10 Best Things To Do in Shanghai, China with Kids

Shanghai is a busy and dynamic city that is known as the financial hub and cultural center of Mainland China. Shanghai is home to more than 24 million people and the busiest container ship port in the world. However, Shanghai does not only like that, but you could also be surprised since this city has a lot of things to do for the whole family with many kid-friendly attractions. You don’t need to worry about what to do in Shanghai with your kids or whether this city has any fun things for all your family members. Just relax and read these tips to make your trip more perfect.


1. Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland


Most of the kids are fans of Disneyland and would like to visit Disneyland at least once in their life. Therefore, why not come to the largest Disney resort in Asia, Disneyland theme park while your family travel to Shanghai, China? Let’s make your kids’ dream come true in this magic land with Shanghai Disneyland, a fun experience filled with creativity, adventure, and thrills for guests of all ages! Have a chance to meet your favorite Disney characters and Marvel Universe Superheroes or hop on classic Disney attractions and new rides exclusive to Shanghai Disney, like the TRON Lightcycle Power Run. This would be a great day for your whole family in this wonderful place.


2. Toy Story Hotel

Toy Story Hotel

If Shanghai Disneyland definitely in your plan while traveling to Shanghai with your kids. You should let them have a wonderful night at Toy Story Hotel. Almost the kids will know Join Woody, Buzz and the rest of the famous Toy Story characters, give them a chance to say hello to Woody and Jessie and take pictures with them just like run into the old friends. Just a short stroll away from the Shanghai Disneyland, your vacation fun continues at Toy Story Hotel, a place inspired by the amusing toys. Let’s fulfill your kids’ childhood dreams with this one night stay in the incredible Disney Toy Story Hotel in Shanghai Disney Resort! Kids of all ages will find something to love, especially as they join Buzz in the Launchpad, a space-themed water play park. Also, let’s taste Sunnyside Cafe and the Sunnyside Market for some delicious meals, which are exceptionally welcome after a day of Toy Story adventures. Experience the park for two days, and sleepover this thrilling hotel for a full Disney experience that unforgettable.


3. Beauty and the Beast Disney Musical

Beauty and the Beast Disney Musical

Shanghai Disneyland truly a wonderful place as their name, you will not only enjoy the theme park or staying one night at Toy Story Hotel but also can watch the enchanting Beauty and the Beast musical in Shanghai’s Walt Disney Grand Theater! This will bring your kids to the best moment of their life when they are free in the magic imagination during the trip with the family. You won’t know how much of your children’s dreams until they tell you in an exciting emotion. If you ever watch Beauty and the Beast in the animation and movie, you wouldn’t want to skip this award-winning musical will be staged in Shanghai’s Walt Disney Grand Theatre and will be performed entirely in Mandarin! Let’s enjoy the music in a different way with the other that you ever seen and let your kids marvel at the dazzling colors of the incredible stage design and the wonderful costumes.


4. 360-degree view of Shanghai

Shanghai Tower 118th Floor Observation Deck

Shanghai is known as a center of economic of Mainland China and there are many skyscrapers in this city. Well then, this is a chance to climb on the observation deck to enjoy the 360 degrees of city view. A lot of choices for you with Oriental Pearl Tower or Shanghai Tower 118th Floor Observation Deck and more. While Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the third tallest TV tower in the world, and the tallest in Asia at 468 meters tall, Shanghai Tower standing at 632 meters tall, which is the tallest skyscraper in China and the second highest in the entire world, making it the perfect place in the city to observe the picturesque sunset and the vibrant city life. With Shanghai Tower for an unbeatable 360-degree view of Shanghai, where you’ll get to admire the city’s skyline and the neighboring Huangpu river. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is arguably the most iconic building in Shanghai and incidentally one of the must-visit destinations in the country. You can even learn about Shanghai’s historical development at the Shanghai City Historical Development Exhibition Hall – all included with your admission ticket. There’s even a VR roller coaster ride within the TV Tower, and you kids may like to try it, so make sure don’t skip this game if your family come here!


