautiful ocean world. And of course, it’s perfectly suitable for families to spend some fun time together with interesting picnic or camping activities waiting for your family. There are eight trails on the island (Pagong-pagong, Larai- larai, Sibamban, Volcano, Casuarina, Ramis, TheTagi, and Vokong) will help your child explore the rich flora and fauna. In particular, the island has a lot of snakes and your kids can learn and observe about them Interestingly, right? Then let your child conquer the island of Pulau Tiga and become a true survivor on this special adventure!

10. Tropical Island Adventure with Picnic Lunch

Scuba Diving for Kids
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Choose among Mamutik Island, Sapi Island, or Manukan Island, three of the most popular islands in Sabah and enjoy relaxing the day with your children on the island that you chose. After that, you can go to Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa for lunch and enjoy swimming in this beautiful resort. You can visit as early as you can and stay as long as you want on the island for a truly memorable day
Kids at Mari Mari
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Coastal regions sometimes experience violent storms due to the state’s southern tropical belt. Sabah is located on the Sunda Plate but is under pressure from the Australian Plate and Philippine Plate, so it is prone to earthquakes. Therefore, when planning to go to Sabah you should choose the time from early February onwards. This is the ideal time for the journey to Sabah state because during this time, the climate is harmonious and the sun is mild. The temperature is only 23 ° C to 30 ° C. Ensure your children have a happy, healthy and safe journey.