10 Best Things To Do in Taichung, Taiwan with Kids

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Rainbow Village
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Taichung is Taiwan’s third-largest city and is also considered one of Taiwan’s most developed cities. Referring to Taichung tourism, people often think of a city with a warm climate, beautiful natural landscapes, unique cultural features and diverse cuisine with many delicious dishes. This will be a great place for you and your children to travel and have a great time spending together. And to make the trip even more perfect, check out the list of 10 best things to do with kids in Taichung below. Refer to the list below and set a reasonable journey for an exciting trip to Taichung with your dear little friends.

1.Shuiwatou Trail, Xiangshan Visitor Center, Wenwu Temple with Sun Moon Lake Boat Cruise

Sun Moon Lake
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Sun Moon Lake is a famous lake in Taiwan, especially a place not to be missed when traveling to Taichung because the campus features classical Chinese architecture and beauty of the river. The charming here gives the lake a very poetic, romantic setting. The unique name of the lake is said to come from its unique shape. If you stand in the middle of the lake and look to the east, the lake looks quite similar to the sun, and when looking to the west, the lake is like a crescent moon. Especially, when coming to Sun Moon Lake, you can visit a lake by cruise, watch Shuiwatou Trail, Xiangshan Visitor Center, Wenwu Temple around the lake. A day of sightseeing with many new things for children.

2. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
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Discovering the most special lake in Taichung by cruise will bring you a relaxing and comfortable feeling to see the surrounding scenery. But a trip to Sun Moon Lake by Ropeway will bring another interesting feeling that you will watch the majestic nature appear under your eyes. So that experience with Sun Moon Lake Ropeway will also be one of the interesting experiences for children that you cannot miss when traveling here. In addition, you can also rent a bicycle to ride with the children through the most beautiful roads around the lake. An unforgettable memory for the children.

3. Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Farm
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When traveling to a new land, learning about the culture and history of that country will be an interesting experience for children, helping the children to learn more useful practical knowledge. So, don’t be hesitant to spend a day with your kids exploring Cingjing Farm. This will be a day to help your children explore the countryside and history of the beautiful country of Taiwan. Children will discover the famous Shaoxing liquor production process of Taiwan at Puli Brewery, visit the majestic Chung Tai Chan, this is the highest Buddhist temple in the world with attractive architectural features. Most especially, the children will visit Cingjing Farm, also known as Green Green Grasslands, because of the lush scenery and the crowds of sheep grazing here. Being able to play with sheep in only stories on the books and take pictures with sheep will definitely be a favorite experience in Taichung for your little dear.

4. Lihpao Land Theme Park

Lihpao Park
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Do not forget to take your kids to visit Lihpao Land Theme Park. Here, your children will experience and ride the world’s first and only tilt roller coaster, Gravity Max. Hop on the highest ferris wheel in Taiwan and see the spectacular view on Sky Dream. And don’t forget to prepare a swimwear for the whole family, because here, you will have fun and cool off in the water attractions at Mala Bay Water Park. Have a fun day with your kid when they visit Lihpao Land’s favorite theme park!

5. Lukang Old Town

oldtown lukang
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Lukang means deer harbor. That name comes from the old times, the large deer often come here for the smooth green lawns next to the most amazing natural harbor on the west coast. In the 18th century, Lukang became one of the most prosperous port cities in Taiwan’s autonomous region. When coming here, the children will visit the following places: Lukang Folk Arts Museum, Molu Lane, Lukang Mazu Temple, and Lukang Old Street. Children will have a day walking into the bold red brick streets and old houses in Minnan style, watching the shops located in the Lukang old town. You can shop some sample local specialties or just hike in this quaint and peaceful atmosphere.

6. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
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Help your children experience in the best way for most authentic Taiwan with a trip to Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village. Here, the children will visit one of Taiwan’s most loved amusement parks. In addition, experience the free fall of a UFO trip, visit a stereo cinema, relax at the Summer Palace and more. And in particular, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the park’s original restaurants. A fun day and many interesting things.

7. Sun Link Sea & Lotus Forest

Lotus Forest
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With beautiful natural landscapes, seasonal cherry blossoms, vast pine forests and abundant wildlife, it’s ideal for exploring and lots of interesting things for adventurers and nature lovers. However, Sun Link Sea & Lotus Forest will definitely be a place you cannot miss when coming to Taichung. Start with a trip to the Lotus Forest to experience true tranquility and peace of mind, also known as the “Misty Forest”. The mysterious feeling is what attracts many visitors here, along with opportunities to take a lot of great photos. Head to Sun Link Sea Forest Park, letting your kids explore the famous hiking trails. A day completely immersed in nature and enjoy the fresh air for the children.

8. Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
In addition to the beautiful nature, Taichung also has many interesting places for the children, especially the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. Here, the children will witness a series of intricate sculptures spread across nine exhibition areas, from antiques to animals. Located in Wood Sculpture Old Street, where wooden sculptors and sculptures dealers in the traditional way, the kids will have to walk through the streets with these typical sculptures before they step foot into the museum. And before you leave Sanyi, let’s visit Duck Factory, where your little friends will have the opportunity to paint your own duck. A day with lots of useful art knowledge for kids.

9. Taichung Ruins Night Walking

Taichung Ruins Night Walking
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Taichung at Night will have the fun and magical beauty from the streets of the city after sunset. So you should walk with the kids through the Taiwan Sun Cake Museum, ASEAN Square and more! Learn about these vibrant streets as you see them come alive at night and learn more about Taichung’s fascinating history. Kids will also be able to play a fun night game – and make friends with people around the world! An extremely interesting and unforgettable experience for children.

10. Gaomei Wetland, Rainbow Village, and Miyahara

Gaomei Wetland
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And finally, let take a day to explore three very interesting places in Taichung, where are Gaomei Wetland, Rainbow Village and Miyahara. Gaomei Wetland is the most visited destination in Taichung. Here when the sun goes down, the shadow from the sky to the water will make the red color cover the whole space, which can be said to be the most beautiful sunset viewing place in Taichung. Another highlight is the windmills running along the river, making the scenery more magical and dreaming. When the water recedes, you can take a walk on the shallow mudflat heading to the sea. When the water rises to cover the mud, there is still an 800m long wooden path across you, you will feel like you are walking on the real water, in the vast space of the surrounding sea and sky. A place not to be missed to bring children here when traveling to Taichung. As its name suggests, Rainbow Village is a colorful small village located in Taichung and is also a very worthwhile point when traveling to Taichung. Especially, these drawings were created by a retired old soldier with the original purpose of protecting the village from the relocation and destruction policy of the city government. Miyahara is a new place tourist destination in the center of Taichung. This 2-story red brick building was formerly an eye hospital built by the Japanese during the occupation of Taiwan, undergoing many changes in history, now this building has become a tourist attraction. This building is a restaurant that specializes in traditional sweets and biscuits of Taichung. The children will be extremely interested in sweet things here.
Taichung in Spring
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Taichung has a mild four-season climate, beautiful scenery all year round. When spring comes, around February to April, the weather is warm and pleasant. This is an ideal time for children to come to Taichung to immerse themselves in nature, immersed in the fresh flowers here. And do not miss the traditional festivals of Taiwan which celebrate in the spring. Taiwan often suffers from summer and winter storms. Therefore, this is not the right time for a trip to Taichung for children. As traveling with kids, fully prepare costumes for children to fit the weather and their outing schedule is necessary, helping them comfortable in visiting, exploring new lands and helping the whole family to have a nice trip together.