5. ERA Intersection of Time Acrobatic Show

ERA Intersection of Time Acrobatic Show in Shanghai

China’s culture is always made everyone curious, and you want to take this chance to explore more about their culture? Let’s discover traditional Chinese acrobatics in a one-of-a-kind show that combines martial arts, dance, and more. This show is a one-of-a-kind Shanghai’s most popular acrobatic show! A special series of performances, showcasing the gamut of traditional and contemporary Chinese acrobatics from aerial walking, bowl balancing, and trampoline shows to high flying trapeze acts! This is a definite must-see and a great way to entertain friends and family.


6. Shanghai Zhujiajiao Water Town

Shanghai Zhujiajiao Water Town

You must be quite familiar with the scene of the ancient water town in a lot of Chinese films. However, have you ever seen them in real? This is a great time for you and your family to visit a real water town on a day trip. Starting the trip from downtown Shanghai, you can enjoy a unique and insightful experience of the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao and offers a perfect escape from the fast-paced life of Shanghai city. They can provide you an English speaking guide who will help you discover the uniqueness of Zhujiajiao. You will be surprised while you are in a modern city but still can discover the picturesque landscape of classical buildings and bridges, intricate stone carvings surrounded by soaring mountains covered in willow trees while you float across the water on a traditional Chinese style boat. The kids may question you why this ancient stay among the dynamic city, so, let’s prepare some answers to them when your family enjoys a boat ride around the water town.


7. Yu Garden

Yu Garden in Shanghai

Shanghai is an exotic city, while you are suffocating with so many skyscrapers and modern buildings, you still can enjoy the gorgeous garden with magnificent architectural masterpieces as well as exquisite paintings and calligraphy among this dynamic city. Be with your family enter one of Shanghai’s five classical gardens, the Yu Garden! Go for a lovely stroll around this natural gem that has over four hundred years worth of history; it was once a private residence back in the Ming Dynasty. You will have the feeling like living in a classical Chinese film when strolling down in the tranquil atmosphere in this garden and admiring the wide variety of flora calling this wonderland home.


8. Huangpu River Cruise

Huangpu River Cruise

The Huangpu is the largest river flowing through in central Shanghai. This river contributes to bringing the gorgeous riverside view of the city. You will regret if traveling to Shanghai but haven’t experience the Huangpu River Cruise, the best place to view the old and new Shanghai. The cruise starts from the Bund and will cruise along to view the most popular sights along the Huangpu River such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Shanghai International Convention Center, Jin Mao Tower, International Finance Center, the Shanghai Center, and more! It would be greater than if you could try this cruise at night, the night light in Shanghai have a magical to make your kids feel excited and yell in the middle of Huangpu River. Let’s try this amazing ride when you have a chance.


9. Dinner at the Oriental Pearl Tower

Dinner at the Oriental Pearl Tower

If you choose to visit Oriental Pearl Tower for a bird’s eyes view of Shanghai, why don’t you stop here to enjoy a family dinner with your loved ones? You can see Shanghai from the top of the city’s Oriental Pearl Tower and dine at the Revolving Restaurant. Telling your kids that they are enjoying a delicious buffet at the tallest revolving restaurant in Asia. Whatever your kids are a picky eater or easy to eat everything, with the Chinese and Western delicacies in a stunning view of Shanghai’s skyline will make them have a wonderful experience ever in this vacation. Treat yourself and the whole family with a luxurious dinner at the top of Shanghai’s iconic skyscraper.


10. Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Water Village

Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Water Village

After few days discover Shanghai, you want to go further with a different experience. You can think about Suzhou, a city west of Shanghai is known for its canals, bridges and classical gardens or simply just book a tour Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Water Village. This can bring your family to go on a day trip to help you understand the traditional Chinese way of life. You can navigate around the waterways of Zhouzhuang (‘the Venice of the East’) and discover traditional Chinese craftsmanship or hold your wife’s hands strolling down in the stunningly picturesque Lingering Gardens of Suzhou. This is really the best experience for your kids after spending their time with a lot of attractions in Shanghai city.

Shanghai is a special connection between classical culture and modern. In this city, you can find some ancient water towns among many skyscrapers or beside the magical Disneyland are some of the sacred temples. That is really many wonderful things that your family couldn’t skip, just plan your trip and bring the kids to Shanghai to explore this unique city. After this trip, you will not only have fun moments with your family but you also can get some knowledge about Chinese culture.