10 Best Things to Do in Gold Coast, Australia with Kids

Known as the second-largest city in Queensland, surrounded by beautiful natural masterpieces, Gold Coast has always been the preferred choice of tourists to Australia, especially for families with children. From amusement parks to shopping malls, from surfing to the jungle, the Gold Coast can give you the best experience. And also because there are so many choices for leisure activities in Gold Coast, you should check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Gold Coast below, to prepare a perfect plan for your awesome journey to Gold Coast with your beloved kids.

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things with kids in Gold Coast

1. Warner Bros Movie World

Warner Bros Movie World

Almost every child grows up with fairy, cartoon and cartoon characters like Parade, Looney Tunes Gang, Scooby-Doo, Shrek … So when traveling to a city that has Warner Bros Movie World like in Gold Coast, then, you need to bring your kids here to make their dream come true. When your little ones travel there, they will have a chance to meet their real friends and idols who only be displayed on the TV. The children will also be able to participate in incarnation games designed by the theme of popular animated movies here. And certainly, this will be the happiest and happiest time for the kids to come to the Gold Coast.


2. Skypoint Observatory Deck

Skypoint Observatory Deck

Great experience on the Gold Coast that you and your family cannot miss is the panoramic view of the beautiful city from the Skypoint Observation Deck. After only 42.7 seconds in the fastest elevator in the world, your children will be able to touch the sky on the 77th floor of this observatory. Taking some commemorative photos here, as well as enjoying a light coffee and pastries and admiring the wonderful golden beach will be an interesting experience for the children.


3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The adventure of your children will be more interesting if they can fly in the air with hot air balloons which are only seen through books, movies and only exist in dreams. So, if you’ve reached the Gold Coast, don’t miss the chance to try yourself with the Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride. Morning dawn is always the most beautiful moment of the day, so please get up early and prepare for a new day with an exciting journey on the balloon. You will see the beautiful and famous skyline on the Gold Coast, as well as have a completely relaxing time and space while flying in the sky. Not only that, after your flight, but you can also join the team in a fun pack up game. An unforgettable way to start your day.


4. Aquaduck Safari City Tour and River Cruise

Aquaduck Safari City Tour and River Cruise

An Aquaduck driving experience on the water and a Captain certificate after driving will be an unforgettable experience for your little ones. So, don’t miss the Aquaduck Safari City Tour and River Cruise when traveling to Gold Coast. As the city is famous for its beautiful beaches, the kids should explore the Gold Coast both on the ground and underwater with 1 hour with Aquaduck. The tour starts by discovering the beauty of the streets of Surfers Paradise. From there, you will drive to the great beaches on the Gold Coast, all the way to Versace and the beautiful Marina Mirage Resort. This is where the trip begins to be fun: the Aquaduck will ‘swim like a duck’ in Broadwater. And there is a little note that with this trip, you may get wet by the waves crashing into Aquaduck.5. Gold Coast Tamborine National Park and Glow Worm Night Tour.

Tamborine National Park and Glow Worm Night

Gold Coast not only attracts tourists from the long sandy beach shimmering in the sun but also attracts tourists by the beautiful scenery that nature offers at night. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to see the colorful nature at night with Gold Coast Tamborine National Park and Glow Worm Night Tour. You can experience the nighttime enchantment of Mt Tamborine National Park on this unique 4WD rain forest walk and glowworm tour. Your little friend will have a new great experience with night driving on off-road tracks, the perfect pathways for stargazing. And one of the most unique things that your kids will see in the park is the mystic glow worms. Get to watch the magical scenery of glow worms illuminating the dark once you reach the end of Curtis Falls. It will be an unforgettable night for your kids on this trip.


6. Whale Watching and Marine Research Tour

Whale Watching and Marine Research Tour

If you’ve come to the Gold Coast, you can’t miss Surfers Paradise, the heart of the Gold Coast, which is the hub of the city’s busiest entertainment and activities. And one of the most suitable activities for children here is the Whale Watching and Marine Research Tour. The children will have a fun, entertaining and special activity and especially learn new things about the animal world. Your little friends will have the opportunity to interact with the whales on a separate small ship, photographed special humpback whales.


7. Surfers Paradise: Dinner Buffet Cruise

Dinner Buffet

After a whale watching trip at Surfers Paradise, dinner in this wonderful setting will be the perfect choice for your family. Take your kids to Dinner Buffet Cruise at Surfers Paradise to enjoy the views of glittering Surfers Paradise skyline by night while enjoying a gourmet dining experience prepared by top local chefs and accompanied by laid-back entertainment. With healthy seafood dishes in a beautiful night view here, your little ones will have a nutritious and fun dinner with the family.


8. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Spend a day for your kids to experience the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast. Although the area here is very large, the Currumbin is clearly planned with road signs and signs to introduce animals. At fixed times of the day, you can also watch performances by various birds or Aboriginal people – an indigenous people here. Children can also be hugged and photographed with koala, kangaroo, under the close supervision of staff in the reserve to ensure the safety of the children. This will definitely be a fun and rewarding trip for your kids.


9. Springbrook National Park and Natural Bridge

Springbrook National Park and Natural Bridge

Traveling to the Gold Coast, in addition to the long sandy beaches, you shouldn’t miss the tropical forests that are world heritage sites – the Springbrook National Park and Natural Bridge. When coming to Springbrook and Natural Bridge, the children will have a chance to see 5 beautiful waterfalls that are blessed by nature here. And after a few time mingling with nature, the kids can have a relaxing time by enjoying a cup of afternoon tea with freshly baked scones with jam and cream combined with a soft drink. At the end of the tour, the kids can still see the whole of Canyon Lookout of Twin Falls and the beautiful Rainbow Falls on the way home.


10. Sea World Gold Coast

Sea World

Besides the gift of the ocean from a natural mother, don’t forget to drop by the world of Sea World at the Gold Coast. Here, the children will be able to see the miniature image of the city of the Gold Coast, gives the kids a real experience with the animals of the ocean such as swimming with dolphins, caress the seal. There are so many interesting activities here such as watching the exciting Jet Ski Stunt performance with some of the world’s most talented Ski Stunt performers, visit Dolphin Beach, an incredible system of the sandy lagoon for Interesting Bottlenose Offshore cape dolphins. The stunning 8m deep performance pool is a fantastic Affinity dolphin show that takes place every day. Especially, with the cable car system here, the children will have the experience of observing the panoramic view of the sky park. The children will have interesting experiences at the amusement park gates here.

Gold Coast

The weather on the Gold Coast is wonderful all year round with four distinct seasons. The subtropical climate is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities, and summer is the best time to enjoy the beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast, play thrills and entertainment at the theme park. If the kids are whale watchers, the best time to visit this place is from June to October, and the boat trips will help them fulfill their wishes.