10 Best Things To Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Kids

“In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them” – Kevin Heath

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Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Thailand. Unlike Bangkok or Pattaya, this place looks peaceful with a slow pace of life. Chiang Mai attracts visitors by its ancient and peaceful beauty. Traveling to Chiang Mai, visitors can admire many ancient temples such as the beautiful gold-painted lacquer pagoda at Doi Su Thep; Wat Rong Khun temple in Chiang Rai. In addition, when traveling to Chiang Mai, tourists cannot ignore art performances such as the traditional dance of the Lanna people and enjoy Thai cuisine or shop at the flea market. And of course, a trip with children to Chiang Mai will be a wonderful gift that you give to your kids. With so many interesting activities and beautiful scenery to visit, you need to consult the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Chiang Mai below, to be able to plan a perfect and meaningful trip.

1. Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park
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Doi Inthanon National Park is known as one of Thailand’s largest national parks with many rare and precious plants and animals, an eco-tourism area famous for dozens of natural waterfalls and caves, jungle … Doi Inthanon National Park also attracts tourists who love high altitude, because here is the highest Inthanon peak in this country, with an altitude of 2,565m above sea level. Spend a day with your children in Doi Inthanon National Park and immerse yourself in the rich nature of Northern Thailand. Take a tour of Wachiritharn valley and Explore the Royal Inthanon Agricultural Station of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A day with relaxing and rewarding experiences.

2. Black House, White Temple, and Blue Temple

Blue Temple
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From Chiang Mai, just over 2 hours traveling by bus, you will visit the unique architectural complex of this golden temples country including the Black House, White Temple, and Blue Temple. In it, the beautiful and exotic Wat Rong Khun, also known as the White Temple, was designed by national artist Chalermchai Kositpipat. And of course, you will visit the Black House, a museum and a house of national turmeric – Doctor Thawan Duchanee, and see its incredible interiors as well as bone displays. And the other special architecture is the Blue Temple and when you come here, you will be amazed at the magnificent blue interior with a large white Buddha image. And finally, you and your little ones might be able to visit Union village, which includes hill tribe villages and learn about Thai culture and traditions.

3. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai
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The elephant is one of the symbols representing this beautiful city of Chiang Mai. You should take your children to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, where is located amidst majestic nature. Here, children will have the chance to participate in fun activities with lovely elephants, learn more about the natural life of elephants and Karen mountain tribes. A very meaningful day with special activities such as interacting with elephants in the natural environment, playing and experiencing mud bathing with lovely elephants, and of course, take a lot of photos with extremely cute elephants. An extremely great experience for the kids.

4. Chiang Mai Night Safari Park

Chiang Mai Night Safari Park
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Getting close to zebras, giraffes, red kangaroos and other African animals on the tram after nightfall will be an extremely new experience for your children at Chiang Mai Night Safari Park. Closed trams are extremely safe for kids and allow animals to eat right near them. For an hour in the tram, the kids will experience observing predators like lions, hyenas and white tigers in their natural habitat. Don’t miss the chance to catch more than 130 animals at the zoo this night. And accompanied by these extremely spectacular and special light shows at this park.

5. Mae Ping River Experience

Mae Ping River Experience
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Take your children on a boat, let the locals take you to explore the country waters of their homeland with the Mae Ping River Experience. The scenery on both sides gradually appears in front of your kids. The roofs nestled together peacefully, the trees swaying in the wind or the scene of people letting go of the net surely brings a sense of peace and calm picture. In this natural setting, stop and enjoy a Thai meal prepared in a northern style. Surely your little friends will enjoy exploring the delicious food in this country. And from that aftertaste, along with the peaceful, cool nature of Mae Ping river area will create for the children the memory of Chiang Mai in a unique and special way.

6. Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride
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Fly on Chiang Mai’s verdant farms on a Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride that ties you up to 40m in the air. The children will be able to see the beautiful panoramic view of Chiang Mai miniature in their sight. And of course, they also realize their dream of flying to the air with their parents. After that, your little love can also enjoy free light meals, as well as set a special dinner after flying.

7. Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium

Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium

Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium is the largest zoo in Chiang Mai city. This is the largest green space of this city and is also the place to nurture and preserve many large mammals with over 200 species of animals and birds from Asia and Africa and 8,000 individuals such as penguins, bears Koala bags, seals and walruses. Moreover, visiting the zoo, visitors can also explore the ocean world in the aquarium, which stores and develops more than 2 thousand kinds of freshwater and saltwater marine creatures in the transparent tunnel and this is also the way. And special that this aquarium is the longest aquarium in Southeast Asia ( about 133m). Many types of marine life, divided into different areas and habitats, visitors can see the cuttlefish, or luminescent sea algae with a variety of fish, jellyfish. A place that you cannot miss when traveling Chiang Mai with your children.

8. Relax Spa Treatments

Relax Spa Treatments
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Chiang Mai is one of the best places in Thailand to relax and unwind. Moreover, the children will definitely have a great experience waiting for Let’s Relax Spa. Here, the children will first try traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, a combination of herbs, both relax and improve their health. And especially, kids will enjoy delicious and famous mango sticky rice here after the end of a useful massage.

9. Chiang Mai Street Eats

Chiang Mai Street Eats
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Chiang Mai Street Food is always one of the most attractive things for tourists when traveling here. With so many food stalls to choose, Night Bazaar includes the best Thai specialties such as noodles – pho – salad, pad Thai, spicy pork noodle soup, Tom Sam salad or Khao Soy. In addition, with the strange taste of the Thais, the children will sometimes be startled when they see strange dishes like venison, ostrich, and crocodile sold on skewers or crispy scorpion steak. And of course, end your street food tour with unique desserts like mango sticky rice, banana crepe cake, sweet egg custard. And with the full stomach, visit Wat Chedi Luang temple is needed after enjoying some interesting street food to reduce energy as well as discover more unique things about Thai culture.

10. Sankampaeng Handicraft Village Half Day Tour from Chiang Mai

Sankampaeng Handicraft Village
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After visiting most of the typical places in Chiang Mai, spend a day with the kids exploring Sankampaeng, the famous center for Thai products, facilities and craft shops. Here, your children will learn about the art of hand-woven silk, see exhibits of household goods, costumes, local jewelry and more. Have a chance to watch the Saa parachute making process from preparation to completion, like a real local. A day with useful knowledge that little kids can’t learn from books. And of course, you will have the opportunity to shop for exclusive items of Sankampaeng here.
Palace in Chiangmai
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With a mild, pleasant climate, you can arrange a trip to Chiang Mai with your children during the year. In the summer, this place is cooler than other areas in Thailand is suitable for visitors who want to visit and relax here. In late November to early February, this area blooms with many beautiful flowers, the climate also becomes colder, so be careful to prepare warm clothes for children if you choose this time to visit and travel, make sure children are always healthy to enjoy a fun and meaningful journey.